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This is just a joke.

Yin Susu knows a truth. A gentleman can't win over others. A man with an object can't recruit.

But it doesn't matter to ask someone's name. She put on a smile again: "what's his name?"

"Who said he had a girlfriend?" Wang Qiming doesn't answer the question, but he looks like a ruffian who owes a dozen. "Did he tell you that he has a girlfriend?"

"It needs to be said that you can see as long as you are not blind." Yin Susu looks back and sees that the two men have walked towards the dormitory building side by side.

The two of them walk side by side. The men are tall and strong, and the women are delicate and delicate. Even if they can't see their appearance, it's very eye-catching just to see their backs.

Although Yin Susu didn't want to admit it very much, he had to admit that the two men were very matched in appearance. "He is the current school grass of our school, and also the super school bully of our department. He was admitted to our school with super high scores last year, and most of them were children of other people as adults." Wang Qiming followed Yin Susu in his eyes, "his name is Shen Jimo

. Shen Wansan's Shen, the season of the season, the ink of pen, ink, paper and inkstone. "

"Shen Jimo?" Yin Susu read the name silently and remembered it subconsciously.

After all, no matter which dynasty, good-looking and talented people can be met but not asked.

"Lao Shen, wait for me." Wang Qiming carries Yin Susu's luggage, but he doesn't say hello to Yin Susu in advance, so he chases Shen Jimo.

Yin Susu stood still.

Wang Qiming, who had been running for several steps, stopped and looked back. "Su Su Xuemei, what are you still doing?"

Yin Susu still doesn't move. She doesn't know anyone else. What's up?

Do you want to see them show their love?

She has no tendency to self abuse.

Wang Qiming saw that she didn't move, but when he came back and pulled her forward, he said, "do you think our school grass is not attractive enough?"

"What do you mean?" Yin Susu said reluctantly "I mean there are too many girls who like Shen Jimo!" Wang Qiming was afraid that the world would not be disorderly and said, "not only do the girls in our school covet Lao Shen, but also the girls in the school next door. If you don't take the initiative, sooner or later he will fall into the mouths of other females. You can't even drink soup. "

It's a bit hard to say what the tiger is and what the soup is. Yin Susu can't answer. Wang Qiming is still nagging: "I know there are many excellent men in the world. You, miss yinjiasan, also surround yourself with many excellent men. But there are not many excellent and dedicated men like us, Lao Shen."

Yin Susu catches the key words in Wang Qiming's sentence, excellent and special.

But no matter how excellent or special, it's all for other women. It has nothing to do with Yin Susu.

Does Wang Qiming tell her that so much is to let her see with her own eyes that Shen Jimo is a man of special love, so that she can go back in spite of difficulties?

There is no need for her to leave. She has principles. She hates destroying other people's feelings the most in her life. She will never be a third party who breaks up other people's feelings.

She admitted that when she saw Shen Jimo at first sight, she was really attracted by his "beauty", so she took the initiative to chat up.

But when she saw that Shen Jimo had an object, she could only put more ideas in her heart.

Yin Susu yanked back the wrist pulled by Wang Qiming: "Mr. Wang, it's the first time we met today. Right? We don't know each other at all. What are you doing to me?"

Wang Qiming once again let Yin Susu know how thick his cheek was: "Su Su Xuemei, you don't know me, but I already know you, so I can't bear to see our school grass, Lao Shen, being arched by a pig with different appearance and content."

Yin Susu looks at Wang Qiming with her eyebrows raised. What is the causal relationship between his words?

Wang Qiming, regardless of 37-21, grabbed Yin Susu again: "don't look at me like this. There are some things I can't tell you right now. When you get along with us for a long time, you will naturally understand why I said that."

Yin Susu is confused by Wang Qiming. What is inconvenient to say and what will be understood after a long time?

Does he seem to conclude that she will be friends with them?

At least at present, she has not thought that she will become friends with Wang Qiming.

Confused, Yin Susu has been dragged by Wang Qiming to catch up with Shen Jimo, who stops waiting for him.

Wang Qiming, regardless of whether Shen Jimo heard him or not, directly pushed Yin Susu to Shen Jimo's face: "Lao Shen, this is the Yin Susu Xuemei who has the highest score in our department this year." "We already know each other." Different from just Gao Leng, Shen Jimo not only has a sincere smile on his face, but also his voice is as warm and refreshing as the spring breeze in March! My name is Shen Jimo. I believe Wang Qiming has just told you about the three Words

"Hello, you!" Shen Jimo's attitude is not only different from that of just now, but also the smile on his face is so real, which is definitely a smile from his heart.

It turns out that he doesn't only smile at that girl, even when she is around, he can smile so warmly and sincerely.

As expected, it's Wang Qiming's special love

Knowing that Shen Jimo's warm smile to her is for a reason, Yin Susu's heart still doesn't fight and suddenly accelerates to jump abnormally.

As soon as her heart beat fast, her brain wouldn't listen. She nodded with Shen Jimo's words: "yes, Mr. Wang Xuechang has just told me which three words it is."

"I will be your senior student in the future. If you need to discuss anything in your study, please feel free to ask me to discuss it." Shen Jimo's voice is very pleasant, so his handsome face is more beautiful in the sun.

"Yes, sir." Yin Susu nodded her head honestly, and she was as cute as a little fan sister. "Well, since we all know each other, let's take them to the dormitory." Wang Qiming looks at the girl beside Shen Jimo, with dissatisfaction in his eyes, so his tone is not very friendly. "Lao Shen, how many dormitories do your sister live in? If it's along the

Road, let's go together. If it's not along the way, I'll take her to the dormitories for you. Take care of Su Xuemei for me."

It's a question of how to listen to this, but Shen Jimo didn't say anything, and Yin Susu was also confused. Naturally, he didn't hear any other meaning in the words. "They're in the same dorm. They'll be roommates later." Shen Jimo's eyes moved from Yin Susu to the woman and said, "Xiaoman, this is the student you always want to know."

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