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My Husband, Warm The Bed - S01 E1986

Story 2 years ago

My Husband, Warm The Bed - S01 E1986

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After working for several days continuously under overload, Yin Susu slept for several hours as soon as she fell asleep. It's not that she was hungry, she could sleep until dawn.

She opened her eyes. When she saw Shen Jimo, she thought she was dreaming again.

When she confirmed that it was Shen Jimo sitting beside her, she was shocked: "you, how are you here?"

After asking about the exit, Yin Susu remembers what happened this afternoon. She didn't go home at all, but was dragged into the car by Shen Jimo.

She looked away and looked out of the window. The lights were scattered. It should be late.

She looked at the next time. It was over eleven o'clock in the evening. Then she looked back at Shen Jimo: "where is this? What do you want to do? "

As soon as she uttered her words, she saw Shen Jimo's face suddenly sink. In the dim light, his face looked a little twisted. The voice of the exit was even more sinister: "you don't know where it is?"

"Why should I know?" Yin Susu saw his sudden face and didn't respond to him.

He dragged her anywhere and asked where she was. She wasn't a map navigator. She didn't know where.

"Ah..." Shen Jimo sneered and didn't speak again. The atmosphere in the car was very depressing. "Mr. Shen, can we just say what we have to say? Don't put on a bad face. To be honest, I don't want to spend any more time to guess what you are thinking or what you are angry about. " In this

relationship, Yin Susu has tried countless times. Now she really feels tired and doesn't want to spend any more energy.

Finish saying, she waited for him for a while, as before did not wait for Shen Jimo to reply.

She added: "if you don't want to talk to me, please let me off.". It's late. I'm going home to have a rest. "

Finally, Shen Jimo opened his mouth, but he repeated the sentence: "you don't know where it is?" "Mr. Shen, is there something wrong with my expression or your listening?" Before, Yin Susu thought that she still knew Shen Jimo. Recently, she found that she didn't understand this man at all. She didn't know what he wanted to do when he brought her to this ghost place.

"Yin Susu!" Shen Jimo coldly called out Yin Susu's name, and his eyes fell on her coldly, which looked like he would like to swallow her alive.

"Mr. Shen, you look terrible now." He is frightening, but she is not afraid. She knows him well. He will never hurt others, but only use cold violence and ignore her.

Two people talk half as much as they like. Since they can't talk together, Yin Susu doesn't want to waste his words on him anymore.

She turned sideways and looked out of the window. The night was already deep. Most of the shops on the street were closed. There were young lovers holding hands and chatting happily.

This couple looks in their early twenties. They are all the best ages, just like she and Shen Jimo when they were in College

Thinking of University, Yin Susu suddenly flashed something in the sea of brain, and the scene in front of him gradually became familiar.

This is the South Gate Avenue of their university campus?

Although Nanmen Avenue has been renovated, it has not changed. No wonder Shen Jimo was so angry when she couldn't recognize it.

But why did he bring her here? If she had not known that he had never had her in his heart, she might have foolishly thought that he was missing their past, because the day when she came to school to report, she met him for the first time on this road, and from then on, she began to entangle with him for many years. "It turns out that this is the South Gate Avenue of our school." Yin Susu smiled awkwardly, using the action of scratching his head to cover up the awkwardness. "We have graduated for several years, and I haven't come back to school after graduation. In addition, this South Gate Avenue has been renovated, and the light is dark, so I almost didn't recognize it."

She has stepped back, but Shen Jimo still ignores her with a cold face.

It's useless to relieve the atmosphere. Yin Susu shut up again.

It took a long time to hear Shen Jimo's low voice: "Yin Susu, in your heart, what is Shen Jimo?"

Yin Susu asked, "did you ask before or now?"

Shen Jimo didn't say a word. Yin Susu thought he wanted to hear it, but he wanted to hear it. She didn't want to say, "I don't think I should say it, because I don't think you will believe it when I say it."

In Shen Jimo's view, it's not that she doesn't want to say it, but that she exports it as a lie, afraid that he will break through her lie: "if you say it is true, you won't worry that I won't believe it."

It has been misunderstood by Shen Jimo for more than one time, and she used to feel sad for a while. Now Yin Susu has no feeling. She timely quibbled about the topic: "Shen Jimo, I haven't had dinner yet, and I feel a little sick when I'm hungry."

In Shen Jimo's opinion, Yin Susu may lie, but even if he is cheated by her, he still can't believe it, because he

He pressed the call button and informed the driver to open the door. He got out of the car first.

Yin Susu didn't know what he was going to do. He sat still and waited for a while before he heard him say, "I'm not hungry to eat."

Yin Susu just got out of the car. Shen Jimo ignored her and took the lead. Yin Susu was a few steps behind him.

When he slowed down, she also slowed down and kept a certain distance from him.

Shen Jimo is familiar with a small alley, which is also well lit. There are many kinds of snack bars on both sides of the alley. There are not many people at present, but they are still open.

As soon as Shen Jimo arrived at the door of a copy shop, he was warmly greeted by the owner's wife: "little Shen, here comes again."

"Well." Shen Jimo nods.

"I'll cook your hand in a minute." "After you graduate, you often come to my shop to take care of my business. It's very rare," said the owner with a smile. Is it still the same as before, one for you and one for Xiao Yin? "

Shen Jimo said, "no need to pack."

The landlady is about to ask what, Yin Susu has appeared at the door of the shop, and she immediately says, "little Yin, please sit down and copy your hands."

Yin Susu hasn't come to this store for several years, and her impression of the owner's wife has been blurred. Now people can recognize her at a glance, which makes her somewhat surprised. She thought of hearing the owner's wife's words at the door and went to Shen Jimo's side and sat down: "I still come often after graduation. How do you like to eat this family's scribes? You also pack and say that you want to bring it to me. Are you afraid that people will think you are eating too much? Find me as an excuse. " "Yin Susu!" Shen Jimo called out her name with a gnash of teeth. "Your ability to pretend to be stupid is first-class."

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