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My Husband, Warm The Bed - S01 E1976

Story 1 year ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1976

Yin Susu has known Shen Jimo for many years. He has never seen Shen Jimo so out of control.

Before she saw Shen Jimo's most common appearance was indifference or indifference. It seemed that if she said more words to him, his mouth would be dirty.

Today's Shen Jimo looks the same. His anger and hatred are clearly written in his eyes. He not only hates her, but also hates her.

In the past, Yin Susu was hurt by his indifferent appearance, but now he is also scared by her.

Yin Susu unconsciously stepped back two steps: "Shen Jimo, you don't love me, I also love you wrong before. Yes, marriage is what I ask for. I know I'm wrong, so stop losing in time. " "Stop loss in time? After marriage, divorce can stop loss in time? It turns out that marriage is such a joke in your heart. " Shen Jimo's face was calm, and every word used a lot of strength. "Yin Susu, why do you think that you can stop my loss in time with a single word?"

"What else do you want?" Yin Susu admits that she has always been the one who took the initiative in this relationship, and that she has brought many troubles to Shen Jimo.

In this wrong feeling, Shen Jimo is not only passive, but also forced.

She had been pestering him and forcing him. When she was so annoyed that he couldn't do it again and again, he promised to get married with her in order to get rid of her trouble.

It didn't take long to get the certificate, because she was totally dead to him, so she filed for divorce again Let him be a divorced man.

Yes, it's hard for anyone to accept such a thing for a while.

Perhaps, he is not difficult to accept, but think that she should always follow him.

Whether he accepts her feelings or not, she should be around him.

Shen Jimo looks at her determinedly: "what do you say I want?"

"How can I know what you want? If I could know what you think... " If she knew what he thought, she would not spend so many years on him.

However, love is love, and she never regrets that she loved him so deeply.

"Yin Susu, you are still that Yin Susu. What you can see is always yourself. You can never see others in your eyes and never care about others' thoughts and feelings." Leaving the words, Shen Jimo turns around angrily.

Leaving Yin Susu looking at the back of his departure, she guessed that he was angry because she no longer focused on him.

Maybe there are other reasons

After thinking for a short time, Yin Susu quickly chased up: "Shen Jimo, if you think I want to divorce you, you don't have to worry about it. It's your money. I haven't thought about it at all..."

Just then, Shen Jimo suddenly stops, turns around, and shoots cold eyes at Yin Susu: "Yin Susu, don't let me see you again. Otherwise... "

Otherwise, he didn't finish, but Yin Susu was shocked. Seeing Shen Jimo go away again, Yin Susu yells: "Shen Jimo, yes, I admit that I used to think of ways to meet you, but today I don't have them, and I can't have them again. Like you, I hope I will never meet again in the future. "

Her words let Shen Jimo step slightly, but he did not look back.


In a flash.

A few days later.

Hang Jin and Chi Yang set off for Jiangbei, and Yin Susu personally drove them to the airport.

Seeing them pass through your VIP security channel, Yin Susu takes back her eyes. Unexpectedly, she looks back and sees someone she doesn't want to bump into.

When seeing this man, Yin Susu instinctively looks away at the first time and pretends not to see him.

However, the assistant who followed Shen Jimo has already come to her side.

The assistant came to her side, friendly and respectful: "Miss Yin San, I'm really sorry to disturb you, but I still want to ask you to help me."

"What can I do for you? If I can help you, please let me know. " Before, when Yin Susu was pestering Shen Jimo, the assistant didn't help her less.

Now, if the assistant wants her to help, she can't refuse, even if she repays her former assistant's help.

The assistant said, "well, I used to give you the whereabouts of general manager Shen. Today, we met you at the airport again. Mr. Shen's first reaction was that I disclosed his whereabouts to you, so... "

Later, I don't need the assistant to speak too clearly. Yin Susu already knows. She glanced at Shen Jimo from the side of her head, and then took back her eyes: "please tell you Shen Zong, now look at him more, I will feel my eyes dirty. I believe he is the same to me. Now I use the fastest speed to disappear from his eyes, so that he won't trouble you. "

What a ghost!

Before, when she was pestering Shen Jimo to leave, she had to do her best to get Shen Jimo's whereabouts.

Now she doesn't want to see Shen Jimo again. Seeing someone off at the airport can also happen.

With the assistant finished, Yin Susu stepped on her high-heeled shoes of several centimeters and left quickly with elegant steps. She didn't even give Shen Jimo more eyes.

The assistant saw Yin Susu's back and secretly looked at Shen Jimo. He saw that Shen Jimo's face was getting darker and darker. He knew that he would be in a hot water again.

But in the next second, something more incredible happened.

As soon as the assistant saw the direction of his boss's step changed, he chased Yin Susu.

"President Shen..." The assistant wanted to catch up, but his boss's pace was fast and his legs were long, so he couldn't catch up.

Shen Jimo is really a long legged girl. She chases Yin Susu and grabs her hand.

Yin Susu's high-heeled shoes were caught by Shen Jimo. One of the center of gravity was not stable, and the whole person hit him in the arms. Shen Jimo has been keeping fit all the year round. She is really thin in dressing and has meat in undressing. Her muscles are very strong. Yin Susu's nose just hit his chest. She took a breath of cold air because of the pain. Her tears instinctively slipped down the corners of her eyes.

She thought that if her nose had not been 100% original, it would have been knocked out by now.

She raised her head and looked at Shen Jimo with fire. "Shen, I've done what you said. I won't provoke you anymore. What do you want?"

Shen Jimo didn't say a word, only saw the tears in her eyes.

But in the eyes of Yin Susu, this is not the case.

She thinks it's like this every time. No matter how angry or how angry, Shen Jimo looks at her with such eyes as if she has made a big mistake. The more yin Susu thought about the fire, the more angry he was, he threw Shen Jimo's wrist away: "Shen, you can do something to me again. Don't blame me for being rude to you."

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