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My Husband, Warm The Bed - S01 E1977

Story 1 year ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1977

"Yin Susu, when were you polite to me?" Shen Jimo Yang's hand clenched into a fist in mid air, and his eyes fixed on Yin Susu's face.

"I......" Yin Susu was speechless for a while, as if she had never really been angry with Shen Ji's Mohist.

Shen Jimo's eyes look the same as usual, but it makes Yin Susu vaguely feel different from usual.

Before, she thought that she understood him more or less, but now his eyes made her feel that she didn't understand him more and more.

What does his complicated eyes want to say to her?

It seems

Because the idea that appears suddenly in the mind lets Yin Susu in the heart startle, when all, oneself still can think nonsense.

It's not that I haven't tried, it's not that I haven't been hurt Now I have only met him twice, and she still has some funny ideas in her mind.

It's ridiculous

Yin Susu shakes her head hard to get rid of these ridiculous ideas and let herself face Shen Jimo with a normal attitude.

However, Shen Jimo just looked at her, eyes light flow, like the surging waves, it seems to swallow her alive.

Yin Susu retreated subconsciously, but because of his eyes, he could not move.

A long silence.

Silence until Yin Susu thought Shen Jimo would not speak again, Shen Jimo slowly closed his eyes.

When he opened his eyes, the mood in his eyes had been hidden. Yin Susu could not see whether he was angry or not.

He opened his mouth lightly: "Yin Susu, once something starts, it will not end. What we have is your beginning. When I finish, I has the final say. "

he has the final say of "I have the final say", and I hear Yin Su Su's body slightly tremble: "what do you mean,"

Shen Jimo once again said, "it means literally."

"has the final say that we divorced is not my last resort, and has the final say?" Yin Susu looks at Shen Jimo. He looks serious and doesn't seem to be gambling. But why?

Is it because she forced him to marry, so he just wanted to gamble with her and didn't want to let her free?

"You've always been smart." If you leave, Shen Jimo turns around and leaves.

I don't know if I praise her words. Yin Susu doesn't know how to answer them for a while. Seeing Shen Jimo go further and further, she just responds: "Shen Jimo, why do you have to?"

She really didn't understand what was good for him if she could hold back her freedom?

He clearly does not love her, and she does not want to entangle in him, the two separate, after each of the bad?

Why doesn't he want to let go?

"Miss Yin, President Shen is going to Jiangbei for business again, and he will come back in three days." The assistant came to Yin Susu and said such a word, so he followed Shen Jimo closely.

Yin Susu is even more confused!

She doesn't want to be in charge of Shen Jimo's business at all. What's Shen Jimo's assistant telling her at this time?


Sometimes things just happen.

Hang Jin and Chi Yang Yang are going back to Jiangbei, and Shen Jimo is going to Jiangbei for business. They just take the same flight, not to mention the same row of first class seats. There is a narrow corridor between them.

When he saw Shen Jimo, Hang Jin was not comfortable. He looked coldly at Shen Jimo. He wished he could see two holes in Shen Jimo.

Chi Yanyang quietly pulled his sleeve and whispered, "Hang Jin, this is on the plane. Don't make trouble, OK?"

"Chi Yangyang, I am a troublemaker in your heart?" Hang Jin turned around and looked discontentedly at Chiyang.

But when he saw that his eyes were full of worries about him, his heart was too soft, but his mouth was still very hard, "little idiot!"

Chi Yangyang holds his arm and pastes his head on it: "don't forget that you are going to be a father. No matter what you do, you should think more about your children and set a good example for them."

Hang Jin 's eyes went down, and he stared at the center of the pool, still unable to see any changes in his stomach. "I don' t know if this little thing in your stomach is a man or a woman?"

"What is a little thing? He is our child, our little baby." Chi Yang Yang raised his head and grabbed him discontentedly.

Hang Jin grasped her hand and held it tightly. One hand was gently pasted on her abdomen: "it's a small thing, but no one can tell."

Knowing that there are some things that can't be reasoned with Hang Jin, Chi Yangyang has to change the topic: "then do you want this little guy to be a boy or a girl?"

"Boy!" Hang Jin gave the answer without thinking.

"Do you like boys?" Chi knows that Hang Jin doesn't value men over women, but she doesn't think about it and says she wants a boy, which makes her a little uncomfortable.

Hang Jin kneaded on the head of Chi Yang: "I like girls better, but I still hope you have boys."

Chi Yangyang avoids his touch: "why? Don't you want a boy to inherit your family? "

At a glance, Hang Jin Bai asked him to explain such a simple truth: "give birth to a boy, we can protect you together. Give birth to a girl, I have to take care of your mother and daughter alone, I'm afraid to ignore you. "

This is the reason why Hang Jin hopes to be a boy. I heard that Chi Yang was as sweet as honey.

She smiled sweetly, "Oh."

"You oh what?" Hang Jin raised his hand and pulled Chi Yang into his arms. "The plane will fly for two or three hours. You have a rest. If you have any discomfort, please let me know at the first time. "

"Well, I know." Pool Yang Yang cleverly nodded, slightly closed his eyes, ready to sleep on the plane.

Because Hang Jin was by her side, she felt at ease and soon fell asleep.

Who would have thought that when he was swimming in his dream, he suddenly heard Hang Jin's voice lowered and said, "Shen, are you disgusting me?"

Hang Jin's voice was very low, but Chi Yang could hear the strong smell of gunpowder.

She opened her eyes in a daze and saw that Hang Jin was looking at Shen Jimo with gloomy eyes. She quickly asked, "Hang Jin, what do you want to do?"

"I want to hit people!" At the end of the speech, Hang Jin got up immediately, and his fist fell on Shen Jimo's face.

In this case, the drowsy insects left in Chiyang were scared away. She quickly got up and hugged Hang Jin. "Hang Jin, what do you want to do?" It's possible to make trouble on the plane and get caught in the Bureau. However, Hang Jin, who hit people, is arrogant and domineering.

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