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My Husband, Warm The Bed - S01 E1975

Story 1 year ago

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I am happy in my heart. Naturally, Chi Yangyang has a smile on her face. Everyone knows that she is happy at this time.

However, she said in a duplicity way: "I said that today I will go shopping with my third sister. Why are you coming again? Can't give people a little freedom? "

"Chi Yangyang, believe it or not, do you think I'll throw it down the stairs?" Hang Jin glares discontentedly at Chi Yang, and really wants to beat her.

As soon as Chi Yang left, Hang Jin's heart followed her. He followed them for a long time, but he didn't show up. He just left time for them to go around.

At this time, when he paid the bill, he knew that all the money of central Chi was here, so he came out to pay her. Unexpectedly, he was repudiated by her again.

"It is..." As Chi Yang was saying, seeing that Hang Jin's face was not right, he closed his mouth obediently.

She knew that Hang Jin was really angry at this time. If she provoked him again, he might be able to do anything.

"Throw one to try." Yin Susu next to him took the conversation calmly and looked at Hang Jin defiantly. "If you can't throw it, I can help you."

Hang Jin is too clear about Yin Susu's personality. This woman is a lord who is not afraid of big things. She is very annoying: "Yin Susu, a female devil, doesn't make a mess in the world in a day. Is that uncomfortable?"

Yin Susu said with a smile: "it's not about throwing it away. I'm kind enough to help. How can I turn around and be cruel to me. Hang Jin, a good-looking man, you have to count your words. "

"Yin Susu..." Hang Jin was about to get up with Yin Susu when he saw a familiar figure in front of him.

He immediately turned to his side and saw Shen Jimo standing not far from them.

Shen Jimo still takes his secretary with him. He is walking ahead. The secretary is half behind him. It seems that he is still talking about work.

One encounter may be a chance encounter. They meet again in a new store. And this store is not owned by Shen family. Fools will doubt the truth of the chance encounter.

The fire that Hang Jin wanted to make to Yin susufa suddenly turned to Shen Jimo: "Shen, I didn't want to see him before. How can I be so clever today? I met him in the mall again and again. Is it difficult that Shen always wants to buy this shopping mall?"

Shen Jimo looks coldly, but ignores.

With the assistant behind Shen Jimo, he said, "Mr. hang, we haven't publicized such a confidential matter yet. How do we know?"

Hang Jin: "..."


Shen really wants to buy this mall?

When Hang Jin Zheng was full of doubts, the assistant added: "Mr. hang, my Shen is really not following us. We're here because of work. "

The assistant finally understood why the boss suddenly put the purchase ahead of time. It turned out that it was to have another "chance encounter" with Miss Yin Jiasan.

This man is too cheap to be described in words.

Everyone can see that this chance encounter is not a real one, and it's no wonder that the young master of Hangzhou family thinks much.

But strange to say, how did the boss know that miss yinjiasan would come to this shopping mall?

Is it not the owner who secretly installed a tracker on Miss Yin San?

The assistant had many guesses in his mind, but he dared not speak a word. He carefully observed the situation. At the critical moment, he had to help the boss, or he would suffer.

"What a coincidence? Do you happen to buy this shopping mall today? " Hang Jin raised his eyebrows, looking for a fight.

Yin Susu looked at it like an outsider and didn't plan to interfere in it.

Seeing this, Chi Yanyang immediately tugged at Hang Jin: "brother Jin, I heard that there is a dessert in this shopping mall that is delicious. I want to eat it, or I will go to eat it with me."

Chi Yangyang called brother Jin, which made Hang Jin's bones soft. He could not help but let go of his voice: "darling, wait a moment, I'll take care of some people and accompany them to eat."

Chiyangyang looked at him and said, "but I want to eat it now."

She also touched her abdomen on purpose to remind Hangjin that there was a small spot in her abdomen: "I don't know why, I've been greedy recently."

Hangjin's full rage was thus extinguished: "do you really want to eat this?"

Pool Yang Yang eyes bright crystal ground looks at him: "HMM."

"Then go." Hang Jin gently rubs her head and turns to look at Yin Susu. "Yin Susu, are you going to leave?"

Although Yin Susu says that he has been dead to Shen Jimo, Chi Yangyang can see that Yin Susu still hasn't let go.

Now that they have both met, let them say everything they should.

She dragged Hang Jin: "let's go first, and the third sister will come later."

Hang Jin looks back step by step, for fear that Shen Jimo will treat Yin Susu as soon as he leaves.

Shen Jimo's assistant is also an intelligent person, so he quickly found an excuse to slip away and asked his boss to make it clear. Don't get wind of yinjiasan from time to time.

After everyone left, Yin Su still looked at Shen Jimo indifferently: "Mr. Shen, do you have time today? If so, can you spare two hours to go with me to the Civil Affairs Bureau and get the divorce certificate? "

Shen Jimo looked at her coldly. Her eyes were dark, but she didn't speak.

"If Shen doesn't talk, there's no time." Yin Susu smiled and smiled brightly. "Please ask Shen to call me when he has time. Let's go to the Civil Affairs Bureau and get the divorce certificate."

Shen Jimo frowned slightly: "Yin Susu, who was going to get married with me? Think marriage can be fun? " Yin Susu replied with a smile: "it's me. I want to marry president Shen. I also ask Mr. Shen to forgive me for my ignorance of my youth and my mistake in treating marriage affairs as a drama. Now I think it's clear that the bitter melon really won't be sweet. Please ask Mr. Shen to ask for a divorce certificate with me. "

Shen Jimo's hands, which were hanging on his side, quietly shook hands and said, "I'm not free."

"Since Mr. Shen is not available today, I won't disturb him. Please let the assistant inform me when he is available another day." With that, Yin Susu turns around and leaves.

Shen Jimo quickly reached out and grabbed her: "follow me."

Yin Susu shook off his hand and smiled coldly: "I'll go with you? Where are you going? Go to the Civil Affairs Bureau for divorce? "

Shen Jimo said coldly, "Yin Susu, have you had enough trouble?"

"Have I had enough trouble?" Yin Susu suddenly smiled and tears came out. "I always thought I was making trouble in Mr. Shen's eyes. Why should I make trouble? " Shen Jimo's face was gloomy, and he shouted: "Yin Susu, what is Shen Jimo these years? Just a fun toy? When I want to get married, I have to accompany the marriage. When I want to divorce, I have to accompany the divorce? "

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