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My Husband, Warm The Bed - S01 E1974

Story 1 year ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1974

Shen Jimo is still a neat handmade suit, followed by his assistant.

He walked in front of him, his assistant followed him, and he kept saying something, which should be reporting work to him.

Shen Jimo operates chain stores, and Shen's shopping malls are all over the country.

As a result, Shen Jimo often goes to inspect all over the country, but this is the first time Yin Susu meets him unprepared.

She used to "bump into" him at the mall, but people around him knew it wasn't really "bump into".

Shen Jimo's itinerary is that Yin Susu heard from his assistant that she would create another chance to meet her.

This is a real chance encounter, but Yin Susu is no longer willing to love a man who doesn't love himself so humbly.

Yin Susu's eyes quickly moved away from Shen Jimo's body, and she took Chi Yangyang: "Yangyang, let's go to the second floor to see the clothes."

Chiyangyang looked back at Shen Jimo, who was not far away, and nodded dully, "OK."

At this time, Shen Jimo also saw Yin Susu, and the assistant behind him stopped: "Mr. Shen, this time I really didn't disclose your whereabouts to miss Yin Jiasan."

Before, the assistant dared to disclose Shen Jimo's whereabouts to Yin Susu. It must be Shen Jimo's default. Therefore, when seeing Yin Susu this time, the assistant would instinctively say such words.

Shen Jimo glanced at Yin Susu without trace, and then took back: "what's the next trip?"

"There's another meeting at 11 a.m.," the assistant said immediately

Shen Jimo raised his hand and looked at the next time: "the meeting was postponed to the afternoon."

The assistant didn't understand why Shen Jimo suddenly postponed such an important meeting: "but President Shen..."

Before the assistant had finished speaking, Shen Jimo had already walked away, so the assistant had to keep up with him.

There are many questions in my heart, but I dare not ask them. I can only guess from my heart.

After following Shen Jimo for a while, the assistant finally found something wrong: "general manager Shen, is there any problem?"

Shen Jimo eyebrows a pick: "what problem?"

The assistant said, "I've inspected it once. Is there any problem with it?"

Shen Jimo looked at the assistant discontentedly: "as a boss, what's the problem with two more rounds in his own shopping mall?"

Assistant: "no problem."

You're the boss, you're the boss. It's no problem where you want to go, but can we have a look at the time.

There is an important meeting at eleven in the morning. Do you always postpone it to the afternoon? Is this your usual way of doing things?

There are many complaints in the assistant's heart, but he dare not say a word. He is afraid that he will be thrown down by his boss if he speaks.

Just when he was puzzled, he saw the familiar shadow in the corner of his eyes. Suddenly, the assistant understood why Shen Jimo's strange behavior happened.

Before, when the third miss of Yin's family swayed in front of his boss every day, his boss was indifferent to others.

Now, Miss Yin's third daughter doesn't show up for a few days. Their boss is even more abnormal.

I'm always distracted at work. Now I have to postpone such an important meeting.

The assistant took back his eyes and turned to Shen Jimo.

Shen Jimo's eyes are also inadvertently looking to miss Yin's third daughter.

The assistant despised his boss in his heart.

Men are really cheap guys.

Even a man like his boss is no exception.

Easy to get don't know how to cherish, lost only after regret.

The assistant thinks it's time to play the role of assistant.

He quietly looked at Shen Jimo's expression: "Mr. Shen, the shop that miss yinjiasan visited is our company's direct store. Do you want me to say hello to miss Yinsan to get rid of the bill?"

Shen Jimo said lightly, "what should I do? Don't you understand?"

The assistant nodded: "I know. I know. I'll go and say hello to the store manager. Not only today, but also later. "

The assistant nodded his head and bowed his back, and his mind despised the boss again.

And the boss he despised has gone.


"Bookkeeping?" In the face of the shopkeeper's sudden advances, Yin Susu expressed doubts, "I don't remember that I have a long-term cooperative relationship with your shop. As much as it is, I'll pay it now. "

The store manager said, "Miss Yin, I'm just an ordinary staff member. I can do what I'm asked to do. Please make it convenient for Miss Yin."

"In that case, I don't want these clothes." Yin Susu probably guessed what was going on, but he didn't dare to believe it or accept the man's "alms".

In the past, when she ran after him, she didn't see that he cared about her.

Now that she gave up, the man came back. What kind of play did he want to play?

Do you really think that Yin Susu is the pet that Shen Jimo waved and came?

Yin Susu puts down his clothes and takes Chiyang yang to turn around and leave.

No matter how insensitive his feelings are, Chi knows what just happened.

What's the relationship between Yin Susu and Shen Jimo? She doesn't know. She doesn't speak in disorder. She follows Yin Susu obediently.

She also understands that it's useless to say anything at this time. It should be much better if she stays with Yin Susu and has someone to accompany him when he wants to talk.

When we arrived at the underground parking lot, Yin Susu stopped: "Yangyang, let's change our shopping mall."

"No problem," he nodded

"Why didn't you ask me why I left all of a sudden?" said Yin Susu "Third sister would like to tell me. I'd like to hear from you very much. But if you don't want to say it, I don't ask. " Chi Yangyang smiled, "in the end, the matter of feelings is still the matter of two people. You should know better than any of us whether to follow him or not. No matter what decision you make, I will support you. "

Yin Susu smiled and gave Chi Yang a hug: "Yang Yang, thank you for your consideration."

Chi Yangyang is a little confused: "third sister, I didn't do anything. Why do you thank me?"

Yin Susu said with a smile, "Yang Yang, I can only say that Hang Jin is very discerning."

Chiyang Yang is a little embarrassed by Yin Susu's praise: "third sister, I'm not as good as you said. In fact, I'm selfish. "

She was selfish until all the time, but she didn't give anything to Hang Jin.

Yinsu soda said: "do you think Hang Jin's vision is not good, or my vision is not good?"

Chiyangyang: "..."

Does she mean that?

It seems that in terms of eloquence, she can't compare with Hang Jin's family.

Yin Susu opened the door: "get in the car, we'll change places to buy."

"Pool Yang Yang nods:" good, today I will accompany you to buy buy buy

Chiyang Yang seldom goes shopping and has little interest in shopping. LAN Feiyang often says that she is not a normal girl in this respect.

Today, she accompanied Yin Susu to buy. When she wanted to pay, she found that she was shy. Fortunately, Hang Jin arrived in time and handed the card to the cashier. Although she spent about her own money, she still felt that Hang Jin was very handsome at this moment.

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