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My Husband, Warm The Bed - S01 E1973

Story 1 year ago

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at the tip of his eyes, Chi Yang took the lead in seeing Yin Susu coming towards them.

Yin Susu is in normal condition these two days. It seems that there is no problem, but Chi Yang is still worried.

She has no experience in the field of men's and women's emotion, but her family relationship has been seriously hurt.

She knows the pain of being abandoned and betrayed, so she suspects that Yin Susu's heart may not be as light as you see.

"Third sister, I'm not familiar with the emperor. Would you please go shopping with me?" Chi Yangyang is not a person who likes to trouble others. She just wants to help Yin Susu in this clumsy way.

"Yes." Yin Susu readily agreed, and turned to Hang Jin. "But I don't know if Jin can trust me to give it to him."

Hang Jin is really reluctant to let Chi Yang and Yin Susu go out shopping alone, but he probably understands the intention of Chi Yang.

The girl's mind is still better understood by the girl. It's better to let Chiyang Yang accompany Yin Susu to relax.

He said with a hard mouth, "I can't bear to see her shaking in front of my eyes every day, which makes my head big."

Chiyangyang: "..."


Who is in front of whom?

Before she was alone in the mountains, she stayed well. Who was the one who kept her from going?

I'm afraid she won't want to hear a good word from this man in her life.

Before, she always felt that Hang Jin was bullying her. Slowly she understood that Hang Jin was just too dumb to express her feelings.

Old man Yin immediately glared at Hang Jin and said, "we'll go shopping and buy whatever we want. Don't worry about this stinky boy."

Hang Jin: "Grandpa......"

"Don't talk nonsense," Mr. Yin interrupted with a wave of his hand

Yin Susu and Chi Yangyang looked at each other and smiled, holding hands: "then we went shopping and had lunch outside at noon."

Seeing the children's good feelings, Mr. Yin nodded happily: "let the driver drive them."

"Four eyes, pay attention. When you are tired, take a rest. Don't try to be brave." Chiyangyang is less than three months pregnant. They haven't planned to announce good news with their family. Hang Jin is worried that the little fool is tired and doesn't know what to say.

"Don't worry, my daughter-in-law who won't be tired." Speaking, Yin Susu has pulled Chi Yang Yang out of the yard.

Hang Jin looked at the back of Chi Yangyang as he walked farther and farther away, and suddenly he felt very bad.

"Cough..." The old man Yin coughed softly, and followed Hang Jin's eyes closely to call back to God. "You are clearly a kind of love, but it's a bad habit. Can you change it?"

Hang Jin: "Grandpa, you don't understand."

Mr. Yin: "my old man has eaten more salt than rice. I don't understand. Understand? Husband and wife can't always lose each other. They should still boast when they should. As the ancients have long said, a woman is the one who pleases herself. "

"Grandpa, I think it's quite right. Keep drinking tea. I have something to go out. " When chiyangyang left, Hang Jin's heart followed.

He was worried that he was tired, that he would not chat, that he was worried about this, and that he could not sit here.

"Go ahead." Mr. Yin knew it well and didn't stop it. The young people have a good relationship and are at ease as elders.


Yin Susu's character is more lively and active. She has a driver at home but usually drives her own car when going out.

She always said that taking someone else's car is to hand over her fate to others. She wants to control her own fate.

"Central, may I ask you a question?" Chiyang Yang's aim is to relax with Yin Susu, but because of her lack of words, Yin Susu now takes the initiative to open up a conversation.

"Pool Yang Yang nods:" three elder sisters, ask

Waiting for the gap between the red lights, Yin Susu glanced at Chi Yangyang and said, "do you love Hang Jin?"

Love or not love Hang Jin. It's not only Yin Susu who asked him this question, but Chi Yang himself asked himself secretly.

She is not sure whether her love for Hang Jin is love or not, but she can be sure that if Hang Jin no longer appears in her life, she will not be used to it, and she does not even know whether she can continue to live.

She thought for a moment and replied earnestly: "I was born to know brother Jin. We have known each other for more than 20 years. Unconsciously, he seems to have integrated into my life. Every bit of my life has his existence. "

When mentioning Hang Jin, Chi Yangyang's face involuntarily climbed up with a smile: "when he was there, I would dislike his quarrel, when he was not there, I would think of him quietly, I think this should be love."

"If I let that boy Hang Jin hear this, I think he will be very happy." From the expression of chiyangyang when talking about Hangjin, Yin Susu knew that the girl liked Hangjin.

When the green light is on, Yin Susu leaves a hand to pat Chi Yangyang on the shoulder while driving: "Yangyang, please tell him loudly if you love him. Cherish the days together. "

"Well, I know. Thank you The topic was interrupted by central Chi.

Yin Susu drives carefully and doesn't find any more topics, because the connection between them is Hang Jin, so they can't talk about Hang Jin all the time.

Chiyang was eager to talk, but worried that he would hurt Yin Susu if he said something wrong.

It wasn't until Yin Susu parked his car in the shopping mall parking lot and the two took the escalator up the stairs together that Chi Yangyang summoned up his courage and said, "third sister, can I ask you a question?"

"Ask me about Shen Jimo and me." Yin Susu is a very transparent person, and Chi Yangyang is not very good at twists and turns.

Chiyangyang wants to talk and doesn't talk several times in the car. Yin Susu knows what she wants to ask.

Chi Yang Yang looks at Yin Susu with adoring eyes: "third sister, how do you know?"

Yin Susu said with a smile, "because the problems are all written on his face."

Chi Yang Yang instinctively raised his hand and touched his face: "ah, is it so obvious on my face?"

Yin Susu was amused by her lovely appearance and said with a smile, "it's too obvious."

"Can you tell me if you really forget him?" he said

"I used to think it's impossible to give up when I love someone for so many years, but I was totally dead for that man at a moment two days ago," Yin said

After her death, Yin Susu realized that her previous obsession was her own.

Once the obsession is put down, the whole person is relaxed. It's lucky to leave a man who doesn't love himself in time.

It has been said for a long time that one can fall in love with a person in a moment, and one can completely die in a moment.

Sometimes it's just such a coincidence. Just talking about this man, he appears in front of his eyes. Chi Yangyang sees Shen Jimo first. She instinctively wants to block Yin Susu's sight. Who knows that Yin Susu also finds Shen Jimo.

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