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The most active one among the villagers was Liu's mother, who usually took care of the most in Chiyang, whose neck was stretched out and tired. Finally, she saw Chiyang and a man coming towards them in this direction.

But it's still a little far away. They can't see the man's appearance clearly. They can only see that the man is very tall, and the figure is worthy of their teacher Chi.

Liu's mother can't wait. She hurriedly greets him: "Miss Chi, today I killed my own chicken soup and brought it to you to mend your body."

She clearly came to Hang Jin. Now she had to pretend to know his existence: "Mr. Chi, this is him?"

But her acting skills are a little poor. You can see that she already knew?

Chi Yangyang didn't poke it. He smiled sheepishly and didn't plan to answer. Anyway, Hang Jin would answer for her.

However, Hang Jin didn't answer. He stared at her as if waiting for her to give him an identity affirmation.

It's impolite not to answer people's questions. Chi Yangyang had to ask himself, "he's my husband."

Hearing that Chi Yangyang himself admitted his identity, hang Jinna called him proud and proud, so he almost grew a tail and raised it to the sky. "Oh, so you are Mr. Chi's man. Young man, our teacher Chi wants you to be such a handsome guy. " For this reason, mother Liu did not avoid looking at Hang Jin. The young man is not only in good shape, but also looks very handsome.

Hang Jin was very happy at this time. In addition, he was praised by others and gave a smiling face to mother Liu: "Auntie, I am her man. Thank you for giving me such a high praise and for taking care of my central bank."

Chiyangyang: "..."

I don't know where this man is going to make trouble today.

At this time, other people also gathered around, you said and I said: "the young man looks really good, looks good, treats people intimately, and has no airs of people from big cities at all."

Chiyangyang: "..."

Before, she had never heard that Hang Jin treated people intimately. Even in front of his best friends, he was a man of great temper.

To see who is wrong is direct.

He is pretending at this time

Aunts and uncles, please see this man's real mouth and praise him, or you will have to hit yourself in the face some other day.

Other people surrounded Hang Jin. If you say a word, I will say all the words they can think of to praise people. Chi Yang was ignored by them.

A group of people put all the things that had been sent to Chiyang into Hang Jin's hands: "welcome to our village, young man. If you need us in the future, please let us know. "

"I will stay here for a while with my Yang Yang. There will be many troubles in the future. Today, I'll thank all the aunts and uncles first." When it comes to chiyangyang, Hang Jin turns around and finds out that his wife has been lost.

But he was so tall that he couldn't stop his sight when he was surrounded. He swept around and found that he had entered the house and was about to close.

He hurriedly said: "everyone, my central bank is still angry with me. If I don't go back, she won't let me in tonight."

Everyone understood. They spread out consciously and gave Hang Jin a way: "young man, go back quickly."

"Good, good..." Hang Jin hurried to catch up with what everyone gave him, but he still didn't catch up with him. He was turned away by Chi Yang, "Chi Yang, open up!"

Chi Yang and Yang Li ignored him.

He added, "don't blame me for not opening the door again, Chiyang."

Chiyangyang still ignored him and turned to one side to close the window to death. She would like to see how he made her regret.

Soon Hang Jin made Chiyang regret with his practical actions.

He put things at the door and began to coolie's speech: "my wife, I know it's so long since I came to accompany you. I'm really wrong. Please forgive me."

Chiyangyang: "..."

Is she angry because he didn't come with her?

She is She also forgot why she was angry. Maybe Qi Hangjin forgot her just when she was surrounded by villagers.

But she won't admit it.

Hang Jin continued to make a vigorous speech: "today, in front of so many people, I want to make it clear to you that in the future, you should take this family as you want. You let me go to the West and I will never go to the East. I'll do whatever you want."

Chiyangyang: "..."

If she believed him, she would be the son of a bitch! Other unknown villagers were incited to help Hang Jin yell: "Mr. Chi, young man is such a good guy. Please open the door and let him in. Don't let others run all the way to the door without drinking hot tea. How sad he should be!"

A group of people agreed: "yes, Mr. Chi, anyway, let him in first. If the husband and wife have something to do, close the door and have a good talk. They can't help but let people in and hurt their feelings. "

Hang Jin: "thanks for the help of the villagers, but it's not my family's central bank. I didn't do well enough."

"You are right, young man. It's normal for husband and wife to make a little noise. You can make it clear to Mr. Chi in a moment. "

The young man is tall, handsome and considerate. Who can marry him is lucky?

Therefore, no matter where this society is, it is a society of looking at faces, and it has been cheated by Hang Jin's face.

If Hang Jin looks ugly, I think everyone's opinion is different.

"Yes, I must apologize to her. If she had to open the door and let me in. "

Being publicized by Hang Jin, it seems that he is a poor man who has no family status and is often abused by Chi Yang.

In such a case, if Chi Yang doesn't open the door again, everyone will be afraid to see her in the future.

She opened the door and looked at Hang Jin angrily. However, Hang Jin smiled at her proudly, "how about Mr. Chi?"

Chi Yangyang was so angry that his chest hurt.

Hang Jin went back to thank the villagers for their help: "thank you for your help today. I'll apologize after entering the house. Please leave today."

"Mr. Chi, we must communicate well when we live." Everyone consciously dispersed. Before dispersing, they did not forget to tell Chi Yang two sentences.

As soon as everyone left, Chi Yang gave Hang Jin another fierce look. He wanted him to roll as far as he could, but this guy stuck to his body like a paste, and could not tear it off.

After entering the house, Hang Jin went too far, holding Chi Yang and trying to kiss him.

Chi Yangyang pushed him away: "Hang Jin, if you dare to make trouble again I can't get rid of you. I'll go by myself. " "Well, I'm not messing around. Whatever you say, listen to you." Speaking like this, Hang Jin didn't think so in his heart. At night, he had plenty of time and opportunities.

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