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My Husband, Warm The Bed - S01 E1963

Story 1 year ago

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Dinner is delivered by everyone. You can eat it at will.

Hang Jin, like Chi Yang, is a man who can't cook. But at the moment, he is not idle. He takes the initiative to help pour soup and rice. He is very active: "let's hurry up and go to bed early after eating."

It's not dark yet. There are many people in the village working in the field, but a big man urged her to go to bed early.

Chi Yang gave him a white look and didn't speak.

Hang Jin didn't care at all. He kept saying in her ear, "Chi Yang, do you know how long you have been away from my master?"

"Twenty days and ten hours," he added

Chiyangyang still ignored him.

He added: "do you know how the young master spent these 20 days and 10 hours? It's like living in the sun. "

Chi Yangyang glanced at him sideways. There was no place like thinking about her all over him.

If you have to say that he thinks about her, it must be her absence. He can't find someone to bully

With that, Hang Jin reached out and hugged Chi Yang. He rubbed his chin against her head. "Little four eyes, don't you miss me at all?"

"Take away your hands," he said coldly

Qu babadi said, "I haven't seen you for such a long time. I can't kiss or hug you. Do you want me to become a monk?"

Chi Yangyang said with a sneer: "the one named Jiang Eryue doesn't like you very much. As long as you want, he won't be a monk."

"Don't mention that woman to me." At the mention of Jiang Eryue, Hang Jin was so angry that he even scowled at Chiyang, as if she had provoked him.

"It's good that someone likes you. Are you not happy?" Hang Jin is very satisfied with his performance, but she doesn't want him to know her inner joy.

"I told you not to mention that woman. Can you understand me?" he shouted

Seeing the appearance of Hang Jin's face eating flies, Chi Yangyang almost smiled: "don't let me mention it? Is it the day when I'm not here? What happened between you? "

"If I look at that woman more, I will feel my eyes dirty." When the woman surnamed Jiang heard that Chi Yangyang was gone, she stopped him every day. He couldn't get rid of him.

After the last gasp, he asked people to throw the woman into the garbage can in public. After the embarrassment, the eyesore didn't come to him.

I don't know if that woman has a brain problem. Everyone knows that he hates her. The person he likes is Chi Yang, and he wants to paste it like a dog's skin plaster. It's disgusting to see it.

Chi Yangyang asked casually, but seeing what happened to Hang Jin's reaction and Jiang Eryue, he suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. He asked in the tone of the exit, "what's really going on between you?"

"What do you say?" Hang Jin looks at Chi Yangyang discontentedly. If she didn't run away from home and give the woman surnamed Jiang a chance, would he be disgusted?

So, the culprit is the little fool who has no idea.

"Hang Jin, I want to tell you that you are my husband now. If you dare to do something sorry to me, I will let you..." Before he had finished speaking, Chi found his reaction to be a little extreme.

She didn't know what was wrong with her, how she could make herself so uncomfortable because of some ideas in her mind.

"What do you want me to do?" Hang Jin's anger disappeared instantly, and he looked at Chi Yang with a smile. "You finally know that I am your husband. I thought you forgot."

Chiyangyang's face is a bit indecisive: "you go away."

Hang Jin: No

The middle of the pool gnawed with anger.

Hang Jin's smiling face came up to Chi Yang and said, "little four eyes, tell me, are you jealous?"

Chi Yangyang is a duck with a hard mouth: "the devil eats your vinegar."

Hang Jin: "then why are you suddenly angry? You're stupid. I'm not stupid. You're not as angry as you just were. "

His heart was said, pool Yang Yang face a red: "take your hand."

Hang Jin didn't know when he put his arms around her waist: "no, I'll hold you like this all the time."

"Don't you want to have dinner?"

Hang Jin: "compared to dinner, I would like to..."

"I tell you, from now on to the next year, you don't want to think about anything," he said

Hang Jin chewed two drumsticks: "Chi Yang Yang, do you know that some things are not used all the time, and their functions will degenerate."

Chi Yangyang: "eat your drumsticks well, no one will think you are mute if you don't speak."

What evil did she do in her last life? In this life, she never found such a man whose face is thicker than the wall.

What's more, what's in his mind all day long?

In addition to bullying her, or bullying her, change the way to bully her.


Suddenly there was a loud thunder, which sounded like a warning to Hang Jin.

"The face of a woman is the same as this weather, saying that changes will change," said Hang Jin

However, Chi Yangyang looked at the roof anxiously: "the wood house is leaking. I haven't found anyone to repair it. It's raining again. What can I do?"

This is a two-story wooden house. The owner of the house has not moved in yet. He has come here and spent money to rent it.

The house is new, but because there is no one to take care of it at ordinary times, there are some small problems, such as the rain leak in one corner of the house.

The rain in the plateau area falls as soon as it stops. It has rained several times for nearly a month since Chiyang came here. When it rained, he said to find someone to repair it. When it stopped raining, he forgot to go out.

It's going to rain again. It's going to be dark. It's hard to find people.

And it's getting colder and colder. It's raining and windy. I'm afraid I can't sleep well again tonight.

Just as he was in a hurry, Hang Jin pointed to himself: "with your man here, what are you worried about?"

Chiyangyang: "..."

She doesn't worry. Can she expect him to mend the roof for her?

Hang Jin: is there a ladder

Chi Yang pointed to the corner of the house: "yes."

"You wait." Hang Jin turned and walked toward the ladder. He was so strong that he raised the ladder with one hand. "You drink your soup. I'll do the work outside."

"Can you do it?" Chi expressed doubts about Hang Jin's ability.

"If you can, don't say that to a man." He gave her a disgruntled look and went out with the ladder. Chi Yangyang also followed up and said in a hurry, "Hang Jin, I didn't mean to look down on you. You haven't done that. What if you fall? "

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