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My Husband, Warm The Bed - S01 E1961

Story 1 year ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1961

Chiyangyang: "..."

Forget it! Forget it!

Bear it again. After so many years, I don't care how much I bear him.

Chi Yangyang keeps telling herself to bear him, but Hang Jin's behavior is more and more excessive, which makes her unbearable.

He not only pressed his head on her shoulder, but also held her waist in his hands. Can she walk well in this way?

"Mr. Chi, why don't you talk again? Is it because I didn't perform well enough that you were angry with me again? " However, he did not feel that his behavior was too much.

Maybe, he knows, he just bullies her on purpose!

Chi Yangyang angrily didn't want to talk to him, but he kept saying in her ear: "Mr. Chi Mr. Chi I'm asking you something. Why don't you answer me? "

"Enough!" Chiyangyang's good temper was almost blown up by his saying, "Hang Jin, what do you want?"

Hang Jin's face was innocent: "isn't it what you want?"

Chi Yang Yang has no words to kick him.

Hang Jin: "Mr. Chi, why don't you talk again?"

Chi Yangyang stopped and said, "Hang Jin, you can go wherever you want. Don't disturb my life. All right? "

Hang Jin's face sank: "Chiyang Yang, please tell me, where should I go?"

"I, how do I know," said Chi

Two people are quarreling, a villager passes by, curious eyes cast over: "teacher Chi, this is?"

Before Chi Yangyang spoke, Hang Jin snatched her words: "Hello, aunt! I'm Mr. Chi's husband. "

"Hello Hello!" The villagers looked at Hang Jin and smiled, "Mr. Chi, you are so handsome. You are a good match."

"Thank you for your compliment, aunt!" "You think I'm a good match with Mr. Chi, but Mr. Chi dislikes me very much."

The villagers said: "Miss Chi is very good, very good to all of us. She will not dislike you unless you make her angry."

Hang Jin: "she is the master at home. I dare not even say a word. How dare I make her angry?"

Chi Yangyang: "Hang Jin, do you want to be shameless?"

Hang Jin: "you can't eat a meal if you want to face."

Chiyangyang: "..."

This is what Hang Jin is capable of. No matter where she is, she can be so angry that she wants to strangle him.

The villagers said again: "men, it's good to listen to their wives. There's no shame. No matter right or wrong, it's right to go home and make a mistake and coax your wife. "

"Aunt, you're right. I've never been shameful in front of Mr. Chi." Only Hang Jin himself knew what this shameless person meant. "She told me to go east. I absolutely dare not go west."

Villagers: "that's right."

Chiyangyang: "..."

God, come to the man, she can't stand him.

But the culprit who made him angry was still chatting with the villagers. He had never seen such good patience with anyone before.

If he wants to talk, just talk. She's going.

Chi Yangyang walked away, and Hang Jin immediately followed him: "Auntie, I'll have a chat some day. Today, I have to go home first, or teacher Chi will not let me in."

Hang Jin's legs are long. He catches up with Chi Yang in a few steps. He reaches out and grabs her waist. It's full of possession.

Chi Yangyang: "release your hands!"

Hang Jin: "I'm so afraid of being seen. Did you carry my young master and raise a little white face outside?"

Chi Yangyang: "yes, there are more than one."

Hang Jin: how many are there

Chi Yangyang: "seven days a week, one day for another, how many do you say?"

Hang Jin: do you think it's their physical strength or my young master's physical strength

Chi Yangyang: "they."

Hang Jin nodded, "well, I see."

Chi Yangyang: "what do you know?"

Hang Jin: "I think I should do something to make you remember more deeply, and then compare my master with others."

Chi Yangyang: "no shame!"

Hang Jin: "seven days a week, you've changed one day. My head is on the Hulunbuir prairie. What face do you want?"

Chi thought it would be bad if he misunderstood her. He explained, "I just said it on purpose."

"Small sample, can I know that you are talking nonsense?" If he had not known that she was deliberately angry with him, would he have been able to speak to her so calmly?

How do you know? What if it's true? "

Hang Jin looked at her contemptuously: "did my young master watch you grow up for nothing? I don't know how much you are? I don't know what kind of person is in your girl's bones? "

"Don't look down on people!" said Chi

Hang Jin: "well, you can be powerful. You can change seven a week, but I have only one for you. You are the only one."

Chiyangyang: "..."

Hee hee, ha ha, ha ha, he suddenly made a seemingly confession, which softened Chi's heart.

Yes, no matter when, he always believes her unconditionally.

Even if she ran away from home with his back too much this time, and let him find her for such a long time, but when he found her, he didn't hurt her, but used naive methods to attract her attention.

In fact, sometimes he is a little boy, using his clumsy and childish way to attract her attention.

In such a way, Chi Yang's depression that he had been teasing him for a whole afternoon disappeared like this.

she smiled at him: "the conditions here are very hard. Can you bear it, a young man who does not touch the spring water?"

Looking at her smile, Hang Jin's tone was soft: "you can stand it. Can you still stop me?"

"There is no restaurant in the village, and I can't cook," he said

"When did I expect you to cook for me?" Hang Jin held her shoulder. "I saw a lot of chickens on my way. I'll catch a chicken soup for you."

Chiyangyang wants to give him a big white eye again: "that's all raised by the villagers, what is nobody to manage. I tell you, you are not allowed to come here, or I will drive you away at once. "

"All right, I see." Hang Jin promised well. He saw a fat and strong chicken in his eyes. In the evening, he grabbed it to cook chicken soup, which made up for his family's thin eyes.


Mr. Chi's husband is here. He is a tall and handsome young man.

It soon spread among the villagers, and no one in the whole village didn't know about it.

Chiyangyang and Hangjin have not arrived home yet. Someone has been waiting at home under the pretext of delivering food to chiyangyang. We all want to see what kind of young man can marry their gentle, kind and beautiful teacher Chi.

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