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Mr. Chi, I will study hard and read. I will never worry about my mother again."

Xiaohei nods his head cleverly, which makes Chiyang think that Xiaohei is a kid growing up in a moment.

No matter adults or children, there are more or less changes after major life turns.

Some people will get better and better, while others

Chi Yang Yang shook his head and let himself stop thinking.

That person's business has become the past.

And she, her baby and Hang Jin are the future.


Mischievous Xiao Hei grew up a lot overnight after the drowning incident, and became a lot of introverted.

In class when listening to the class is also obedient, no longer mischievous.

It's a good thing that the child is obedient and not naughty in class. Chi Yangyang worries about Xiao Hei secretly, fearing that he is less playful.

In class, she can't take special care of Xiaohei to let her children know that she is being taken special care of, which may also cause psychological harm.

Chiyangyang's eyes took a look at the children in the classroom: "Wang Xiaojun, you come to answer the teacher's question just now. How much is seven times three? "

Wang Xiaojun, who was named, quickly stood up and calculated again with his fingers on his hands: "teacher, 24."

"Wrong answer." "But it doesn't matter. Today I will recite the multiplication table. We won't do it this time. We'll try to do it next time, OK? "

"Good." Wang Xiaojun nods.

Wang Xiaojun thought that Mr. Chi was the best. He would not scold him if he made a wrong answer. Before he made a wrong answer, he had to be punished.

"Sit down." Chiyangyang looks at Xiaohei. "Xiaohei, do you know?"

Xiaohei got up, recited the multiplication table for a while, and replied, "teacher, 21."

"Well, it's very good. The answer is 21. But I think we should continue to recite the pithy formula and keep it firmly in our mind so that we can answer it at a later time. "

Chiyangyang asked two more questions and asked the students to answer them. They all showed their own strengths, but she taught them patiently.

"Now let's learn the multiplication table together, led by the teacher." She started, "one by one..."

Just as he said it, a ball of paper flew out of the window and directly hit the head of the central pool.

"Which student is naughty outside the window, hurry to stand out for the teacher." She put down her book and went to the window. "Children, keep on reciting."

She went to the window and was about to look out. Hang Jin's tall figure came straight into her sight

In an instant, he felt his nose was sour and his eyes were swollen. He almost cried.

Who knows that Hang Jin suddenly said: "children, what's good for memorizing multiplication table. Everyone is here. My brother will take you to the mountain to catch wild boars. "

Chiyangyang: "..."

He was so angry that he wanted to kick him back to Jiangbei.

Hang Jin looked at her breath, pulled the window eaves, a sharp jump, people jumped into the classroom.

He ignored Chi's anger and said to the children, "children, close your eyes, and my brother will hold your teacher Chi."

The children were curious, but they didn't know why. Hang Jin asked them to close their eyes, one by one.

Chiyangyang: "..."

I didn't see them so obedient in class.

Then, Chi Yangyang was dragged to his arms by Hang Jin. But just holding, how could hang Jin be satisfied.

He bowed his head and gave her a fierce and lingering French kiss.

At first, Chi Yang had the strength to beat him. Later, he kissed him so fast that he couldn't breathe. He could only do whatever he wanted.

I don't know how long it took for him to let her go. "Little four eyes, I think you are very fat. I dare to let me find you for such a long time."

It turned out that he was full of yearning. When Hang Jin made such a fuss, Chi felt that his decision to sneak out of the house was 100% correct.

"Not talking?" Hang Jin raised her chin. "Do you think..."

Chi Yangyang raised his foot and stepped on it severely: "Hang Jin, if you are still playing around here, believe it or not, you will never find me?"

Hang Jin's face sank.

Chi tries to calm down: "please go out first, I'm going to teach the children now."

Hang Jin glanced at the class and saw a vacancy in the back. He strode over: "Mr. Chi, I'm here to listen to the class, please continue to lecture."

Chi Yang was so angry that he bit his teeth, but he couldn't help it. If he was offended, he could do more things.

She chose to ignore him and continue to lecture, but she had just been kissed by him, and now her body is full of his breath

How can she ignore his existence and continue to lecture well.

"Students, you keep reciting the pithy formula, and the teacher will come back later." She looked at Hang Jin. "You come out."

Hang Jin kept still: "I don't know multiplication table either. I want Mr. chi to teach me by hand."

Chiyangyang: "..."

What a shame!

Forget it. Don't worry about him. Don't know what kind of person he is.

Chiyang Yang picked up his mood and went on with the class. Fortunately, Hang Jin didn't make trouble again and finally finished today's class successfully.

After class, he told the students to be careful when they went home, then picked up the books and left.

Hang Jin caught up with her a few steps and dragged her into her arms as soon as she reached out: "I'm not angry with you, do you dare to be angry with me, believe it or not, I'll throw you into Lugu Lake to feed the fish?"

Chi Yangyang still ignores him.

"Mr. Chi, who is he? Why can he hold Mr. Chi? Can I kiss Mr. Chi? "

After that, a group of children followed, looking at Hang Jin like monsters.

Chi wants to say that he doesn't know this man, but before she can speak, Hang Jin grabs the words: "it's her husband who can hug you, Mr. Chi.". I'm Mr. Chi's husband. "

A child asked, "you are Mr. Chi's husband. Why does Mr. Chi look unhappy?"? Will you be a bad person and want to take our teacher Chi

Hang Jin made a frightening expression: "little fat man, pay attention to your words, or I will throw you into the pond to feed the fish."

The little fat man behind hurriedly backed away and covered his mouth with his hand.

He was afraid to say a wrong word, and was thrown into the pond by this handsome but fierce big brother to feed the fish.

"Students, don't be afraid. He just talks to frighten you as he changes. He won't." Chiyangyang comforted the children and glared at Hangjin. "The children are still young. Don't scare them. They will take it seriously." The little idiot finally spoke to him. With a smile, Hang Jin leaned his head on his shoulder and said, "OK, I listen to Mr. Chi."

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