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“Ola? Did you see the faces of those you dreamed of?” Angel asked for more confirmation.

“No, their faces seemed dim and dusky, I was unable to see their faces, I just knew I talked with the other girl.” Princess answered.

“Hmmm… her amnesia ends soon.” Angel thought and smiled.

“Sister, say something.” Princess begged.

“Princess, I don’t know of any Ola.” Angel lied.



“Who is there?” Angel asked from inside.

“Open the door for me.” A masculine voice came from outside and Angel hurried to the door, he unlocked the door and Chief Chris walked into the house.

“Daddy, where have you been?” Princess asked sadly.

“You don’t need to worry yourself my angels; I went to see a friend and Daddy is back home.” Chief Chris replied jokingly.

“Angel, please set the table, I’m very hungry.” Chief Chris commanded and Angel left the sitting room for the kitchen.

“Daddy, you’re behaving strange this days, I hope all is well?” Princess whispered.

“Everything is absolutely under control.” Chief Chris answered faking a smile.

Angel came back to the dining table with a tray in her hand, she set the table and came back to her boring fashion magazine.

“Let me quickly freshen up before I eat.” Chief Chris announced and he left the sitting room for his room.

“Father seems bright today.” Angel began but Princess ignored her.




Cars and bikes were going to and fro the busy road; the camera drew nearer showing Daniel, Henry, Mama and I, we were standing by the roadside. Behold, we had made it out of the bush.

“How are we going to leave here now?” Daniel asked confusingly.

“We have no money on us; it seems we didn’t plan this thing very well.” Henry uttered, just as he was about coming down with his statement, a car parked very close to us, the driver came out of the car and moved closer to them, behold it was Mr. Martins.

“Good afternoon.” Mr. Martins approached.

“Afternoon Sir.” Henry responded.

“The sun is unfriendly this afternoon, why are you standing here and where are you heading to?” Mr. Martins asked after recognizing Daniel and Ola.

“Sir, we don’t have a destination, all we care for now is how to get out of this vicinity.” Henry replied.

“Can I give you a ride?” Mr. Martins asked.

“We would be very grateful sir.” Daniel answered.

“Come with me please.” Mr. Martins uttered as he led the way to the car.



“The story is quite pathetic…” Mr. Martins paused.

“Hmmm… what if I told you I was once a soldier in that same barrack?” Mr. Martins announced after listening to the pathetic story of the escapees.

“What?” Daniel and Henry sighed surprisingly.

“You don’t need to afraid, I mean no harm.” Mr. Martins uttered smiling.

“Thank you sir, we’re very grateful.” Daniel appreciated.

“Sir, I miss my mother a lot, I don’t know her well being but I pray all is well with her.” I paused.

“Your mother?” Mr. Martins asked confusingly.

“Yes sir, she lives in No 125, Stardom road.” I clarified.

“Hmm… I will go there tomorrow to see if she is still there.” Mr. Martins replied.

“Why do you help us?” Daniel asked suspiciously.

“I just do my own for God, actually I was coming back from a friend when I saw you standing by the roadside, I just decide to help and nothing more.” Mr. Martins lied with smile all over his face.

“What would you like to eat?” Mr. Martins continued.


SAME DAY: 12:02am (midnight)



Princess screamed alarmingly as she woke up from her sleep, she had the same dream she dreamed the other day, she was sweating profusely, she tried to calm herself. Rather, she began to hallucinate, she held her head firmly and screamed continuously, she rolled on her bed as she continue fighting the battle between live and death, she hallucinate for almost an hour. Lately and fortunately for her, her lost memory was restored, her amnesia was healed, she remembered everything including the rape incident, she see clearly the faces of the rapists, she recollected everything that had happened to her during her school days. What a mystery! She wept bitterly and cynically, she beat the hell out of her innocent pillow and she torn apart her guiltless bedsheet, her blameless mattress wasn’t excluded as she jumped on it over and over again as if she’s a wrestler.

“Everything ends today!” Princess said to herself.

She used a piece of her exhausted bedsheet to wipe away the tears in her eyes, she jumped down from the bed and she angrily slammed the door behind herself. Without a second thought, she walked steadily to the kitchen and opted for a very sharp knife, she left the kitchen and headed for her father’s bedroom, she frantically barged into her father’s bedroom.

“Father! I recollected everything.” Princess announced and her shocking statement woke Chief Chris from his sleep.



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