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(Silent treatment🥺)


‘Oh my God Mr Jonas what happened to you??’..Calla asked as I limped into the back of her house..

‘I got beaten that’s what!! I almost got beaten to death by that Javier’..I replied and spat out an ounce of blood…

‘Javier?? Elena brought him along??’..She asked..

‘No she came alone and it seems like he’s pretty angry from the looks of it cause he refused saying anything to her and—Oh my back hurts pretty bad and I don’t think I can move,it’s a miracle I got out alive’..I muttered out and felt a snap in my ribs…

‘Come in and let me tend to your wounds’..She said and supported her arm with mine..

This isn’t over King Javier…

I would get my Elena no matter what..


The ride back to the palace was as quiet as it could ever be with Javier not mincing a single word to me..

He was so angry that he even ignored Queen Mother Ariel and went straight for the bedroom…

‘So what happened??’..she asked holding my hands and I sighed deeply…

‘I made a terrible mistake that’s what and i think it’s gonna affect our relationship’..i said and before she could say anything else i ran away…

I made very terrible mistake and it’s made Javier so mad!!..

Me and my stupid block head!!..

Why didn’t i listen to Madam Pat?? Instead I lied straight to Javier’s face even when i made a promise never to keep anything from him…

I strode down the hallway lightly and before I could reach the king’s master bedroom i heard groaning from the sparring room…

I peeped into the little keyhole and there Javier was..

Punching a boxing bag with all his might and groaning as he did it..

The pain and disappointment i saw in his eyes was so gory that I gulped hard sending a lump down my throat…

He punched and punched so hard that the bag tore releasing gushes of white cotton and he spat on the ground and grabbed a sword…

He’s really angry with me isn’t he??

With the angry sweat poring down his body I’m pretty sure he could kill a human..

He could kill me just like he killed Kara..

What have i done??..

‘Whoever you are I don’t care but i suggest you leave that place before I kill you and feed your carcass to the vultures’..He muttered as he walked over and in a yelp i ran away…

I’ve got to do something..

I’ve got to do anything to make him forgive me..

I was only short sighted of the consequences that was going to happen and i sure as hell didn’t want to hurt him in any given way…

And the Javier i know is so stubborn that he’s not gonna even listen to what i have to say…

An Hour Later❤️




I stripped myself naked and went under the bed covers which was so light in texture that the outline of my n----e was obvious…

Javier came in and i jerked up immediately waiting for his response but he just ignored me and went straight for the bathroom…

After some minutes he came back fresh and clean shaven and rid of all sweat and he looked like the Javier i knew..

Surely he knew i was naked but he just turned around and went to his writing table..

‘Javier??’..i muttered lightly in a squeaky voice..

‘Go to bed I’m not in the mood’..He replied gruffly..

‘Javier please i—

‘Elena go to bed please!!’..He yelled and i let out a slight whimper as I closed my eyes…

He’s still pretty angry with me but tomorrow is another day..


Hearing Elena’s whimper was bad enough but seeing the outline of her shape under the thin sheets just made it worse…

As soon as i heard her steady breathing which implied that she was asleep I went towards the bed and slipped under the covers silently..

She stirred a bit and turned around tucking the sheets under her arm it just made things worse…

Even though I’m pretty mad at her I still can’t deny the fact that I’m still attracted to her and still turns me on…

I turned around the opposite way and closed my eyes but I just couldn’t sleep as an image of her flash across my head continuously…

She’s so beautiful and it’s like she’s casted a spell on me that even though I’m angry at her I still can’t bear to resist her..

The silent treatment is hurting me just the same way its hurting her but it’s what she deserves..

The Next Morning⛅



‘Morning mother’..i muttered as i adjusted my tunic and sat on my chair obviously ignoring the black haired beauty seated next to me..

‘Morning Javier’..The black haired beauty who happens to be Elena said..

‘Pass me the eggs mother’..i replied not looking at her..

‘Okay what is going on between you two??’..She asked..

‘Can’t i have breakfast in my own castle in peace?? If you’re not gonna let me eat then fine I’m off!!!’…i snapped and walked away with my belly grumbling..

‘Madam Pat have the maids bring my breakfast to my room’..I said aloud as i walked down the hallway..

I rubbed my temples lightly frustrated and angry and tired at everything to the extent that my head ached so bad..

‘Javier you said we’ll talk when we get back last night so can we talk now??’..i heard from behind me but still kept walking on…

‘Javier?!! Please talk to Me!!’..She cried out but i ignored her and went into the room…

‘I am not talking to you Elena don’t you understand?!! Don’t you know the ethics of silent treatment?!!’..i yelled turning back to her..

‘Why?? Fine you’re angry i get it but don’t ignore me!! You know i can’t bear it when you’re distant’..She cried out and i scoffed..

‘Well then maybe you should have thought of that before lying to my face and sneaking out to go meet your lover!!’…i screamed slightly pushing her out of the way..

‘Javier you and i well know that I—

‘You what?? You love me??Well love is trust Elena and let me be honest you broke that trust the moment you lied about the card’..I interjected and she began sobbing…

‘Javier i had good intentions i swear i didn’t mean to lie to you’..She said..

‘Well I’ve heard that before and you still lied,stay away Elena’..

‘Fine then!!! You wanna treat me silently!! Fine do whatever you want I don’t care anymore!! I only hid the letters from you for a very good cause but since you don’t want me to explain you can as well go to hell!!! I don’t care about you anymore!! I don’t love you anymore and if you wanna give me the silent treatment then go ahead and give it to me!! I’ll also give you the silent treatment!! Dumb putz always making me cry for nothing special and never wanting to listen!!’..She yelled..

‘Ohhh really?? I’m so glad you’ve finally said how you really feel about me!! You don’t love me anymore and I’m happy too cause I’ve realized that I don’t love you anymore too!!! You literally lied to my face after making a promise to me Elena!!! You lied to my face,what if I didn’t follow you?!! He would have raped you and then you would have come back crying!!! We’ll give each other the silent treatment and then we’d know who would first break!!!’…


Silent treatment??..

A good thing or not??…

Well they say a lot of things they don’t mean when angry😅😅…

Who do you think would first break and wouldn’t be able to bear it??..

Let’s see our team Elena and team Javier..

Sorry it’s short 🙏😔😥..

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