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(Broken trust🥰)


‘Answer my question Gregory!!! Who is among the dark council and what are they planning on doing??’…I asked after giving my former assistant a hard slap across the face which made him bleed…

‘I would love to tell you your highness but I can’t to be honest,I really can’t tell you cause if I do then my sister is going to die’..He replied in tears and in utter frustration I threw my sword across the room…

‘They would still kill your sister knowing that I’ve caught you Gregory!!! Your sister would still be killed nevertheless!!!’..I screamed at the top of my voice and he cried out…

‘Fine!!! Okay fine I’ll tell you what i know!’..

‘Good Gregory now what I need are a list of names’..

Twenty minutes later❤️




A smile spread across my face as soon as I saw Elena cleaning her race car without any help from the palace maids…

I mean the queen of a kingdom cleaning her car and still manages to look sexy doing it…

Now tell me why I won’t fall in love with her…

‘You are always washing it but you haven’t in the least gotten on it’..I said an her head shot up ..

‘I’m bored to death’..She said..

‘I thought you wanted to stay in bed all day??’..I asked..

‘Nah that was then but now I’m bored and besides you’re busy doing your kingly things while I’m just stuck doing nothing so the least I could do is at least do something??’..She said and I smiled again..

‘We could you know…

‘In the stables?? No way your highness and besides I’m too tired for anything’..She cut in waving her hand and a card fell off from her pocket..

‘What’s that??’..I asked as she quickly picked it up and put it back pretty fast in her pocket..

‘Well uhmmm,it’s kind of a surprise note from my dad and i don’t want you to see it’..She said but I noticed a pang of nervousness revving around her eyes…

‘Okay?? So why are you acting like you’re…Elena is there something I should know??’..I asked again and she laughed hysterically…

‘Me?? Yeah there’s something you should really know and it’s that I love you very very much and I would never do anything to hurt you intentionally’…She responded casually slinging her arms around my neck…

‘Mmmmh and I love you too’..I replied leaning in and pressing my lips down to hers…

I know Elena pretty well and I know she’s hiding something from me and I’m going to find out what…


I rested my ear on the large mahogany door to my father’s room and listened carefully as he spoke to Lord Roland…

‘We have to act fast and rid of that pesky assistant who I’m pretty sure has ratted us out’..Father said .

‘You have to cool down Lord Bachor?? There’s no way Gregory could tell the King about us when his sister is in our custody’..Lord Roland replied and I gasped loudly…

What are they up to??..

And what are they keeping from the king??..

I heard that Gregory was a traitor does it mean they are too???..

‘Fine then Roland and I’m getting anxiety especially for that queen Elena,we’ve been stealing from the royal treasury for a long time and now she’s on to us’..Father said again…

‘Ohhh she doesn’t have a big mouth like your daughter Lord Bachor,she probably doesn’t even care about the accounts anymore’..Lord Roland replied and I as I heard oncoming footsteps I ran off…

Saying I have a big mouth??..

I’ve never liked Lord Roland anyway but the possibility of my father stealing is really not a confidence booster…

Now I know where he gets the funds to purchase all the lands…

Now that’s a trust that’s surely to be broken between Javier and I if he finds out..


I can’t believe I’m breaking the promise I made to Javier but what can i do??..

I have no other choice??..

If Javier finds out about Jonas then he’s surely going to kill him no doubt and I can’t have him do that..

It’s time I make sure Jonas doesn’t ruin the perfect relationship I have..

It’s time to set things straight with him and get him to leave me alone..

‘My queen here’s your cloak and your horse is ready’..Madam Pat whispered into my ears knowing that Javier was two feet away..

‘Okay I’m on my way,once the clock chimes 8 wait for me in the stables’..I whispered back and she nodded as she left..

‘What was she talking about?? I heard something stables’..Javier asked as he walked over and my nose twitched…

‘Were you eavesdropping on my conversation?? Not appropriate your highness’..I replied hating myself for lying more and more…

‘Well i couldn’t help it,hope she isn’t talking about us making love in the stables??’..He asked again and I chuckled..

‘You’re a total clutz Javier anyways I’m tired i think I’m just going to bed’…

‘Bed?? But it’s 7pm and you slept through the whole day so what are you talking about??’..He asked with a frown on his face..

‘Well let’s just say I’m really tired Javier from washing the car’..i lied and after a moment he withdrew…

‘Okay fine you go to bed’..

I went into the room and changed into a simple man shirt with leather pants and boots hiding it under an extra large nightgown so as for Javier not to notice…

‘Uhhh what the hell are you wearing??’..He asked as he walked into the room..

‘A night gown’..i replied..

‘It’s ridiculous’..He frowned..

‘Yeah but I’m wearing it anyways,I’m going to the stables to groom the horses’..

‘But you just said you wanted to sleep’..

‘Javier please stop questioning me please??’..I snapped and walked away in tears…


Yeah something is definitely wrong with Elena and she’s hiding something from me…

I found the card she was hiding from me earlier and picked it up only for me to—

She was lying??..

This isn’t a card from her father it’s a card from her ex lover!!!…

Oh my God i can’t believe Elena lied to me and broke the promise she made to me!!! …

She doesn’t love me one bit and I’m pretty sure she’s going back to him…

Oh my God what am i even saying she loves me but she still can’t stay away from that Jonas guy..

She couldn’t trust me enough to tell me he’s still bothering her…

‘Madam Pat!!!’..i screamed as i walked down the stairs..

‘Yes your highness??’..she replied and I raised up the dreaded card to her..

‘You knew about this didn’t you?!! You knew about this?!!’..u yelled and she gulped hard..

‘I warned her..I..I warned her your highness but she was too stubborn!! She said she was going to warn the Jonas to leave her alone!!’..She said and i scoffed..

‘Get my horse ready’..


My horse strode across the woods and I looked both ways searching for Jonas…

‘I knew you would come’..i heard and flinched sharply..

‘Jonas?? Where are you??’..i asked not being able to see clearly…

‘Get down from your horse Elena I’m here’..He replied and i jumped down from the horse only for me to be grabbed my the waist and pressed closely to his chest…

‘I knew you still loved me and that’s why you came here to meet me’..He said lowering lips lips to mine but i cleverly avoided him…

‘Look Jonas I’m not here to get back with you!! I’m here to set things straight between us..I..I love my husband very much and I wouldn’t leave him for the world!!! He’s everything to me and what we had was,over a longtime ago okay?? Please go back to New York and let me live my life in peace cause i no longer love you!! You know what?? I never loved you cause you made me feel so f**king insecure and i hate you for it!! You made me feel ugly and that’s something my Javier would never do!!’..i yelled and he scoffed..

‘You can’t say that Elena I’m sure the breeze has made your brain woozy!!! After waiting for a long time for me to have s*x with you?!! You’re just gonna throw our relationship away just because of a man you were forced to marry!!!’..He yelled and the next thing i knew he grabbed me..

‘Leave me alone!!! Leave me alone!!!’..I cried…

‘You’ve got five seconds to take your filthy hands off my wife or your head would be on a wooden stake’..We both heard and when i turned around Javier was leaning on a baobab tree with anger spread across his face..


‘I’ll deal with your broken trust later Lena but now I’ve got to teach someone a lesson about staying away from people wives’..


Javier is really hurt but Elena didn’t have the worst of intentions??..


And he’s surely going to kill Jonas that’s for sure and as for Elena??..

Well find out in the next episode..

©Kay writes

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