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(Silent war😟)


‘Your majesty Gregory has given us a list of names’..My head guard said and I nodded from my throne urging him to give me the paper…

‘Are you sure this is correct??’..I asked and he nodded..

*Lord Roland

*Lord Bachor

*Lady Elissa

*Countess Liana

*Lord Chance

*Squire Robert

‘You may leave now’…I ordered and he bowed as he left..

Of all darnation?!!..

Lord Bachor is working with the council of doom??..

Lord Roland is understandable cause I’ve never been able to trust the skinny bastard but Lord Bachor??..

A traitor??..

He served my father for so many years and this is how he choose to betray me??..

No wonder he’s been getting lands and purchasing livestock everyday..

He’s working for my unknown enemy and stealing from the treasury..

This is so unbelievable!!..

I mean i can’t believe he would do this but who knows??..

Gregory might be lying..

Jeez everything is still tumbling around in my head and the only person who can help me is on a silent war with me..

She didn’t even apologize for what she did wrong instead she began screaming at me but this time I’m not going to forgive her…

Twenty minutes later❤️




I walked into the room and she was already asleep with her hair sprawled around and disheveled around the bed…

I had to keep my hands in my pocket so as to not remove the hair in that was in her face..

‘We were so happy’..I murmured in a whisper to myself and went inside the bathroom to have a cool bath to cool my thoughts…

Maybe three days in Rithfold would do me some good and give me time to clear my head…


I stirred a little bit when I heard Javier come into the room and as soon as I heard him leaving I woke up..


I miss him already and because of my stupid ego he’s never going to talk to me and I’m never going to talk to him..

Am I so stupid or what??..

Jeez I told him I don’t love him anymore and that I wouldn’t Care about him anymore even when more than half of me knows it’s a lie…

He didn’t believe me did he??..

‘Your highness lunch is ready’..Madam Pat said aloud from the other side of the door…

‘Uhhh I’ll be right there in a sec, is the king going to be there??’..I asked..

‘No he’s not’.. she replied and my face went crestfallen..

‘W..w.. why??’..I couldn’t withstand myself from asking…

‘Well he said he was going where he was welcome’.. she replied..

‘Oh and where is that??’..I inquired further..

‘Lady Calla’s house’..she replied and from crestfallen my face went green with envy..

‘Okay then you can leave’..


‘Javier!!! Oh sorry your highness you’re here!!’..I screamed at the top of my voice half scared and half surprised he was standing right in front of me..

‘Calla you look like you’re hiding something,why do you look so peachy??’..He asked and I gulped hard..

If only he knew the man I was hiding..

‘W..well I’m surprised that’s what,ever since you went all lovey-dovey you haven’t even spared me a glance talk less of coming to visit’..I replied and from his reaction i knew things were not okay with Elena back at the Castle..

They’re having problems??..

Well that’s great..

‘Is everything okay Javier?? Are you okay??’..I asked..

‘I’m fine!!! Look I’m just here to ask some questions!!’..He snapped and I smiled..

Yep they’re definitely having problems…

‘What do you want to ask?? I’m all ears’..I murmured..

‘Well i want to know where your father has been for the past few days,he’s not been attending the royal council meeting’..he asked..

‘Well he’s in Rithfold doing some charity work’..I quickly lied in a brusque way that made him frown..

‘Why are you so tense?? Are you really sure your father is in Rithfold??’..He asked and a lump formed in my throat..

‘Y..yeah..wh..what?? Did he do something??’..I stuttered..

‘No he didn’t I’m just concerned that’s all,I’ll be taking my leave now’..He said and I pursed my lips a little..

‘But you just got here’.

‘I came here to ask a question not for tea’..He replied briefly and walked away..

Does he know anything i don’t??..

Has he began suspecting my father??.

Oh that stupid old man is about to ruin my chances of becoming the queen…


I bit my lower lip as Javier walked past me without even looking and went straight for the room…

He really meant it when he was talking about silent treatment…

He’s really not going to talk to me??..

Well I have my own pride too!!..

This is a silent war he’s calling on and it’s really getting to me…

I really want to hug him and also want him to make love to me…

I miss him so much and he’s just three feet away from me..

‘Till the both of you act like the adults you are you’re just going to die in silence’…Queen Ariel said from behind me and I sighed..


‘You just don’t know what to say right?? Elena I thought you were way matured than this??’..She said..

‘He doesn’t want to forgive me,yes i made a mistake and when he screamed at me I just didn’t know what came over me when i fought back..I..Now we’re only a silent war and I’m on the verge of snapping!! I want my Javier back queen Ariel!! I really want my Javier back’…I cried out and she smiled..

‘I know you want him back he he wants you back too but you’re both just too pig headed to admit it’..

‘I’m pig headed I get it but he’s also hot headed’..i said in defense..

‘Yeah,one person has to cool down for the other and for that to happen you both have to get rid of your ego,You are both not in a frizzy relationship?? You guys are both married and very soon you’re going to have children and for that to happen you both have to act civil and matured’..she said and i nodded..

One person has to calm down for the other..

She’s right..

We’re no longer kids we’re both adults and we’re married..

But Javier is not going to talk to me..

I’ve just gotta make that happen somehow,I’ve got to make him talk to me and explain what has really been going on…


Already tired and exhausted searching for clues to solve Gregory’s case i went back to the room only to see Elena wearing a transparent negligee and sitting in front of the large vanity the royal work shoppers made a week ago..

I shot her a sultry glare and clenched my fists so strong that my knuckles cracked…

I really miss her no doubt but until she realizes what she has done I’m not going to talk to her…

I went in and took a very cold shower and came out again only to see that she was asleep..

Without her clothes on again!!!…

Is she doing this on purpose??…

‘I don’t know what you’re doing but it’s not going to work put your clothes on’..I said but didn’t get a reply and instead I just heard her steady breathing..

So she’s asleep??..

I really miss her and this silent war we’re both on is hurting me more than it’s hurting her..

I can’t even believe I have to stay away from my wife so as not to talk to her..

‘I’m all yours if you want’..She murmured…

‘I’m not in the mood for lovemaking Elena go to bed’..I replied..

‘Javier are you happy with this silent war going on??’..She asked..

‘No I’m not and yes i am,please no more questions I’m going to Rithfold tomorrow’…I replied..

‘Rithfold?? You’re leaving me??’..She asked as she jerked up from the bed..

‘Elena please no more questions’..

‘You can’t say no more questions!! Javier the silent treatment is killing but leaving?!! What have I done to deserve that??’..She cried out..

‘Well let’s see uhmm what about going behind my back to visit your ex in the middle of the night!!!’..I screamed..

‘But i said I’m sorry!!!’..She screamed..

‘Well sorry isn’t enough Elena goodnight!!!’..


Seems like Javier has taken this to a whole new level🥺…

They’re both dying inside but what’s keeping them from getting back together??..

Do you think Javier is acting impossible??





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