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(Hiding things??🧐)


A Week later❤️




‘We missed Queen Elena’…Madam Pat said aloud as she hugged me tightly..

‘Yeah I’ve missed you all too can you please take all my things into the King’s room??’..I replied and she smiled..

‘Mmmh seems like the king and queen had a good time??’..

‘Yeah we really had a great time but right now I need to rest cause I’m really tired’..I murmured yawning loudly and went inside the castle ignoring her…

Who knew love making could be so strenuous??..

And Javier isn’t in the least satiable claiming that he wants me every single time…

I stepped out of the gown I was wearing clad in only my chemise and drawers and slipped under the covers of Javier’s bed with a clear warning that I didn’t want to be disturbed and in a minute with the bed covers tucked under my arm i drifted off to sleep….

‘You know wearing that is a license to seduce me’..I heard minutes later and opened my eyes to see Javier lying next to me wearing a simple white shirt and from the dampness of his hair i realized that he just had a wash..

‘Leave me alone I’m tired’..I murmured flicking my lashes and he pressed his lips softly to mine…

‘You thought I was playing when I said you’ve casted a spell on me??’..He said and I smiled..

‘So you want to stay in bed all day??’..He asked .

‘Yeah i think so but only if you’d join me’..I replied tugging seductively at his shirt…

‘I have a meeting with the Royal Council but I can make an exception if I’m going to get a junior Javier soon’..He whispered…

‘I just want you to give me a massage nothing else your highness and let’s just take a nap’…i said softly and he frowned…

‘A nap?? Kings don’t take naps Elena,we make people take naps’..He blurted out loudly but all I did was tug his shirt closer nibbling on his bottom lip…

If there’s one thing I know about Javier is that just give him a deep kiss and he’d do whatever you want him to do..

‘So how about that massage??’..i asked..

‘I’d give you a massage alright and we’ll take a nap but then after that you’d do whatever I want??’..He replied rhetorically and i nodded..



‘Send her more gifts Mr Jonas!!! Send her more gifts and she’s sure to fall into our trap’..I blurted out loudly..

‘Trap?? What do you mean by trap I just want to get her back not make her hate me more??’..He inquired and I smiled..

‘Yes and the only way to do that is to ruin the relationship she has with the king’..

‘Really?? You think that would get her back with me??’..he asked.

‘Yeah I’m sure,make sure you send her a lot of gifts and knowing Lady Elena I’m sure she wouldn’t let the king know so it would make him more suspicious’..I replied and as he turned to leave i held him..

‘Where do you think you’re going??’..

‘Uhhh I’m going to a motel??’..

‘No don’t go yet’..


‘Cause i need you to make love to me’…


I opened my eyes and smiled watching Elena sleep soundly under the covers…

I pressed my lips to her forehead and went into the closet which the both of us now share only for me to see a card in one of her bags…

I took it out and when I read the gory contents of it I gasped loudly..

Jonas gave her this???..

Jonas sent her this card and she hid it from me??..

Why would even do such a thing!?..

I shredded the stupid card into little bits and placed it on the ground which would later be burned by the maids…

I still can’t believe Elena would hide something like this from me…I mean when did she start hiding things from me??..


My hands stretched towards the other part of the bed and when I couldn’t feel Javier’s body I opened my eyes…

He was seated on basket like chair with a scowl on his face which made me smile…

‘Hey’..i murmured..

‘Elena are you hiding things from me??’..He asked in return..

‘No i don’t know what you’re talking about’..i replied..

‘How about Roses are red,Violets are blue’..He added and i gasped loudly…

‘Javier it’s not what you think I…I…

‘You didn’t deem it fit to tell me Jonas has been sending you gifts and instead you hid them from me?? Don’t you trust me enough??’..He asked and I gulped hard reaching out for him…

‘Javier I..I’m sorry about not telling about the card he sent to me,I thought you’d be mad and pissed and that you would go into your shell after you find out that Jonas sent me a card’…i whimpered in tears…

‘Elena you don’t really have to hide things from me?? Hiding things from me won’t make me happier it’ll hurt me and make me loose my trust in you’..He said..

‘Yeah I guess,I’m really sorry Javier i should have been more open minded but this is a promise from me to you,I’ll never hide anything from you again’..I replied..

‘Elena you’ve made a promise and breaking it means breaking my heart,I don’t want you to go back to him and i don’t want to loose you…Please tell me if he’s disturbing you Elena and I’ll take care of the problem’..He muttered and i brushed my lips against his..

‘You know I’m re-energised and we could uhmm..

‘You don’t need to invite me twice!!’..

At Night☄️




‘Queen Elena this came in for you’…Madam Pat said as she dropped a big box next to me in the courtyard…

Javier had a meeting with his chief of guard to make new plans in securing the kingdom and since there was nothing I could do I decided to stargaze in the courtyard..

‘Hmmm a box?? Who brought it??’..i asked and Madam Pat shrugged lightly..

‘I don’t know my queen’..

‘Okay’..I murmured..

I opened the box and there was a lot of foam in it,I dipped my hand inside sticking my tongue out as I tried reaching for what was inside and behold it was a little juke box with my favorite songs in it..

‘Awwww did Javier get me this??’..I blushed as I opened the note attached to it…


I know your favorite flower🌹..

I know your favorite songs🎶..

I know what you’re allergic to🤢..

I know your favorite moves💃🏻..

I know you love mermaids🧜‍♀️..

I know you love fairy tales🧚‍♀️..

I know everything you know about yourself Elena so please give me a second chance??😀.

I asked you to meet me but because of that puny king you didn’t even though I’m a 100% sure you wanted to..

I know you still love me Elena so prove to me that you aren’t a coward and meet me tonight behind the large acorn tree in the woods….



‘That is one letter’..Madam Pat muttered from behind me and i sobbed lightly..

‘He just doesn’t want to leave me alone!!’..I said..

‘Don’t you think his highness should know about it?? He’ll surely do something about it??’..She offered..

‘No Javier can’t know about this,it’s my personal problem and I’m going to take care of it my way’..I replied.

‘Are you sure about that My Queen?? We could send the guards to go capture him??’..

‘No we don’t need to do that!! I’m going to take care of this myself—I’m going to meet Jonas in the woods and tell him to stay out of my life’…


A bad decision??..

What do you think about this??..








❣️(Betrothed to my worst nightmare)❣️


Rated 🔞


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