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"Elder sister, do you think you can see that a man does not cheat?" Qin Yinjian didn't want to express his opinion before he didn't know a person very well, but seeing his elder sister in such a hurry, he had to say his impression of the man before, "the first impression that the man gave me was very deep

, a very ambitious man." "Yes, I also think he is a very ambitious person, and his ambition is written in his eyes on his face, very straightforward." Qin leran agrees with Qin Yinjian's evaluation very much, and then analyzes that, "when I first met him, I would think he was very aggressive and would not like such a person very much, but

I've known him for a long time, in fact, his personality, which is very clear about what he wants, makes people feel that it has an unspeakable charm."

Qin Yinjian said: "I still feel that there is something in his heart that can't be said to outsiders. Even if his cousin is so close to him, he didn't say it. In a word, this man is a man of great depth. " "I also have this feeling. I always feel that there are many things hidden behind that man, but I just can't pick anything out. I used to see that honey liked him. Don't like him as if by fate. I have some opinions on him, and I don't like to say them. " Qin lelan sighed and felt a little bit hard in his heart

Qin Yin said again: "elder sister, cousin is an adult. Her life, her own choice, what do you blame yourself for. If you really can't rest assured, I'll check the contact person immediately to see what the man did to make cousin sad. "

Qin lelan: "you're right. Honey is an adult. It's not good to investigate secretly. By the way, didn't your uncle call you today? What did he say to you? "

Qin Yinjian: "my uncle said that my cousin came to Jiangbei to relax and let us take good care of her. Nothing else has been mentioned."

Qin said, "I don't know why. I always feel a little uneasy in my heart."

Qin Yinjian: "elder sister, don't think about it. Go back to the room earlier to have a rest. Don't let brother-in-law and LeLe wait too late."

Qin lelan: "I'm afraid you are in a hurry to go back to the house and hold your wife."

Qin Yinyu: "yes."


He said it was.

The answer is so clear. It's true that men are not the best.

The little brother who used to be cute is no longer her little brother. He is the head of the family.


Because there is something about Xiaomi in his heart, Qin leran still looks worried when he comes back to the room. Without asking her, lie knows what she is thinking.

Lie has bathed Lele and tucked the little guy into the bed, which makes time to care about Qin lelan: "what's the matter with a sullen look?"

Qin lelan said, "brother lie, do you think you will cheat?"

Fierce face a heavy: "Qin Yueran!"

Generally speaking, as long as the full name of Qin leran is called, it means that he is angry. Qin leran is very clear. In order to stop his anger from burning, she quickly reaches out and hugs him: "brother lie, don't be angry first, listen to me to finish what I said."

Lie said, "speak well." Qin leran nestled in lie's arms, put his ears on his heart, listened to his powerful heartbeat and said slowly: "brother lie, I know you love me very much, and I believe you will never cheat, and I believe we can go on. I used to think that my cousin's husband also loved his cousin very much. He would never do anything sorry to his cousin, but they broke up. " "Yes, there are so many couples breaking up every day, but there are also many couples who have passed the test of time and have been in love for decades. However, I can't live without you. " Over the years, lie has been used to Qin leran's presence. If she doesn't sleep next to him at night, he's all upset. He can't do anything well, let alone sleep well.

Qin leran looked up at him and said, "brother lie, I understand what you said. I just think it's a little strange. How can two people who love each other derail?"? Is there any misunderstanding in it? " "Maybe." Lie lowered his head and kissed Qin lelan's forehead gently, "but it's all between their husband and wife. We don't know what happened between them. We can't manage it if we want to. Don't think about it any more. It's easy to lose sleep. The result of losing sleep is to get up with a pair of panda eyes in the sky. Do you want me to see your ugly appearance? "

"Of course not. I will always keep the most beautiful appearance in brother lie's heart. " Qin leran immediately jumped up from lie's arms and straightened out his slightly disordered clothes. "It's late. I'll take a bath first. Brother lie, you can sleep with Lele first."

Because he is her strong brother, she loves him so much, so she hopes that she will always be beautiful in front of him, so that he can only see her beauty, even if she is not in the future, when he thinks of her, he will only think of her beauty, and can't think of anything else.

Strong steps up: "wash together!"

Qin lelan: "brother lie, have you washed it?"

Lie: "I just washed it for Lele. I didn't wash it."

Even if he did, he wanted to wash with her.

In the bathroom, the sound of water came out very quickly. At the same time, there was their conversation: "brother lie, shall we add another sister to Lele?"

Strong decisively refused: "no good."

Qin Yueran said again, "what about adding a younger brother?"

Strong: "no way."

Qin lelan: "younger sister can't, younger brother can't, do you want me to add elder brother and elder sister to Lele?"

"However, with you and Lele, I have been very satisfied in my life. I don't want you to suffer for me anymore, so don't think about having another child. "

Qin leran poked at his strong chest: "brother lie, are you stupid? Do I just want to add my brother and sister when I talk to you about these topics?"

Strong understood, but did not say: "then what exactly do you want to say?"

Qin leran: "I want to say..."

There was more laughter in the strong voice: "well, I'll hear it later."

Qin leran pushed him angrily: "villain, do you want to? Am I so unattractive to you now? "

She was naked to him, and he even took a bath.

Her fierce brother is also learning badly.

Later, lie tells Qin lelan with practical actions whether she is attractive to him or not. The next day, Qin lelan couldn't get out of bed one day, because he lost his face and lied that he had a cold.

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