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Zhuangmomo didn't come home until after dark. He didn't even say hello to his family, so he hid in the room.

"Mom, Momo is in a bad mood these two days. I'll talk to her." Zhuang Yindi sees that Zhuang Momo's mood is not very good, and she is very worried. She follows Zhuang Momo into the room. "Momo, people can't come back to life after death. Don't be too sad."

Zhuang Yindi thought that Zhuang Momo had not come out from the incident of Xiaojia, and gave her a hug, but he heard Zhuang Momo sighing softly: "sister, I have figured out something about Xiaojia, you don't have to worry about me, I'm fine."

"Do you understand? Do you think it will be like this? " Zhuang Yindi also believes that Zhuang Momo really wants to understand, but she wants to understand why she is still unhappy. "What is it because of that?"

"Second sister......" Zhuang Mo Mo looked up at the second elder sister with rich love experience. "Can you tell me what kind of mood you like when you are alone?"

"Who do you like?" Zhuang Yindi was surprised and said, "the more you think about it, the more incredible it is. What kind of man can make her such an excellent sister look up to?" no, what kind of man can make my beautiful sister look up to Zhuang Momo said: "second sister, don't ask me more, just tell me how I like a person? Is it a little sweet and a little sour. Sometimes when I see him around, I want to reach for his hand and tell him that I like him, but I can't summon up courage for fear of being rejected. " "I think it's Gao Xiang, who has been burning for several years in his family's ancestry, who can be looked upon by my sister. Shouldn't he come to pursue you on his own, or should you open your mouth to pursue him on your own?" In Zhuang Yindi's eyes, Zhuang Momo is a very excellent person. What Zhuang Momo has done is excellent.

the person her sister likes, how can she not see her sister. "Momo, tell the second sister, who do you like?"

Although Zhuang Yindi sometimes dislikes that Zhuang Momo doesn't look like a woman, and there is no way for a woman to look like a woman, in Zhuang Yindi's eyes, her sister is still the best, which can't be replaced by anyone.

After all, it's the first time for a man to have some thoughts. Zhuang Mo said, "second sister, I don't like anyone. I'm just asking for help. By the way, it's to help Joe Hu ask. She seems to like someone. Let me ask you. "

Looking at her growing sister, Zhuang Yindi couldn't understand, "Momo, if you have something on your mind and I don't say it, who else can you say it to?"

Zhuangmomo: "second sister, I just feel a little sad all of a sudden."

"What does it hurt?" I have never seen my sister look like this before. Zhuang Yindi holds Zhuang Momo in her arms. "Momo, tell my sister, what's the matter?"

Zhuangmomo thought for a moment and found a more appropriate word to describe his feelings at this moment: "I feel a little free and a little painful. This kind of painful feeling is the same as my grandfather used to dislike me as a girl, unable to continue to learn martial arts, and unable to pass down the martial arts school at home."

Listen to Zhuang Mo Mo's description, it's obviously trapped in, but the man seems to be reluctant, think about it, Zhuang Yindi felt angry and didn't hit one place: "who is that man? My sister is so excellent, can't he see it? "

"Second sister, it's not his fault. I think more about it myself." Zhuangmomo sighed, "so I don't ask, but even in this heart, I don't know how, it's cool, it's very uncomfortable, and this feeling is too bad."

"Mo Mo, the feeling of liking a person is a little sour and sweet, sometimes it may be a little bitter, even worse, that is, your mood may be affected by the other party." Zhuang Yindi has experienced it herself. She doesn't want to let her sister experience it any more.

"Well, a little." Zhuang Momo nodded. He didn't want to admit it, but in front of his sister, it seemed that there was no shame in admitting it.

"Then tell the second sister who the man is."

"The only son of the commander of Jiangbei military region is at the end of the war!"

"The end of the war!" Zhuang Yindi repeated the name with a high voice, and then there was a long silence. She didn't speak for a long time.

To be honest, Zhuang Yindi has heard about the character of Zhan limo, and knows that he is famous for his flowers. It seems that all the beauties in Jiangbei City are his girlfriends.

"Second sister, do you think our identities are too different to be together?" "Momo, you can realize that you can't be together. This idea is correct, but the specific reason is not your identity, but his name is out of the world. He has more girls than you have ever seen. With such a playboy, there won't be a good result

. I know some people don't believe that they think they have the ability to accept a playboy, but after marriage the Playboy is still a flower, and it's the woman who suffers. "

"Elder sister, the end of the war is not the same as it was spread outside. He never made trouble in the army, nor bullied others with his father's identity." "My silly sister I'm worried about you if you don't fall in love. Now that you fall in love, I'm still worried about you. You're usually smart and opinionated. Why can't you be a little smarter about feelings? " Zhuang Yindi is worried that her silly sister is cheated by men's Hua Fang, especially at the end of war. It's not so easy to seduce her simple sister.

"Sister, what do you mean?"

"I mean, no matter how intrigued you are at the end of the war, you must not be fooled."

"He didn't seduce me."

"He didn't seduce you? Then why do you like him? "

"Because he's a bit of a good man." Zhuangmomo is a person who comes and goes straight. She is frank in her heart. When she sees the excellence of Zhanli end, no matter who she is, she admits the advantages of Zhanli end.

"My silly sister, you dare say he didn't seduce you."

"He really didn't seduce me."

"Then tell me, why do you like him?"

"I just told you, because he is really excellent. Excellent people always attract people's attention. I'm just a very ordinary woman. It's natural to be moved when I see an excellent man I've never seen before."

"Are you really interested in him?"

Zhuang Momo nodded: "it seems that there is a little bit." Zhuang Yindi asked again, "how deep is it moving? If you give up on him, how painful is your heart? "

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