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At the dinner table, Lele and Lu Lu compete to sit next to their cousins. The two little guys talk sweetly, which is very painful. Because their cousins are beautiful, they sit next to their cousins.

After listening to the little guy's words, Qin leiran pretended to be injured and said: "Lele, my cousin is a beautiful woman, isn't my mother a beautiful woman?"

Lele milk sound milk airway: "my cousin is a single beauty, and my mother is accompanied by my father. My father will protect you. Lele will protect my cousin for a while. "

Xiaomi was amused by the little guy: "Wow, our Lele and Lulu are still two little gentlemen. My cousin likes you so much. Otherwise, my cousin will stay in Jiangbei for some time, and you two will be my little guide these days, OK? "

Lu Lu hugs Xiaomi's arm and gets next to each other. It's a beautiful expression of your cousin: "Lu Lu Lu likes beautiful cousins, and Lu Lu is willing to be a little guide for them."

Lu Xi is also a little jealous: "little guy, I'm afraid you can't find your way home after you go out. You want to be a guide for your cousin. What's your little calculation in mind?"

Is this her son?

How does she feel that this son is like a new man, more and more unlike her land and land.

But Lu Lu's change also satisfied Lu Xi. It's a blessing from heaven and a love from his family that makes him feel safe. He will never feel like a child who may be abandoned at any time.

…… After the reception, Qin leran and his brother-in-law arranged Xiao Mi to stay in nuoyuan. Because Xiao Mi's business was hanging all the time, Qin leran took the initiative to stay. He planned to go to Xiao Mi alone and ask what happened: "honey, tell me about it. How did you break up with your brother-in-law? We haven't heard a bit of the news. We always feel that it's not true. "

"Cousin, if you divide, you will be divided. No matter what the reason is, I don't want to mention this person again, so don't ask any more." Some people can only be passers-by in her life. If she loses, she will lose. She doesn't want to hurt that person any more.

Whether or not the heart can do it, the surface is always to do it. Qin leran is not a meddler either, but this is her cousin. In addition, her mother died when the baby was born, and her father is a less meddler. No matter who is the cousin, who is in charge of it: "honey, you are a psychology student. You should know that some things are hard to hold in your heart alone. It's better to tell us."

"Cousin, I know you care about me, but I don't want to mention it." Just think of that man, Xiao Mi will feel sick and nauseous. What to protect her is bullshit all her life. She was also young and not sensible at the beginning, and would be cheated by men's rhetoric. Seeing that Xiao MI is very resistant to mentioning divorce, Qin leran worries about it no longer. She patted Xiao MI on the shoulder: "if you don't want to mention him, you don't want to think about him. Since you come to Jiangbei, Jiangbei is also your home, you can live here well and how long you want to live. You don't have to think about work anymore. " "Who said I didn't work?" Xiao Mi gave Qin lelan a playful look. "I just got off the plane today, and my little cousin asked me to go to jiejiejiagongzi. Cousin, do you know my work? My work is charged by minutes. I spent half an hour talking with him for 30 minutes, thousands of yuan.

"You are so clear, just like your father." Qin leran pokes Xiao Mi's forehead and suddenly laughs, "honey, you are such a famous psychological consultant. The charge for psychological consultation is already high. If the other party is a war master, the charge should be doubled."

Xiaomi is amused by Qin lelan: "cousin, you are also your cousin, aren't you afraid of what I think of you when you pit your cousin like this in front of your cousin?"

Qin leiran shrugged: "I am such a person. If you want to have an idea about me, just think about it. I don't care."

"Well, cousin, I won't play with you. Go back to your room and have a rest. Later, my brother-in-law must come to my room and catch people. "

"Well, then you should have a rest earlier."

Send Qin lelan away. Xiao Mi stays in the room alone. Suddenly she is lost. She knows what she lost, but what's the use?

Xiao MI is very envious of Xiaoyi's family. Every husband is so considerate to his wife, so gentle, which is like her I thought that I had found the right man early, but later I knew it was my stupidity and ignorance.

Fortunately, she saw the truth in time, jumped out of the pit in time, or she might be blinded for a lifetime.


When she came out of Xiao Mi's room, Qin lelan didn't go back to her room. Instead, she found Qin Yinjian: "little cute, do you have any impression on our brother-in-law?"

Qin Yinjian: "once."

"What do you think of him?" Qin said

"Sister, it's not good to talk about other people behind their backs," Qin said

Qin lelan glared at him: "I didn't ask you to speak ill of him. I just want you to help me analyze this man and see if he is the kind of man who will cheat?"

Qin Yinjian: "did he cheat? So cousin divorced him? That kid, I think he is not clean up, dare to bully our family, he is impatient to live. "

Qin leran said without a word: "I said brother, is this your line? Please pay attention to your image of Gao Leng? Don't let the audience not know you. "

Qin Yinjian: "in the face of that scum, who can calm down? Who is he bullying? It's my only cousin. "

Xiao Qinghe is Jianran's only elder brother and Qin leran's only uncle. In the past, because his uncle liked to run around, he came back only once a few years. They had little time to meet each other. Even when he had a daughter, they knew later.

With his daughter, Xiao Qinghe's life gradually settled down, and their two families have more opportunities to move around. But because the settled cities are in different countries, it takes less time to travel once, and they can see each other at most once or twice a year.

However, although the meeting time was short, the two nephews had special feelings for their uncle, and they were always concerned about their family affairs, especially about Xiao MI, the little cousin who had lost his mother since childhood. Qin lelan said, "I'm asking you to analyze his man, but I didn't ask you to clean him up. Now this matter hasn't been clarified, and we don't know what they broke up for. Can you calm down and help me analyze it? "

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