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Regain consciousness

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The fans were brimming with enthusiasm and they kept chanting the slogan. Although this was an odd concert, it was without a doubt a successful one.

Tang Le sat in the green room in a daze and nobody knew that the unaccompanied song he sang was improvised according to how he felt at that time.

And at this moment, all he thought about was that familiar little person.

‘Who exactly is he and why do I seem to feel his pain and helplessness even when I’m far away in another city, and was summoned to his side?’

This child’s aura was simply too familiar, but he just could not recall what made him feel that way!

Tang Le knitted his brows in sorrow, he just couldn’t understand why he couldn’t recall the past ever since he woke up. Could it be that the child was somehow related to him?

“Tang Le, that was awesome, you know? The fans were all going crazy for you. This new song is fantastic, everyone is yelling Protect time, protect you.” Le Qingling rushed over excitedly.

Tang Le lifted his head and looked at her. “Qingling, what city is that about 1,000 kilometers northwest?”

Le Qingling was taken aback, “Zi Luo City I think.”

“Oh.” Tang Le nodded. “Are we performing at Zi Luo City this time?”

“Of course! Zi Luo City is also one of the major cities in Heaven Luo Planet,” Le Qingling replied.

Tang Le thought about it and said, “Could we prioritize this concert? I want to perform there.”

“Oh, I can discuss with the organizers. But Tang Le, what’s going on with you today? Why did you fly off, how did you do that? You’re not a Spirit Master eh?” This was Le Qingling’s biggest doubt. She was a Spirit Master herself but she was far from being able to fly, and Tang Le was swift — was that really something a Spirit Master could achieve, not a mecha user?

“It was a smokescreen, I just went out to write a song, don’t ask any more about it,” Tang Le replied indifferently.

Li Qingling had a weird expression and suddenly grabbed Tang Le’s hand. Her Spirit Power was on the move and scouted his body.

Tang Le’s body was empty and everything was the same as an ordinary person’s.

“You really didn’t have any Spirit Power! Is the smokescreen trick so powerful? When did you learn this?” Le Qingling persevered and continued asking.

Tang Le then replied, “Secret.”

Le Qingling was speechless but she was familiar with Tang Le’s character; if he really didn’t want to say it, there was no use even if she kept asking.

Early morning.

When the first ray of morning light shone on Zi Luo City, Nan Cheng finally woke up.

She yawned and quickly got up, mumbling to herself, “Darn it, how did I fall asleep? Xuanyu…”

She quickly turned around, looked at Lan Xuanyu who was in the Intensive Care Unit and he was still lying in bed, he didn’t appear any different.

These few days, Nan Cheng had also learned how to read the hospital instruments and now, as she glanced at the numbers on top, she noticed that there weren’t any big changes.

She let out a sigh of relief and relaxed a bit, then, she rubbed her throbbing head and smiled bitterly.

‘I’m glad he’s fine, I’m glad he’s fine…’

Just at this moment, she suddenly saw Lan Xuanyu moved a little. She was stunned then she laughed at herself, saying, “Have I developed hallucination too, huh?”

But after that, she noticed that Lan Xuanyu moved again. The right hand that was by his side was suddenly on his stomach and it even moved a little after that..

Nan Cheng widened her eyes and screamed almost hysterically, “Doctor, doctor, quick, come over!”

When the doctor rushed to the ward, Lan Xuanyu already had both hands on his stomach.

“Moving meant that he is conscious — it is a good sign, this is a very good sign. He might have a chance of waking up soon.” The doctor was also very excited. A young child suffering from mental impairment was simply too pitiful.

Dressed in a protective suit, Nan Cheng whispered, “Doctor, if my son wakes up, he… would he return to being normal?”

The doctor then said, “We still aren’t sure about this, we’ll have to monitor him after he’s awake. But because of his brain had suffered a trauma, it might be the sea of consciousness, as what the Spirit Masters calls it, that was injured and this isn’t something in my scope that I can explain. He might suffer from sequelae and we can only hope that it would not be too serious.”

“En, en.” Nan Cheng nodded. As long as he wakes up! It’s better than being a vegetable.

“Mommy.” Lan Xuanyu’s lips moved and called out softly.

“Xuanyu.” Nan Cheng was so emotional that her body trembled. Then, she saw that Lan Xuanyu was struggling to open his eyes until he managed to do it.

Lan Xuanyu’s consciousness was still slightly fuzzy and he only roughly remembered that when he was most afraid, there seemed to be a golden light that entered his consciousness. That golden glow protected him and obliterated all the fantasies that surrounded him. He felt very safe and all of the negative emotions were soothed by it. After that, he heard Nan Cheng’s voice.

“Mommy.” Lan Xuanyu’s pupils slowly constricted and those big beautiful eyes finally had some life inside it.

“Xuanyu.” Nan Cheng wanted to pounce over so badly but the doctor quickly stopped her. The doctor and nurses went forward immediately and started performing all sorts of checks on Lan Xuanyu.

“Mommy, I’m hungry,” Lan Xuanyu said weakly.

Nan Cheng smiled through the tears. “You little greedy boy. It’s good that you’re hungry, it’s good. Mommy will prepare some food for you later, I’ll make your favorite foods.”

“Mommy.” Lan Xuanyu looked at Nan Cheng who was wearing a mask and smiled.

Half an hour later.

After various checks were done, Lan Xuanyu was finally transferred to the general ward. Yes, he woke up and there wasn’t any indication that he suffered from any sequelae. This was without a doubt the best news that they could get.

Nan Cheng gave him some porridge first and then, she called Lan Xiao over to accompany her son before she rushed home to cook for Lan Xuanyu.

“Xuanyu, are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere?” Lan Xiao asked gently.

Lan Xuanyu shook his head. “Not at all, I feel fine. Daddy, I saw so, so many beasts. They were huge, the smallest one was probably over 100 meters big; they fought with many other huge beasts. It was extremely terrifying.”

“En, it should be the stress response after you were attacked by the Three-Eyed Ape.” Lan Xiao pondered and said, “As long as you don’t feel uncomfortable. Just rest well and don’t activate your Spirit Power. We’ll talk when you’ve recovered.”

Lan Xuanyu waking up was very fortunate. Lan Xiao guessed that this was also because Lan Xuanyu was different from ordinary people. If it was a normal person with the same Spirit Power rank, that person wouldn’t even be able to leave the simulation pod.

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