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New song <Protect time, protect you>

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Le Qingling’s face flushed red as she got surrounded by the people in the main organizing committee. Without a doubt, they were looking for him

“Manager Le, this cannot go on! There are 20 thousand fans there. If Master Le doesn’t return any time soon, I’m afraid it will cause a devastating problem and none of us can afford to take the blame. Where is Master Le now, you need to tell us something!”

Le Qingling wanted to say, “I don’t even know where he is, where can that a-----e run off to?”

But, how could she! If they blew up the main event, Tang Le’s career would be over.

‘What should I do, what should I do!’

She tried to call Tang Le’s Soul Guidance Communication Device but failed to get through like before. At that moment, she was at her wits’ end.

“We want Master Le. If he isn’t coming, we want a refund, a compensation 10 times the ticket price.” Someone shouted out. Immediately, the fans became more and more violent.

The ground security was gradually losing control.

The organizers had never encountered such a situation. It was impossible to manage the fans and calm them down under such a situation. Even if Master Le were to return, the situation might not be resolved. There were even some who started insulting him.

“Too irresponsible, he’s already gone for 40 minutes, what does he treat us as?”

“So arrogant, so arrogant!”

Le Qingling’s face turned pale as various censored curses reverberated through the crowd. Is it over for Tang Le? They had a standing agreement with the company and a large amount of compensation would be demanded for such a bad record! Even if she sold herself, she would never be able to afford it!

‘Must the clan appear… but, they don’t even pay heed to me. What should I do, how do we deal with the aftermath!’

“Time is the eyes to history, gazing into an endless future.”

Right at this time, a sweet-sounding voice came out without any accompaniment. But when the voice resonated outwards, all the clamor in the entire stadium actually quietened down.

All the fans turned towards the direction of the voice.

“Protect time, to protect our future. Protect time to define our path ahead.”

Despite having no music accompaniment, the voice shook the hearts of everyone. A figure gradually floated down from the sky as vines that resembled blue crystals blossomed in the air. A strong earthy scent descended as the entire stadium slightly turned blue.

The vines spun in a systematic pattern like large umbrellas falling. Under the strong and earthy scent, the impatient fans gradually calmed down. Dressed in his silver robes, Tang Le descended from amongst the vines fluttering in the breeze.

“Gazing into time as though staring into my own soul. Time flies with a myriad of thoughts.”

“Hope from within comes unexpectedly. To catch a glimpse is to flicker the emotions within.

“The familiarity of time as it calls out to me. It guides me to seek hope.”

“Hope is near, yet filled with fear. The desire to hold it, yet afraid it disappears.”

“Hope is near, with its joy and tomorrow. The ephemeral time, that is, filled with hope.

“My hope is near, I won’t get lost. But I dare not touch it for fear it disappears.”

“Time is hope! Please stay by my side, don’t leave me, or I’d rather never have you.”

“Time is hope! Please tell me why. Why does the familiarity feel so way back.”

He sang slowly without any accompaniment while the blue vines gradually turned into a blue streak of light as they descended down. Bringing fragrance and relaxation, it calmed the restless hearts of his fans.

“I apologize for keeping all of you waiting. It was a moment, and I needed preparation. My new song, <Hope in time>, is for all of you.” Tang Le bowed towards the fans beneath the stage.

The fans were still intoxicated by the melody, as though their hearts were caught in it, their emotions were stirred endlessly.

A new song, it was actually a new song.

And it was Tang Le’s first time speaking so much after the performance!

It was a new song for Tian Luo.

In that instant, all the dissatisfaction and unhappiness within their hearts disappeared in a puff of smoke and was replaced by joy and a sense of indescribable pride.

It was worth it, the wait was worth it. This was Master Le’s new song! His second song. And compared to the first song <Remembrance>, the song <Hope in time> made them feel joy. It seemed to have spoken to their hearts, that to protect time meant to protect hope.

“We will conclude the day like this, I wish that all of you will be able to, protect time, and protect those around you.”

Tang Le bowed once more before turning and heading to the backstage.

The entire stadium remained silent for over 10 seconds before someone started clapping. In the next moment, claps sounded out like thunder. “Master Le, Master Le, Master Le!”

“Protect time, protect you!”

“Master Le, we will safekeep our time, and protect those around us!”

“Protect time, protect you!”

In time, the cheer became unison as an unprecedented excitement took over the stadium. Master Le’s words and his song had turned a completely irreversible situation around and even led the crowd to become even more passionate.

A fan pulled the person next to him and asked, “What were you talking about just now, about a refund? I can do the refund with you. I’ll pay you for your ticket, what about it?”

“You wish, dream on. I’m keeping this and when Master Le releases his record, I’ll take this and find him for him to sign on it. It was too good, so emotional! Protect time, protect you, Master Le, I will definitely protect you for my entire life.”

In the backstage, the organizers were completely dumbstruck. They were originally in a pit of despair, never having experienced the star leaving the concert for an hour with a stadium of several thousand fans! If they had lost control, the consequence was unthinkable. They had never thought that the predicament could be salvaged. The main organizers were already in chaos until Master Le returned and used one song to turn the situation around. In fact, he only sang a song and a half in the entire concert! It was a first in history in the entire federation. But he succeeded in the nick of time. Not only did he resolve the uproar, he even moved the fans to tears. The head of the organizers only had one sentence in mind: What the hell?

Much less like the organizer, even Le Qingling was completely stunned.

A new song, he actually sang a new song. His sudden disappearance, was to write a new song? If that was the case, then everything made sense!

It was too pleasant, a pleasant and soothing song. A song filled with hope and after the end of the song, it inspired the fans to chant a new phrase, a phrase that belonged to Master Le.

To protect time, to protect you. How beautiful was that?!

All of them are willing to protect Master Le?

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