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Concert tickets

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After laying there for over a month, Lan Xuanyu’s body was naturally quite weak but his appetite was not reduced. After eating for three days, he finally restored most of his physical strength and could no longer lie still in the hospital.

The principal and teachers from the school visited him personally and after making sure that he was fine, they were obviously overjoyed.

Qiu Yuxin also told him about getting into the elite junior class and that Ye Lingtong was already inside.

But Lan Xiao and Nan Cheng clearly didn’t want their son to think about all these and wanted to wait till he recovered fully.

“Mommy, I want to be discharged.” Lan Xuanyu had been bugging Nan Cheng for a long time.

Nan Cheng said in an exasperated tone, “Stay for a few more days, you need to recuperate properly. After all, you were in a coma for so long.”

“But I can recuperate at home too! And it’ll be much better than this place. Mommy, I don’t want to stay in the hospital anymore,” Lan Xuanyu replied.

“Alright, alright. Mommy will ask the doctor and if the doctor agrees, you may be discharged.” Actually, Nan Cheng had already asked and according to all the checks, Lan Xuanyu was indeed free to be discharged, but she was still worried so she wanted him to stay for a few more days.

Just at this moment, the nurse entered the ward with a parcel in her hands.

“Miss Nan, this should belong to you guys.” The nurse handed the parcel over to Nan Cheng, “This parcel is a little weird, it only wrote the Intensive Care Unit ward number that Xuanyu was in previously and didn’t write any name.”

“En? Could it be from the Heaven Luo Academy?” Nan Cheng knitted her brows as she tore open the parcel to take its contents.

The package contained three thick pieces of paper and each of them was about half the size of a book. It had a gold stamp on top of it that even makes its workmanship even more gorgeous. Also, they had a customized authentication chip.

“Concert tickets to Master Le’s concert?” The nurse screamed and when she realized that she had made a gaffe, it was too late as Nan Cheng was already looking at her differently.

Nan Cheng was slightly taken aback.

‘A concert ticket to Master Le’s concert? What’s going on? Did Hubby buy this? He didn’t tell me about it at all!’

“Wow, amazing, they’re front row tickets eh. Miss Nan, how did you get it? Did you know? The fans in various major cities in Heaven Luo Planet are going crazy these few days; Master Le announced his new song during the first concert and it’s really, really good. The fans in Heaven Luo were really lucky. The next concert will be held at our Zi Luo City — I think it’s tomorrow night. The concert tickets were sold out months ago! How did you manage to get them?”

“Who sent this? Was it written?” Nan Cheng was puzzled too.

The nurse shook her head. “It didn’t have the sender’s name and it was an anonymous courier too. But no matter who sent it, this is a good thing! It’s Master Le eh!”

Nan Cheng’s heart started beating faster. She liked Master Le for a long time and ever since his debut, she had been paying attention to him and she wanted to attend his concert but she never gave much thought about it as the tickets were quite expensive. She never expected that her dream would come true so soon and there were actually three tickets presented to her.

“Mommy, is it that Master Le?” Lan Xuanyu asked out of curiosity.

“En, yes. I wonder who is kind enough to give us the tickets. Alright, Mommy will handle the procedures to get you discharged first.”


Lan Xuanyu was discharged and everything seemed to return to normal. The first thing that their family did was to attend Master Le’s concert.

“Xuanyu, are you feeling well enough to watch the concert?” Nan Cheng looked at her son worriedly.

Lan Xuanyu was speechless. “Mommy, I’m fine, I’m perfectly fine. I am a Spirit Master eh!” As he spoke, he lifted his left hand and formed an ice awl on his palm. He didn’t even release his silver-patterned Blue Silver Grass.

“Alright then, mommy is really happy to be able to watch Tang Le’s concert.” Nan Cheng let out a satisfied smile.

After over a month of suffering, Lan Xuanyu recovered and now, she could finally relax. Then, out of nowhere, these tickets were presented to her — it could be said to be a double blessing. Nan Cheng’s mood improved greatly.

“Mommy, then do you like Master Le or Daddy more?” Lan Xuanyu chuckled.

Nan Cheng lifted her hand and knocked gently on Lan Xuanyu’s head. “Obviously…”

Lan Xiao’s head peeked out and looked at her with his guard up.

“I like your daddy more. Master Le is just an idol, not a lover. Idols are to be appreciated, lovers are to be loved.” Nan Cheng smiled.

Lan Xiao was satisfied and retracted his head.

Nan Cheng made a face at her son but she started laughing.

Master Le’s concert at Zi Luo City.

The stadium was already packed even at two hours before the concert starts. There were fans who didn’t get the tickets there too and right now, the person that was most sought out was the ticket resellers. As long as one had the means to get the tickets, they’re sure to make some big bucks.

Lan Xuanyu and his family parked the car at a parking lot further away and walked over. The place was simply too packed and it was quite challenging indeed.

“How troublesome! Chengcheng, let’s not watch this again, alright?” Lan Xiao looked helplessly at the endless crowd.

Nan Cheng turned her head and shot him a look. “I only have this little interest, can’t you support me?”

Lan Xiao waved and said, “But I don’t even have a little interest in this.”

“Your interest should be me and your son. You already have us, what other interests do you want?” Nan Cheng replied.

“…, you win!”

Queueing was an absolute pain but thankfully, the organizer was quite experienced in maintaining the crowd’s order. The entire process was very smooth and they managed to get into the venue rather quickly.

Finally, it was Lan Xuanyu and his family’s turn. Nan Cheng handed the tickets over.

The staff member glanced at the tickets and exclaimed, “Your tickets are wrong!”

“Wrong? What do you mean? It states that they are concert tickets ah!” Nan Cheng was stunned. A possibility surfaced in her head all of a sudden. Could it be that someone is playing a prank? They’ve queued for such a long time; if it’s a prank, it was simply too vicious.

“Your tickets don’t belong to the queue here. These are VIP tickets that have a special entrance reserved for those who have it, you don’t have to fall in line. I’ll bring all of you over there,” The staff member said respectfully.

At this moment, Master Le was a hot superstar and those who could get VIP tickets weren’t ordinary people.

After informing another staff member to continue checking the tickets, he quickly brought Lan Xuanyu’s family in another direction.

Nan Cheng was stunned – ‘VIP tickets? How much do they cost? Wait, I doubt you’ll be able to get it even if you have money. Someone actually gave us VIP tickets? This is simply unbelievable.’

“Could it be given by Heaven Luo Academy? In order to compensate us?” Lan Xiao raised a possibility.

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