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Tang Le and Lan Xuanyu

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There weren’t any emcee for this sort of concert and the person speaking was actually Le Qingling who was in the backstage.

“Surprise?” As the representative of the organizer, Zhuang Zijian was very puzzled, he couldn’t remember what surprise was arranged today. If there was, would Master Le’s manager company allow him to increase the price? Also, he was also a Spirit Master himself and was pretty strong but he could not possibly just disappear like Master Le in an instant without the use of a mecha.

“Manager Le, what exactly is happening here? Where did Master Le go?” Zhuang Zijian asked Le Qingling.

Le Qingling said sternly, “I already said that it is a surprise, how can I tell you beforehand. Just wait a little while more, Master Le needs some time to prepare.”

With her reassurance, the audience quieted down.

‘Surprise? What sort of surprise would Master Le bring us? This never happened in his past concerts! What changes would there be this time?’

The audience was held in anticipation, that was their Master Le after all!

Zi Luo City, Huixin Hospital.

Nan Cheng leaned against the chair in the Intensive Care Unit, lethargic. Lan Xuanyu’s condition was finally stabilized, his vital signs were normal and didn’t appear to have any signs of a sudden death; this made her feel relieved. It wasn’t the best news but for her, this was enough to satisfy her.

She didn’t dare to have too high of expectations for a miracle. In her heart, everything was fine as long as her son was alive.

The doctor said that if his condition doesn’t improve significantly and if he didn’t wake up after a month in the Intensive Care Unit, he would have to be transferred to an ordinary ward. In the future, he would have to rely on someone calling out to him to have a chance of waking up.

Nan Cheng was already prepared for this, she decided to accompany her son every single day in the hospital, and she would call out to him every day, believing that she would be able to wake her son up someday.

‘I’m so tired! I can’t sleep. What if something happens later at night? Lan Xiao has been quite stressed up now, I won’t tell him about this first and stay here tonight to keep watch.’

Nan Cheng massaged her slightly stiffened face and forced herself to be more awake as she sat upright.

However, this process didn’t last for a very long time. She was simply too tired, mentally especially. After some time, she really couldn’t fight against her body’s defense and leaned against the wall where she fell asleep.

What she didn’t notice was that while she was asleep, a silver figure appeared in the Intensive Care Unit without a sound.

He had blue mid-length hair draped over his shoulders and the second he entered the Intensive Care Unit, all of the cameras stopped working like he had a special magnetic field around him.

Tang Le stood before the bed in a daze. Actually, he didn’t know why he would appear here either.

Just as he was singing just now, there was an inexorable special force that attracted him here and after he came, he saw this child lying on the bed.

His handsome face was somewhat pale and he had black hair. Lan Xuanyu seemed especially quiet lying there and he was hooked up on all sorts of apparatus. He looked so weak but when Tang Le saw him, he had an inexplicable feeling like he had a connection with this child.

He looked quite familiar but why? This was the very first time he saw this child eh?

Tang Le’s eyes were slightly dazed but he could be completely sure that there was a sense of familiarity between him and this child.

He lifted his hand instinctively and stroked the little person’s face gently. His face was slightly icy but the moment he touched that little face, Tang Le’s heart trembled a bit. It was as if a stone had been thrown into his tranquil yet confused heart which caused a ripple, as if his softest spot had been stirred.

Was he sick? His heart felt a bit painful. He placed his hand on Lan Xuanyu’s forehead gently and a faint golden halo slowly grew from his palm as it entered Lan Xuanyu’s body.

After some time, Tang Le furrowed his brows. He felt that vortex inside Lan Xuanyu’s body and also felt the coma he was in right now. After some thought, he pressed both hands on Lan Xuanyu’s forehead and stomach; a soft golden glow wrapped around his body immediately.

Lan Xuanyu’s temperature started to rise gradually and there was a faint golden pattern on the surface of his skin that was gently shaking.

A golden light flickered in both Tang Le’s eyes and an imposing aura emerged, causing the golden and silver energy residing in Lan Xuanyu’s body to retreat.

After a long while, Tang Le’s hands were tapping gently on Lan Xuanyu’s body like raindrops drumming against the banana leaves. Each time he pressed his skin, Lan Xuanyu would tremble slightly.

Finally, when Tang Le retracted both hands, there was a reflection of deep thought in his eyes like he was more confused. All of a sudden, two Blue Silver Grasses grew out of Lan Xuanyu’s palm.

The Golden-patterned and Silver-patterned Blue Silver Grass.

The second Tang Le saw the Blue Silver Grass, he felt a rush of electricity made his entire body shudder. He instinctively lifted both of his hands, summoning two crystal clear vines with blue and golden halos emerging from his palms.

This, this is…

“Di di, di di, di di!” Just at this moment, the Soul Guidance communication device around his wrist started ringing violently.

Tang Le furrowed his brows. He was flying at high speed just now so the communication device couldn’t receive any signal. Now that he stopped at Zi Luo City, he could be contacted.

“Qingling, what is it?” Tang Le asked plainly.

“What is it? You’re asking me? Are you crazy? You just dumped 20,000 fans at the concert, do you have a sense of responsibility at all? What’s going on with you? Where did you go? Come back right away, fly back the way you flew off; otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to manage anymore and you will be finished, do you understand?” Le Qingling’s roar caused Tang Le to move the device away from himself subconsciously as he furrowed his brows.

“En, got it.”

“What do you mean you got it? When are you coming back? I told the fans that you want to give them a surprise before they could finally quieten down. It has been half an hour, it’s really over if you don’t return now!”

“Okay.” Tang Le hung up.

He looked intently at Lan Xuanyu lying in bed, he then touched his pink cheeks gently and with a flash of golden light, he disappeared.

Heaven Luo City.

Half an hour, it had been half an hour. Where’s the surprise? Where’s the surprise?

The restlessness of the fans resurfaced and most importantly, Tang Le was still not there. But, the organizer could adapt to changes very well and have just given the fans some bread and water for now. It was late in the evening so preparing the food and drinks would take some time for sure — this allowed the fans to be much less agitated.

However, this bread and water would run out too! Right now, the fans were starting to get impatient.

“How long do we have to wait?”

“Organizer, give us an explanation. Where is Master Le? Where did he go?”

“Exactly, get Master Le out! We paid for the tickets. He hasn’t even finished one song! He should at least sing “Remembrance” thrice. What’s the meaning of this, huh?!”

The fans were done.

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