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(Lost in the woods⚒️ pt 2)


‘I’m so hungry’..I groaned loudly as I kicked a little stone…

Javier just paced to and fro angry about not being able to find his way back home and to be honest his faces irritates me..

‘So are you gonna keep pacing around like an idiot dog or find us some food cause I’m d--n starving’..I said and he turned sharply…

‘This is all your fault Elena!! if you weren’t so stubborn then there wouldn’t have been a problem but no—You had to play Sherlock Holmes and now see where it’s gotten us!! What do you have to say for yourself?!’..He yelled…

‘Hey and if you hadn’t followed me and got chased by that wild boar then we wouldn’t be here okay?? Being lost is the least of my problems.My problem is being lost in the woods with you!!’..I fired back and he nipped his bottom lip and sat down next to me on the log .

‘Look Elena we’re alone and lost in the woods so we’ve just gotta get along even if it’s an hour.The guards will soon be alerted but right now we’ve got to find shelter cause the clouds are going darker’..He said and I nodded…

We both stood up and both walked further into the trees.I felt a cramp coming on but ignored it and at the rumbling of thunder the rain started falling..

‘There’s a cave there!!we could find shelter there!!’…I said aloud pointing to a hollow cave and we both went into it…

‘Rest here I think I’ve got a splinter in my leg’..He said and I arched my brows..

‘Wait let me help you’..i suggested..

‘I don’t need your help so please leave me alone’..He growled…

‘Must you always behave like a big baby?? You’ve got a splinter in your leg let me help you’…I said walking over and he moved further away from me…


Just great…

I thought i was arrogant but this king takes arrogant to a whole new level…


I sneaked out of the house after Lunch with Lord Malcolm for the palace…

Every guard and maid were outside murmuring and Queen mother Ariel was also outside with a worried look on her face..

What’s happening??..

‘What’s going on??’..i asked as i walked towards one of the guards…

‘The king and queen are nowhere to be seen my lady we’ve let out a search party to find them’..he replied and my brows furrowed..

Javier and Elena are nowhere to be found??..

That means..

That means they’re together???..

No they can’t be together..

They can’t be together…

‘Well.. Well let more search parties out to find them then!! The last time I checked they were both at the stable!!’..I said aloud and he nodded..

‘We can only hope for the best my lady’…


The splinter in my leg grew deeper and I groaned not being able to remove it while Elena just stood there smiling..

‘So are you going to stand there or help me or what??’..I snapped and she let out a little guffaw..

‘You didn’t want my help your highness and as your wife I must obey your wishes’…She replied…

‘Cut the sarcasm off Elena’..I growled and she shrugged as she walked over to the splinter in my leg…

The rain stopped but it was night time already and I my belly began grumbling too…

‘It’s surely cold in here,do you think the guards would find us??’..She asked and she removed the splinter in my leg and I let out a slight howl…

‘They would find us but it’s pretty late now so I guess I’m stuck with you’..I said..

‘Like that’s a good thing’..She murmured in a sarcastic drawl and I frowned deeply…

‘I also don’t want to stuck with you and lost in the woods so just shut your loud mouth and I’ll go find something for us to eat’…I snarled and she backed away slowly…

‘You’re always hostile towards me your highness!! I also don’t like being your wife??’..She said and I rolled my eyes and letting out a sigh at the same time…

‘So what are we going to eat now??’..She asked..

‘The boar’..

‘The boar??’..

‘Yes the boar’..

‘How can you eat a boar??’..

‘It’s good meat’..

‘No it isn’t?!!’..

‘Yes it is’..

I stood up and she followed me..

‘Uhh what are you doing??’..I asked with a frown on my face…

‘I’m going with you.You don’t expect me to stay alone in this cave do you??’..She replied..

‘It’s not safe for you Elena go back inside’..I ordered..

‘No I’m not!! For better for worse remember??’..

‘I never said those vows’..I muttered..

‘Oh’..was all she could say and she went inside…

I checked inside my cloak for my sword and smiled seeing that it was there..

I followed the trail of blood back to where the boar was and then three men surrounded me…

‘Move away young men you do not want to test my patience’..I murmured smirking lightly….

‘Ohhh we know it’s you your highness and your enemies would pay a lot of money to see your head on a stake’..One of them replied..

‘Are you sure about that??’..i asked drawing out my sword…

It’s been long since I had some action since i stopped being an assassin…

‘Ohhh you’re outnumbered we’re three and you’re you’..Another one said and a wicked gleam appeared in my eyes…


I waited patiently for Javier to return and since he hadn’t for a long time I headed out to find him..

I followed the trail of the boar and when I got to end I gasped at the barbaric sight seeing Javier slit the throat of a man and two others lying dead…

There was a bloodshot look in his eyes and I quivered lightly…

‘What are you doing here??’…He asked gruffly and I gulped hard..

‘I..I..I uhmm i was worried about you’..I stuttered and he cut the boar which was getting rushed by fire ants..

‘D..did..did you kill all these men??’..I asked still quivering..

‘Yeah I did let’s go’..He replied and dragged me back towards the Cave..

‘W..why??’..I asked..

‘I just wanted to kill them since I..

‘You just wanted to kill them??! Are you this heartless?!!’..I interrupted in a yell..

‘They were bounty hunters Elena and if u hadn’t killed them then my head would’ve been in a stake by now’..He replied…

‘Ohhh where did you learn to fight like that??’..I asked again as he removed his fancy cloak showing his great biceps..

‘I don’t get your question what are you insinuating??’..He murmured..

‘Well…I thought of you as the arrogant and pampered type I..I didn’t think of you as one that could kill a fly’..I explained..

‘What?!! Me?? Pampered?!! I was Arobyn’s Assassin for seven years and you’re saying I’m pampered?!’..He yelled..


Arobyn’s Assassin?!!..

I thought that was all a sham and just a legend?!!

Natalie always talked about the Arobyn’s assassin who killed men in power and left a ♓ mark on their bodies..

‘S…so you were the Arobyn’s assassin??’..i stuttered and as he nodded i backed away..

Oh no…


The moment you find out that your husband was an assassin😅…

What would you do??

It seems Calla doesn’t want our JAVELE to be lost in the woods..

Do you want them to be in the woods longer??..

©Kay writes

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