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Lan Xuanyu in peril

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At this moment, Ye Lingtong fell onto Lan Xuanyu and both of them had fear in their eyes. Lan Xuanyu then pushed her away and shouted, “Let’s run separately.”

With that, he raised his hand, he conjured an ice awl and he threw it at the third eye of the Three-Eyed Witch Ape before turning to run.

Ye Lingtong was taken aback, the Three-Eyes Witch Ape just turned its body and caught the ice awl aimed at its third eye just in time. It then roared in anger as it shattered it with its hand as it chased after Lan Xuanyu.

“Is he crazy, to actually dare attack the Three-Eyed Witch Ape?” Ye Lingtong muttered to herself.

Lan Xuanyu felt depressed. The ice awl was of course, intentional because he knew that the third eye was a vital part of the Three-Eyed Witch Ape and also its weakest point. Attacking the third eye was equivalent to provoking the Three-Eyed Witch Ape, and naturally, he was able to lure it away.

It was not that Lan Xuanyu truly wanted to save Ye Lingtong but he deeply remembered that Teacher Nana had once mentioned that regardless of where or when, a man must always protect the lady. So no matter how much he disliked Ye Lingtong, he felt that it should be done just like how he wanted to protect his mother.

There was no doubt that the Three-Eyed Witch Ape was the ruler of the forest. Being in pursuit with it inside its home ground was definitely not a wise choice but Lan Xuanyu had his own advantages; he was small and even more agile. Adding the footwork that Nana had taught him, he was capable of performing continuous transitions. He shuffled back and forth within the undergrowth amidst his high-speed movements.

Under the immense pressure, he was displaying a feat that surpassed his limits.

To a spectator’s point of view, the Three-Eyed Witch Ape’s thick and lanky arms were about to grab his sleeves when Lan Xuanyu suddenly swerved to the right. The Three-Eyed Witch Ape responded by flipping and bending its arm to turn its entire body to catch up to him immediately.

Right at this time, Lan Xuanyu formed a layer of ice beneath his feet and slid forward with a burst of speed. Just as he was about to collide into a tree, he raised his left hand forward to use it to forcefully alter his direction, maneuvering into the space between the two trees that were too small for the Three-Eyed Witch Ape to pass through.

The Three-Eyed Witch Ape collided straight into the trees and knocked them down forcefully. It reduced its speed and Lan Xuanyu took this opportunity to widen the gap between them.

Lan Xuanyu did not have any thoughts to turn back and fight. The disparity was too great. It was a 1,000-year Three-Eyed Witch Ape. Even a three-ringed or four-ringed Spirit Master without any powerful spirits might not be able to defeat it! He had no other choice but to take one step at a time with running as his first.

But trouble was right at his doorstep.

The Three-Eyed Witch Ape got closer and continued to pressure him while Lan Xuanyu’s Spirit Power continued to dwindle down under the intense pursuit. In the blink of the eye, his energy was almost depleted.

Just then, a sharp and loud hiss rang out and Lan Xuanyu felt a violent burst of pain in his head that made him scream. He lost control over his body and collided straight into a tree.

With a bang, his body bounced off the tree and a brilliant light in the third eye of the Three-Eyed Witch Ape dimmed down. The most terrifying aspect of the Three-Eyed Witch Ape was its proficiency in mental attacks!

It did not resort to it previously because it felt that the prey was too weak and had no need for it but Lan Xuanyu was able to escape from its clutches for so long, leaving it no choice but to resort to using its innate ability.

It charged forward and arrived before Lan Xuanyu where it raised its right claw.

All of a sudden, Lan Xuanyu’s body suddenly trembled. Underneath his clothes, the silver vein patterns on the silver patterned Blue Silver Grass looked as though they were aroused as they spread themselves across his entire arm to his left cheek.

Silver veins appeared within the Three-Eyed Witch Ape’s third eye. The palm that it unleashed suddenly deviated in its course of direction and landed in the soil beside Lan Xuanyu as astonishment flashed past its eyes. It instinctively took a few steps back.

At the same time, Lan Xuanyu’s body became ethereal and gradually faded away from its view.

“Big mistake, I made a big mistake. How could I forget about the Three-Eyed Witch Ape’s mental attack, quickly, get Lan Xuanyu out and check on his mental state,” Mu Zhongtian shouted.

When they saw how Lan Xuanyu lured the Three-Eyed Witch Ape and save Ye Lingtong, every one of them was stunned; this child was not only talented but he was extremely kindhearted as well! To be in such peril without much time to think, he lured the danger away without any hesitation. This was without a doubt something harder to come by compared to talent.

They continued to watch the Three-Eyed Witch Ape pursue and attack Lan Xuanyu with full force.

In actual fact, they would never have forgotten about the Three-Eyed Witch Ape’s mental attack capability but Lan Xuanyu’s beautiful performance in the way he avoided the attacks as well as his precise control and use over his Spiritual Power made them hold their breaths. After spectating for a little while longer, the Three-Eyed Witch Ape suddenly unleashed its mental attack.

The threat posed by the spirit beasts inside the emulator was in fact rather small since it was a product of virtual reality after all but mental attacks inside it could easily cause some problems. Mental attacks can be simulated but it could not be easily controlled. This was an issue that they had never been able to resolve for tens and even thousands of years.

The Three-Eyed Witch Ape existed in all of the previous tests, only because this spirit beast was arrogant and had the least probability of using mental attacks on children aged 10 and below. But who would have expected it to use it on Lan Xuanyu?

So, upon realizing that it had unleashed a mental attack, Mu Zhongtian immediately called for a stop with his heart filled with regret because of what happened. It was different from pain, where the level could be easily decreased. He received the full force of that mental attack even though it happened in the world of virtual reality. Trouble would surely brew if something like this truly happened.

The only hope that he had was Lan Xuanyu being able to shoulder that attack without sustaining too severe of an injury because of his Spiritual Power that was close to a 100.

Thus, he did not notice the scene of the Three-Eyed Witch Ape retreating in fear because the emulator had begun the disconnection to kick Lan Xuanyu out. Once the cabin was opened, the teachers rushed over and pulled the unconscious Lan Xuanyu out of it.

Lan Xuanyu was in a horrible state with blood leaking out of his seven orifices while his consciousness seemed to have slipped into a deep sleep. For a time, all the teachers were in a state of panic. If he died, everything would be on them.

There were surveillance cameras in the gymnasium so it was impossible for them to act dumb!

“Send him to the infirmary and quickly call the strongest medical Spirit Masters in Zi Luo city!” Mu Zhongtian bellowed as he ran with Lan Xuanyu in his arms.

It was too late for any regrets so now, saving Lan Xuanyu was their top priority.

Lan Xiao, who was having a cup of coffee in the cafeteria, suddenly received a phone call from the school and in the next instant, he sprinted out of his seat.

Nan Cheng who was conducting research received a call as well. Her eyes instantly turned red as she recklessly rushed out of her office.

An hour later.

Zi Luo city hospital, Intensive care unit.

Numerous tubes of all sizes were connected to Lan Xuanyu’s body to the connectors that monitored his state, especially at his head. There was also a group of people standing nervously outside the ward.

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