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Deep coma

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Nan Cheng’s eyes were red and swollen from crying and Lan Xiao’s face was extremely gloomy.

Mu Zhongtian was ashamed, even the dean of the Zi Luo Branch was there as well and Qiu Yuxin’s eyes were red too.

Nobody expected this to happen. Mu Zhongtian had already told them what happened and took on all the responsibility.

However, to Lan Xiao and Nan Cheng, did it matter who took the responsibility? The most important thing that they cared about now was someone who could save Lan Xuanyu! They didn’t think this could happen in an assessment.

The statistical data was out just now and according to the spiritual strength of the thousand-year Three-eyed Witch Ape, that hit was enough to take Lan Xuanyu’s life and would cause a mental breakdown at the very least.

Healing-type Spirit Masters were able to treat his physical injuries but the mind was simply too complicated. The human mind was sophisticated and complex so they didn’t dare to try too many treatments.

The doors of the intensive care unit opened and a doctor in protective clothing walked out.

Lan Xiao and Nan Cheng went forward instantaneously. Nan Cheng grabbed his sleeve, “Doctor, doctor, how’s my son?”

The doctor removed his mask and furrowed his brows, “The situation is very complicated and beyond what we expected. We have dealt with such special cases before and there are usually only two outcomes. First, it is completely irreversible and damaged, and the other is that the injury isn’t too serious and would stabilize soon, but his condition isn’t quite the same. Our instrument detected that his brain had suffered serious trauma, and yet his brain waves were not affected and everything seems normal. His consciousness has entered a very deep sleep. Simply put, he shouldn’t have a huge issue physically but we can hardly feel his brain waves right now.”

“A vegetable?” Lan Xiao asked in a daze.

The doctor smiled bitterly. “Possible. It’s up to him now and if he wakes up, he will recover very well. But if he doesn’t, I’m afraid it’ll be quite troublesome… As to how long he’ll take to wake up, we aren’t too sure and it really depends on him.”

“Wa…” Nan Cheng burst out in tears. How could this happen to her son? He was perfectly fine and he was just jumping around in the morning. Lan Xiao just came home and their family was finally reunited but Lan Xuanyu had to face a life and death crisis — this was simply unthinkable and she simply could not accept this.

Lan Xiao hugged Nan Cheng and said solemnly, “Doctor, is there any other way?”

The doctor shook his head and said, “Even a mental-type Spirit Master could not stimulate his brain, it might break down and that would be troublesome.”

“Thank you…”

Mu Zhongtian remained at the side and after he listened to the doctor’s words, he closed his eyes in agony. What an outstanding child! Yet, yet because of his mistake, Lan Xuanyu fell into a coma. This was simply… unforgivable!

Lan Xuanyu was in a deep coma. All of the treatment expenses were obviously paid by Heaven Luo Academy and Mu Zhongtian was also severely punished; he was demoted from a headteacher to an ordinary teacher.

But this was an accident and had no criminal accountability to look into.

Heaven Luo Academy offered a hefty compensation to Lan Xuanyu but Lan Xiao rejected it. To Lan Xiao and Nan Cheng, money didn’t matter at all, they only wished that their child would be able to live and wake up.

Three days later.

Outside the intensive care unit.

Ye Lingtong stood outside the window quietly, she looked at the pale Lan Xuanyu lying in bed with all sorts of apparatus attached on his head.

She was also slightly pale and her tears rolled down in big droplets.

It had been three days and every night when she slept, the scene of Lan Xuanyu shooting the ice awl to distract the Three-eyed Witch Ape would appear in her head. If not for him, she would have been killed by the Three-eyed Witch Ape.

He did it to save her and became like this!

‘Lan Xuanyu, I’m sorry.’

As expected, Ye Lingtong was chosen to be in the elite junior class and she was the only one who was picked. If Lan Xuanyu didn’t suffer from any serious head injuries, he would be the second one for sure.

Heaven Luo Academy had already decided to keep a permanent space for Lan Xuanyu. As long as he wakes up, he would be able to join the elite junior class anytime.

Of course, now it seemed like this was just a token compensation only.

The spacecraft docked smoothly at the Heaven Luo Planet Space Center.

Tang Le wore a mask and was escorted off the spacecraft with Le Qingling and a group of security personnel.

Le Qingling had grown more beautiful than when she first met Tang Le. She was at the peak of her age and with this manager position, her pay was quite high so she was considerably attentive to how she dressed. But even so, she was still ashamed of her ungainly appearance whenever she walked next to him.

Le Qingling lifted her hand to press Tang Le’s hat down, afraid that others would recognize him.

A line of people left the Space Center and directly went into the Soul Guidance car that the company had already prepared for them.

“Master Le, our itinerary is like this; we will start with a concert at Heaven Luo City, then we’ll hold a concert at each of the five important cities of Heaven Luo Planet. The timings are already set, you just have to be mindful of your state.”

“Oh,” Tang Le replied, he turned his gaze outside the window and looked at the scenery outside in a daze.

“Are you alright? In a bad mood?” Le Qingling probed.

She had known Tang Le for seven years already and ever since she saved him, he would often be in a daze and didn’t speak a lot. But maybe, the fact that she saved him had Tang Le act according to what she says or requests like becoming a big star.

The only thing that made Le Qingling sad was that with this hunk next to her, she didn’t find any other men attractive anymore. She was about 20 years old and wasn’t young anymore but she hasn’t even had a boyfriend.

She didn’t want anything to blossom between her and this Master Le but he relied on her a lot. Just this aspect alone would chase any other men away. No one but her was allowed to get within a one-meter radius from him, otherwise, his body would react subconsciously and he would either dodge or push that person away.

This made Le Qingling extremely upset. Thankfully, Master Le was also like that towards other people, not just her alone. Simply put, “Strangers, stay away!”

She would be able to find a handsome man to be her boyfriend someday! Le Qingling thought like that in a huff every time. She even thought that she should stay away from Master Le to find her own life but each time she wanted to take action, this Master Le’s extremely handsome face would appear in her mind subconsciously. Then, like a deflated balloon, she would return to his side. This was truly the most helpless and depressing issue for her.

She would just be his manager, for now, and when everything is done, she might be able to find someone to replace her.

“I’m fine!” Master Le replied gently.

He had a faint smile on his face, but that was clearly a polite smile. All his fans would think that he was easy-going and wasn’t proud at all, but Le Qingling knew that this was only on the surface and nobody knew what he was really thinking. Maybe he didn’t have an inner world due to his memory loss!

“The first concert will be tomorrow night, you should rest well for today.”


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