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Three-eyed Witch Ape

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They only choose geniuses — this was the case without a doubt and Lan Xuanyu definitely fits all the qualities of being gifted.

“Do we get him out now?” The teacher sitting in front of the screen asked. How could they not be stunned? Of course, Zi Luo Branch wasn’t the first to take the assessment, their assessment this time covered almost all the branches across Heaven Luo Planet, but there weren’t many kids who could dazzle them in an instant! Although Lan Xuanyu’s Spirit Power wasn’t very strong, his reaction, response, and judgment of the situation were extremely clever. Even if an adult Spirit Master met with this situation, he might not be able to handle it so well.

So, how could they not be surprised?

“Continue, see how much more he can do. This is also a learning experience for him.”

Lan Xuanyu’s reaction was quite big; this was the first time he saw a spirit beast and although he chased away those three Nether Wolves, he got quite a scare. Those were spirit beasts! He almost became a meal for the Nether Wolves.

This virtual world was simply too real and he really didn’t dare to imagine how it felt to be bitten by a Nether Wolf.

The Hippo scared the Nether Wolves away, nevertheless, it was still mild-mannered and slow as it returned into the river leisurely and laid down. It didn’t even glance at Lan Xuanyu.

Lan Xuanyu was stirred up in his heart, he suddenly felt that this Hippo seemed quite adorable and since it wouldn’t attack him, he decided to stay by its side. If there was a situation like the Nether Wolves just now, playing the same trick wasn’t a bad choice either!

With that thought, Lan Xuanyu sat down near the Hippo with his back facing it as he looked around. He was alert because after the lesson just now, he didn’t dare to be careless at all.

It turns out that his choice was right. Very soon, he saw more spirit beasts. These spirit beasts mostly came to the river to drink some water but there were some that noticed him too. Those spirit beasts that saw him were malicious and displayed some aggression, but Lan Xuanyu responded by moving closer to the hippo that those beasts didn’t want to dare to approach.

In any case, the Hippo was a thousand-year spirit beast and was still distinct in the world of spirit beasts, unless…

“Bang, bang, bang!” A low rumbling noise resounded and the forest shook slightly.

The Hippo that was lying in the river water lifted its head and a tinge of vigilance appeared in its lazy eyes. The other spirit beasts drinking by the river turned in the direction of the noise as well.

“Ow ow ow ow——” Just at this moment, angry roars echoed from the forest. Those spirit beasts that were still surveying including the Hippo, then took off in another direction without any hesitation.

“What’s happening?! Hippo, don’t run!” Lan Xuanyu panicked. This Hippo had been protecting him for some time and he was quite pleased, but what was he going to do now that it was gone?

Then, a tiny figure with a white glow around her body started charging towards him swiftly. Lan Xuanyu was stunned at first but he quickly recognized that figure — it was none other than Ye Lingtong.

‘She runs so fast!’ This was Lan Xuanyu’s first reaction and the Ye Lingtong at this very moment was straining her every muscle as she pushed her Celestial Body to its limits to charge forward.

Lan Xuanyu watched as she whizzed passed him like she didn’t see him at all. He only saw the fear across Ye Lingtong’s face.

Just at this moment, a huge creature ran out of the forest.

That was a gigantic ape and its entire body was snow-white; it was four meters tall and had unusually long arms. It wasn’t as plump as the Hippo but its speed was much faster; one leap could bring it over ten meters across – it was extremely quick and its target appeared to be Ye Lingtong!

Seeing this, Lan Xuanyu didn’t dare to hesitate at all and took off immediately. The golden glow on his right arm flickered and the gold-patterned Blue Silver Grass adhered itself to his arm. He only felt the scenery on both sides sweeping past rapidly as he ran across his surroundings.

Lan Xuanyu’s physical fitness was the strongest among his peers. After all, he had been eating precious ingredients every day, coupled with his unique blood vessels. At this moment, the secondary ability of the golden-patterned Blue Silver Grass was activated which caused his strength and speed to increase tremendously. He ran even faster than Ye Lingtong who went past him a moment ago.

The landing sound of that gigantic white ape behind him kept coming and Lan Xuanyu caught up with Ye Lingtong very soon.

He suddenly felt that he and Ye Lingtong might really have an issue! Why does something bad always happens when he bumps into her?

Nevermind the fact that she would always bully him but the first time she brought her father to his house, Lan Xuanyu fainted. After that, she repeatedly targeted him and now that he was finally taking the overall assessment, she brought danger to him too.

Ye Lingtong only saw him when he overtook her.

“You, why are you here as well?” Ye Lingtong asked as she panted for her breath.

Lan Xuanyu then said in exasperation, “I should be asking you that. I was perfectly fine until you showed up with this big fella.”

“I don’t want this either! I wanted to hide on a tree at first, but then I saw a little white monkey that looked quite adorable so I wanted to hug it but it didn’t let me so I grabbed it by the neck and hugged it. Then… then that big fella came…”

Lan Xuanyu rolled his eyes. He knew without even asking. ‘She simply grabbed someone else’s child for no reason, obviously, the ape would be anxious!’

“But I’ve already returned that little fella to him! Why is he so angry?” Ye Lingtong said as she felt wronged.

Lan Xuanyu rolled his eyes once again. “You feel wronged? That’s a Three-eyed Witch Ape! A particularly powerful type in the world of spirit beasts. Judging by its body type, I’m afraid it’s a thousand-year-old spirit beast too! It probably dominates this entire forest. I don’t care if you’re courting your own death, but why did you include me too? Did I offend you?”

“Dong dong, dong dong, dong dong!” As they were speaking, the Three-eyed Witch Ape had already caught up to them.

As Lan Xuanyu had mentioned, this type of spirit beast does have a dominant position in the forest. Even in the virtual world’s programming, this was the strongest spirit beast in this assessment.

Ye Lingtong’s luck was truly unusually “great!”

“Hu!” A terrifyingly strong gust of wind came from the back. With the previous experience with the Nether Wolves, Lan Xuanyu threw himself to the side without hesitation. He still cared that Ye Lingtong was his classmate so he grabbed her with his right arm at the same time and both of them fell to the side.

“What are you doing?” Ye Lingtong screamed as she fell along with Lan Xuanyu but her question was stuck in her throat in the very next second.

“Boom——” The gigantic white figure swept past all of a sudden like a fierce wind and charged towards their supposed direction. The ground cracked and a horrifying aura overcame them, even the air currents had blown them to the side.

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