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Heaven Dou Planet Scientific Research Institute.

“Nana, are you awake?” Yun Yan pressed the room communication device outside of Nana’s room and asked idly as she leaned against the door.

Although Nana was considered to be free already, she still had to monitor her condition and report it to the higher-ups because of her special condition.

Nana would show her ancient martial arts skills at times so she got the role of a teacher at the Institute of Science and Technology. She tried asking her to be a teacher but she never agreed to it since all she wanted was to stay in her room so she could daydream.

“What should we do today?” She mumbled to herself. Nana refused to join her to do some hydrotherapy and she said that she cannot let others see her body. She had such a traditional mindset! Even after suffering from a memory loss, she didn’t forget that. “Or should we go shopping? It’s so boring! Why don’t I bring her to the affiliated Academy of Sciences to take a look — she might be interested to become a teacher? If she really wants to be a teacher, I don’t have to keep accompanying her and she could have more freedom.”

Why isn’t she opening the door?

Nana would always open the door within just five seconds every time she called her out in the past but this time, over ten seconds have passed.

“Nana, it’s me, Yun Yan! Open the door.” Yun Yan laughed casually but still, nobody answered the door.

After waiting for nearly a minute, Yun Yan finally felt that something was wrong. She quickly took out the door’s spare keycard that she had which was her authority as her guardian and opened the door to welcome herself in.

The room was clean and tidy, her bed was made too but there was no trace of Nana at all.

“Nana, Nana…” After calling her out twice and searching her entire room, Yun Yan’s face turned awful.

Nana never went out alone!

She quickly dialed Nana’s Soul Guidance communication device but she only met a busy tone at her end

The Soul Guidance communication device had a location tracker but if one turned it off forcefully, the location tracker would be turned off as well. For modern people these days, it was almost impossible for this to happen because everyone was strongly reliant on their communication device. It was now clear that Nana shut hers off forcefully.

She looked around everywhere and saw a piece of paper.

“Yun Yan, I’m going out for a period of time. I found something I would like to do and you don’t have to look for me. I will return when I am done or perhaps I might never return. —— Nana”

It was a simple note but after Yun Yan read it, her sweat had started trickling down. As her guardian, the person she was taking care of had gone missing and she even said that she might not return — how was she going to explain this to the higher-ups!

Yun Yan didn’t dare to delay herself further and she quickly made a call…

The spacecraft successfully flew out of the atmosphere and into a long and smooth flight once again. It took them seven days to reach it so it would naturally take them seven days to travel back home too.

On the journey back, Nan Cheng and Lan Xiao were sleepy. The return journey from vacation was always tiring with a bit of reluctance on the side.

Lan Xiao expected that they wouldn’t see Nana again, he obviously thought that it was great and simply thought of it as a coincidence. What he really wanted was for his family to be safe, not for his son to be outstanding. He wanted to let everything take its course.

Lan Xuanyu also calmed down and he seemed a little dazed as he looked at the outer space through the window. It was really beautiful, a silent kind of beautiful. The glow of the stars was its only decoration and its boundless and vast space gave him a sense of freedom.

His protective cover was activated and the best way to pass the time during these seven days was still to meditate.

Ever since the day his silver-patterned Blue Silver Grass mutated slightly because of Ye Feng’s oppression, Lan Xuanyu realized that his Mysterious Heaven skill had improved too. This was naturally due to the strength of his Spiritual Power increasing so his control over his Spirit Power was now stronger as well. It was faster now and he felt like he was about to break through and attain the 12th level of his Spirit Power.

It had been six months since he ranked up so it was not considered to be too fast already.

“Xuanyu,” Just at this moment, a gentle voice suddenly rang in his head.

Lan Xuanyu sat up, he looked around almost instinctively and mumbled, “Auntie Nana, is that you?”

This voice was too familiar and he could recognize it right away.

“Sit properly, don’t move. Yes, it’s me.” Nana’s voice rang in his head again.

Due to the protective cover, Lan Xuanyu’s voice cannot be heard from the outside.

Lan Xuanyu excitedly said, “Auntie Nana, you’re onboard the spacecraft too? I thought you weren’t coming. I was slightly disappointed.”

Nana smiled, “Why wouldn’t I come? Auntie will definitely keep her word.”

“That’s great. Auntie, are you really going to be my teacher next time?” Lan Xuanyu asked.

“Do you want that?” Nana asked in response.

“I do. Then can I call you Teacher Nana next time?” Lan Xuanyu said excitedly.

“En, en,” Nana answered.

“Teacher Nana, where are you then?” Lan Xuanyu asked out of curiosity. He didn’t see her but he could hear her voice and this was simply baffling for a seven-year-old.

“I’m not at the same level as you yet so you can’t see me but it’s fine, I can communicate with you through my Spiritual Power. We still can talk, right?” Nana said.

Lan Xuanyu said, “I see! Daddy said that we don’t have that much money to buy the tickets for the other seats. Auntie Nana, can you lie down over there?”

Nana paused. “Yes, Xuanyu could also sit on a better seat in the future.”

Lan Xuanyu asked, “Teacher Nana, could I go over to find you?”

Nana took another pause and said, “I’m afraid you can’t. According to the spacecraft’s rules, you’re not allowed to come up.”

If Lan Xuanyu really went up, he would realize that Teacher Nana could not be found at any level.

“Oh, we can meet only when we get off the spacecraft then,” Lan Xuanyu with a hint of disappointment in his tone.

“Actually, it’s not entirely impossible for us to meet. If you want to see me, you can just shut your eyes and try to meditate. Teacher will come and meet you, alright?” Nana’s voice gradually became gentler the more she spoke. She really didn’t want to disappoint this child at all, even she was caught off guard by the tender feeling that came from deep within her — that emotion was completely uncontrollable.


Lan Xuanyu sat cross-legged on his own seat and meditated silently. The Mysterious Heaven Skill Spirit Power in his body flowed naturally and his Spiritual Power increased, allowing him to get into a state of meditation very quickly. A child didn’t have many distracting thoughts anyway.

After entering a state of meditation, the empty space around him now only felt like a piece of darkness. He felt the faint lights around him as well as the dots of silver lights that dominated the things that he could perceive.

Just at this moment while he was in that dark space, there was a sudden ray of light and it lit up his surroundings.

A figure then slowly appeared.

Silver hair, and her unmasked purple eyes. It’s just her stunning face with a smile filled with gentleness.

“Xuanyu,” she called out softly.

Lan Xuanyu only felt like there was a force holding him and in the next moment, the image before him became very clear and seemed so real. He felt lighter and when he looked down, he realized that he was floating in space right next to her silver-haired and purple-eyed teacher.

“Teacher Nana. Wow, this is magical! Where is this?” He looked around in surprise and he soon realized that he could actually move as if he was walking on the ground.

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