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Ye Lingtong’s defeat

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Ye Lingtong obviously saw Lan Xuanyu as well. Although her anger and hostility has diminished greatly, she still has a great memory and penchant for grudges. What she was remembering distinctly was Lan Xuanyu declaring that he didn’t like her.

‘Do you think I care if you like me or not? I don’t like you either!’ she thought.

Lan Xuanyu wasn’t tall but he had a stunning face so Ye Lingtong could spot him rightaway in the crowd.

“Run three rounds around the field then you can all have your free time,” the teacher instructed. One round was 400 meters and even though three rounds wasn’t much, it wasn’t considered very easy for six-year-olds.

They were first-graders and had just enrolled into school – the teachers wouldn’t put too much pressure on them.

The field was at the underground level of Zi Luo City branch building. The blue skies and white clouds on the electronic screen have the ability to provide normal energy from sunlight and the good ventilation system would never let anyone feel stuffy.

Each round was 400 meters and although three rounds wasn’t too far, it wasn’t easy for six-year-olds either.

All four teachers from both classes stood at the side of the field, holding their recording apparatus. Running was the best way to monitor the children’s stamina and they wanted to assess their new students better.


With the teacher’s order, Ye Lingtong was the first to charge out, surprising all of the teachers with her speed that was uncanny for a child.

The moment she charged forward, the other children started to become competitive and a few other swiftly followed behind her.

Lan Xuanyu, on the other hand, was in the center position of class two, running leisurely with the other students. He didn’t even notice Ye Lingtong’s speed because all he could think about was his father’s warning: “Don’t stand out too much and don’t ever use the Blue Silver Grass on your right hand.”

He had strong legs and the pace he was following wasn’t even giving him the least bit of strain. After all, he was already at Spirit Power rank 11. He used to be at rank 10, but after the white Spirit Ring appeared out of the blue, he automatically broke through and advanced to rank 11.

Ye Lingtong had already completed one round before she saw Lan Xuanyu again a short distance ahead of her. It wasn’t because Lan Xuanyu was slow. She was just going too fast and already one round ahead of the other students.

She increased her speed aggressively once again, shaking off the students who were beginning to catch up to her. Seconds later, she caught up to Lan Xuanyu, deliberately brushing against him as she ran past.

Lan Xuanyu jumped a bit but when she saw Ye Lingtong running past him, he mumbled, “At least you’ve fixed your attitude.”

Ye Lingtong stumbled as she heard his whispered words. She turned around and gave him a fierce glare before demanding, “What did you say?”

“What? Wait, watch out!” Lan Xuanyu pointed ahead in warning.

“Aiyo.” The moment she turned around, Ye Lingtong knocked into a student in front of her and that student stumbled along with her out of the tracks.

Lan Xuanyu glanced at them with knitted brows. “Daddy said to always pay attention when walking or running. I guess he’s right!”

Ten seconds later, Ye Lingtong caught up to him again.

“I caught up to you. I am faster than you!” she called out to him, exasperated.

Lan Xuanyu blinked. “Oh, okay.”

“You lost!” Ye Lingtong said proudly.

Lan Xuanyu looked at her in surprise. “Was I in competition with you?”

“You… what? Why aren’t you competitive at all? Are you even a boy?” Ye Lingtong glared accusingly at him.

“What does competitiveness got to do with being a boy?” Maybe it was his father’s character’s influence, but Lan Xuanyu has never been the competitive type.

Ye Lingtong wanted to kick him, but those students behind her were catching up so instead, she glared at him and said, “Just you wait!” She then doubled her speed and blew past everyone else.

There were over 50 students with the two classes combined and Ye Lingtong was the first to finish while Lan Xuanyu landed the 32nd spot.

Qiu Yuxin said to the assistant teacher next to her, “Why is this Lan Xuanyu a little slow? He had already broken through rank 10 and logically speaking, he shouldn’t be running at this speed.”

The assistant teacher, an older woman, smiled and replied, “He may be slow but he is steady. He didn’t seem like he was trying to be fast. This child’s character appears to be quite stable, which is a good thing and rare for a seven-year-old. Ay, that is Ye Lingtong from class one, right? Senior Colonel Ye Feng’s daughter? She seemed to have gone to find Lan Xuanyu.”

Qiu Yuxin realized that Ye Lingtong was walking rather aggressively towards Lan Xuanyu, who had just completed the run. She asked a bit enthusiastically, “Are they going to fight?”

In the elementary Spirit Masters academy, they do not take fights too seriously, especially in such a prestigious school like Heaven Luo Academy which was the best school in Heaven Luo Planet. Their education philosophy was to tap into the students’ potential as much as possible and fighting or sparring in school would often bring out the competitiveness in children so they regard it as a good thing. Of course, with the teachers watching them at the side, it wouldn’t be too dangerous.

Ye Lingtong, still panting, went up to Lan Xuanyu, and challenged, “I would like to spar with you.”

Lan Xuanyu shook his head in surprise. “I don’t want to.”

“Why?” Ye Lingtong asked rather loudly, attracting the attention of the other children.

“A real man doesn’t fight with women! Mommy said that I must not bully girls,” Lan Xuanyu told her seriously.

“You? Do you think you stand a chance against me? Don’t think that you’re a big shot just because you’re a rank 10,” she said haughtily right before she charged at him.

Lan Xuanyu, having no experience in any type of fighting, took a step back and instinctively put his hands up to block her attack.

Ye Lingtong grabbed Lan Xuanyu’s right arm and pulled him towards her before kicking Lan Xuanyu’s left leg. She then turned her body halfway, preparing to throw him over her shoulder.

When Qiu Yuxin rushed over, all she saw was Ye Lingtong’s series of natural and flowing actions. The child’s movements were swift and nimble, showing signs of advanced training. Lan Xuanyu, on the other hand, didn’t make any corresponding defensive or offensive moves besides flailing in panic. It was obvious to everyone that he has never been in either a practice or real combat.

Lan Xuanyu was panicking, indeed. Being pulled by Ye Lingtong like that, he couldn’t retreat further and as Ye Lingtong turned, his right arm landed on her shoulder.

The strength came from Ye Lingtong’s shoulders and back; Lan Xuanyu was almost the same height as her and his feet left the ground instantly.

He has never been in a situation like this and he didn’t know what to do. So when Ye Lingtong lifted him using her shoulder, his right arm started heating up out of reflex to defend himself.

It wasn’t long before the heat coursed through his entire body and the feeling of fear disappeared.

Ye Lingtong’s thirst for violence dissipated as soon as she grabbed Lan Xuanyu’s wrist. She knew that the panic in his eyes meant that he has never experienced any type of combat before and she started thinking of using less force on the shoulder throw move.

However, just as she was about to slam him to the ground and execute a perfect shoulder throw, Lan Xuanyu’s weight started to increase all of a sudden. He turned extremely heavy like a mountain on her back that Ye Lingtong’s legs gave away and collapsed to the ground under his weight.


There was complete silence.

All the students from classes one and two crowded towards them, staring at their sprawled bodies. Ye Lingtong was at the bottom in an unsightly position while Lan Xuanyu was lying on top of her back, looking confused.

The teachers were dumbfounded. She leveraged on the force and the shoulder throw was perfect! So, what happened?

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