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They could only try their best and reduce their consumption as much as possible while quickly dealing with their opponents. This was the best method.

The other party’s level of cultivation coupled with that 3,000-year soul beast that they looted should lead to quite an impressive accumulation of points. It was worth it to use the Emerald Demon Bird.

The key to winning this battle was not Lan Xuanyu, Liu Feng or Ye Lingtong, but Qian Lei, who was a distance away and seemed very harmless. However, he had gotten Lan Xuanyu’s hint to perform a Replicate Summoning of the Emerald Demon Bird after the summoning of the Purple Lightning Dragon.

Li Yaoming never thought that Lan Xuanyu had such a danger hidden behind him. After the collision between both parties, Li Yaoming was at his weakest moment, so the murderous soul beast, the Emerald Demon Bird, took the chance to attack. How could he fight against it?

That was not to mention Xu Rongxin, who was weaker. After Liu Feng’s attack and his previous injuries, he was naturally an easy target for the Emerald Demon Bird.

Once Li Yaoming was dead, the Spirit Soul Shining Tiger naturally disappeared. The Purple Lightning Dragon had already been ordered by Qian Lei to let out explosive thunderbolts that covered Shu Zixuan directly.

Shu Zixuan was very swift. Everything happened too quickly, and he only came to his senses after Li Yaoming disappeared.

However, the thunderbolts came and he could only dodge left and right to try to evade them.

Thunderbolts were able to restrain his Martial Soul. His Martial Soul was named the Nether Demon Spear using the Unity of Spears as the main direction of cultivation. It was able to become an incarnation of the netherworld, and attack and defend in one body. It was best at hiding and suddenly attacking.

But offensive-type restrained agility-type. Ye Lingtong’s cultivation had improved greatly under the golden-patterned Blue Silver Grass’ enhancement and was by no means inferior to his level of three rings. He already had no chance of defeating his opponent, but with the Purple Lightning Dragon joining in, he began panicking, even more so when seeing both of his teammates dead. All of their points were given to him, so now he only wanted to escape.

But would Lan Xuanyu give him such a chance? When he attacked, he already decided to leave those three people here forever, and the time wasn’t up yet for the Emerald Demon Bird.

Green light flashed, and the Emerald Demon Bird came back even stronger. It was next to Shu Zixuan almost instantly.

There were thunderbolts everywhere and Ye Lingtong’s powerful Celestial Shockwave was in front of him. At this moment, Shu Zixuan was at the end of his rope and there was nowhere he could run.

At the crucial moment, he could only ignite his third Soul Skill. A huge illusory shadow gushed out of his body while the Nether Demon Spear was blocking the front of his forehead.

There was a crisp “ding”, then the Emerald Demon Bird felt a certain disturbance. It was pushed slightly from the Nether Demon Spear’s move, but it still went past his neck. With a “pop” sound, his blood spurted out.

The main artery on Shu Zixuan’s neck had already been cut, and a large amount of fresh blood spewed out everywhere. He felt his cultivation flowing out too, and he knew he was about to die.

Thorough defeat—this was undoubtedly a thorough defeat. The entire battle took only half a minute, and everything was already coming to an end.

Just then, there was a sudden development that even Lan Xuanyu didn’t anticipate at all.

Ye Lingtong sprinted forward like an arrow and threw a punch across Shu Zixuan’s face.

A loud “thump” resounded. Shu Zixuan’s head cracked while his entire body became spots of light and disappeared. At the same time, a red glow swarmed into Ye Lingtong’s body and disappeared.

This sudden development simply left Lan Xuanyu’s team stunned. Shu Zixuan was already dying for sure, yet Ye Lingtong still punched him…

“What did you just do?” Qian Lei couldn’t help but exclaim.

Ye Lingtong’s expression somewhat stiffened as she forced a smile and said, “I was afraid something unforeseen might happen again; he is too crafty and fast. Who knows, he might have just taken off!”

Lan Xuanyu and Liu Feng had walked over as well.

Lan Xuanyu’s face darkened and looked very nasty, an indescribable rage creeping in his heart. He turned to Qian Lei and said in a low voice, “Replicate the Purple Lightning Dragon.”

The Emerald Demon Bird would disappear once the summoning duration was up, and they had to replicate another soul beast to maintain Qian Lei’s battle power. They were able to release it under such circumstances just now only because of Qian Lei’s good luck. He managed to summon a Purple Lightning Dragon, which was just as powerful as the Emerald Demon Bird and made up for the trio’s far-range attack deficiency.

“She snatched all of the experience points, Xuanyu,” Qian Lei said. He was somewhat anxious; his nickname was String of Cash (Qian chuan zi) [1] for a reason. Furthermore, whether they could get into Shrek Academy or not depended on this qualifier!

It goes without saying that the experience of Li Yaoming’s team was abundant. However, they didn’t expect that Ye Lingtong would take it all away.

Lan Xuanyu nodded to Qian Lei, indicating for him to do proper business first. Qian Lei frowned but still turned around and replicated the Purple Lightning Dragon.

Lan Xuanyu then looked at Ye Lingtong, who had her head bowed, clearly showing signs of slight guilt.

“Why? I need an explanation.”

“Didn’t I say it already?” Ye Lingtong said. “I was worried that he would escape. If he did, we wouldn’t be able to chase after him!”

Lan Xuanyu took a deep breath. “Ye Lingtong, do you think we’re fools? How could he run in that condition? Furthermore, could he outrun Liu Feng or the Emerald Demon Bird? You were running for your life and came here, on the verge of being killed by the other party. We were the ones who saved you and even killed them. Is this your way of repaying us?”

He was fuming; a rage that could only be felt after being betrayed by someone was building. His relationship with Ye Lingtong wasn’t considered great, but they were both from Zi Luo City, after all. He also saw how hard she worked. He didn’t exactly have a good impression of her, but she wasn’t a bad person, for sure. But he didn’t expect her to actually do something like this at such a time.

Ye Lingtong’s eyes reddened, and she said in a low voice, “I’m sorry, I… I didn’t know why I was so rash and attacked him. It’s just that those 3,000-year soul beasts were originally ours and his team stole our experience. I couldn’t accept it! Also, this affects whether we get into the Shrek Academy or not. Your team is still intact and strong, you guys still have plenty of chances to gain experience, but I’m the only one left in my team. I can work with you guys later and help your team hunt some soul beasts to make up for it. With their experience, both our team might just be able to come out of this qualifier.”

Lan Xuanyu smiled, and it was somewhat icy. “Help us hunt soul beasts? Then take the last kill, huh? We don’t need a teammate like you. Ye Lingtong, do you know what you just did? It’s called returning kindness with ingratitude. I really didn’t think that you were such a selfish person.”

Ye Lingtong’s eyes widened as she looked at Lan Xuanyu. She didn’t expect him to say such harsh words to her. She raged immediately, “I’m selfish? I am doing it for my team. We’re all from the Elite Junior Class, so what’s the big deal in helping one another? Why are you so petty? It’s just a small bit of experience, right? Must you go to this extent? I’ll just leave, I’ll just leave, I don’t need you guys to protect me.”

Liu Feng couldn’t take it anymore. “You are unreasonable. You’re the one who stole our experience, so how did we become the petty ones? You’re calling that a little bit of experience? Furthermore, you attacked all of a sudden without consulting us first. Without us, your team’s experience would be completely gone. Lan Xuanyu’s right, you’re returning kindness with ingratitude.”

Ye Lingtong glared at him. “Shut up, I was talking to Lan Xuanyu.”

With that said, she suddenly felt weak all over and looked at her body in shock. Due to the fight just now, the golden-patterned Blue Silver Grass that gave her strong support was still wrapped around her waist. However, at this very moment, that strong enhancement effect had not only disappeared, but a suppression that came from deep within her blood vessels suddenly appeared in its place.

[1]: Money in Chinese is also ‘Qian’ but pronounced in a different tone. Hence, Qian Lei’s surname is Qian chuan zi which translates to String of Cash

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