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Initial alliance

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Groaning, the 1,000-year Palm Tree Bear drew back. It placed its paws down and lowered its head to look, only to discover that the 1,000-year Purple Zoysia had disappeared and in its place stood the Gold Silk Ape. The Palm Tree Bear immediately flew into a frenzy and charged towards the weakened Gold Silk Ape.

The Gold Silk Ape immediately unleashed a spiritual undulation from its head and nodded vigorously. The golden patterned Blue Silver Grass wrapped around his head immediately and lit up. As though it had been illuminated by a light bulb, the Gold Silk Ape emitted an intense gold light, and with a leap, it went face to face with the 1,000-year Palm Tree Bear.

At the same time, a strand of golden patterned Blue Silver Grass silently coiled itself around the 1,000-year Palm Tree Bear’s leg. The 1,000-year Palm Tree Bear that was attacking frantically suddenly felt an intense dread spread throughout its entire body, as though a gigantic dragon had appeared by its side. Its imposing grandeur immediately dropped.

The Gold Silk Ape took the opportunity to charge forward with two fists and smashed right into the 1,000-year Palm Tree Bear with its artillery-like arms. It used its extremely powerful arms to grab onto the Palm Tree Bear’s neck and performed a swing behind it. With both feet on the bear’s back, it unleashed all the strength from its arms.

“Crack.” Just like that, the 1,000-year Palm Tree Bear’s neck was broken.

Under normal circumstances, with its strength, it was impossible for the 1,000-year Palm Tree Bear to die so easily. But at this juncture, one had been strengthened while the other was suppressed by bloodline. With that, the Gold Silk Ape was able to kill it valiantly.

Standing atop the 1,000-year Palm Tree Bear’s twitching body, the 1,000-year Gold Silk Ape gasped for breath, as it discovered that upon the Palm Tree Bear’s death, the buff it previously had had turned to suppression.

It lowered its head and looked at the thin vine with suspicion in its eyes.

Lan Xuanyu brought Qian Lei and Liu Feng out from behind the big tree. They maintained a distance and watched the Gold Silk Ape cautiously.

Lan Xuanyu turned to Qian Lei and said, “Tell it to let us have the killing blow for the Palm Tree Bear.”

Qian Lei immediately transmitted their intentions.

The 1,000-year Gold Silk Ape looked at the three human beings and bared its fangs at them. However, when it saw the 1,000-year Purple Zoysia in Lan Xuanyu’s hand, it slowly retreated with dissatisfaction.

At this time, Lan Xuanyu also withdrew his golden patterned Blue Silver Grass. He turned his head toward Liu Feng and nodded.

Liu Feng charged forward with the White Dragon Spear in hand, unleashing a layer of silvery fur in his right hand that brimmed with light. The White Dragon Spear immediately shot out meter-long silver moon blades that struck the Palm Tree Bear’s eyes and dealt the finishing blow.

After killing the 1,000-year soul beast, the three immediately felt a warmth within their bodies, as though they had gained something. When realizing it should be the sign of accumulating a large amount of points, they immediately rejoiced inwardly.

It was a 1,000-year soul beast! It was impossible for them to fight against such a soul beast with their own strength.

From comparing the few points earned from the ground fire lizards and the ten thousand points from each of the ground fire scarlet dragons, they knew that each difference in grade for soul beasts had starkly different points in the test. It appeared to rise by multipliers.

Although their initial goal had been met, it was by no means Lan Xuanyu’s final goal. He gestured to Qian Lei, then at the 1,000-year Purple Zoysia and the Gold Silk Ape.

The 1,000-year Gold Silk Ape bared its teeth.

Lan Xuanyu handed the 1,000-year Purple Zoysia over to Qian Lei and extended both arms out to unleash both the golden and silver patterned Blue Silver Grass. As they spread across the ground, his eyes emitted a domineering aura when two soul rings appeared on his arms. He had unleashed the bloodline power of both golden and silver patterned Blue Silver Grass without holding back.

The 1,000-year Gold Silk Ape had already felt the buff and nerf from the golden patterned Blue Silver Grass. It immediately retreated a few steps back cautiously and continued to watch with suspicion.

Lan Xuanyu looked at Qian Lei. “Tell it that we want to work together, and we are willing to give it the 1,000-year Purple Zoysia as long as it follows us for six days and helps us deal with other soul beasts. At the same time, I will provide it with the buff. If it doesn’t agree, we will destroy the 1,000-year Purple Zoysia and then fight it to the death!”

Qian Lei immediately transmitted Lan Xuanyu’s intention with his Spiritual Power.

Lan Xuanyu had previously allowed Qian Lei to communicate with the Gold Silk Ape and send a simple message—to coordinate with it to kill the 1,000-year Palm Tree Bear and obtain the Purple Zoysia. And request for its help.

Lan Xuanyu had chosen to help the Gold Silk Ape after much thought and consideration. Firstly, the Gold Silk Ape was an ape and would naturally have a higher intellect than the Palm Tree Bear, thus making it easier to communicate with. Secondly, the 1,000-year Gold Silk Ape was much faster and more proficient at fighting in the forest, which would give them an immense boost.

Lan Xuanyu immediately had that idea when he saw the two soul beasts engaged in battle. After communicating through Qian Lei’s Spiritual communication, the two parties decided to try working together.

Ordinarily, it was impossible for wild soul beasts to cooperate with them. But it was a different story with the 1,000-year Purple Zoysia involved. So long as the Gold Silk Ape knew to act warily, there was room for discussion. And there was also Lan Xuanyu’s display of strength.

If they truly fought with Qian Lei’s two summons, Lan Xuanyu’s abilities, along with the martial soul fusion technique, and Liu Feng’s individual strength, it was enough for them to go all out and maybe turn out victorious.

Following the increase in their strengths, they already had the confidence of fighting against a single 1,000-year soul beast.

That was Lan Xuanyu’s bottom line. One had no qualification to discuss without strength.

As expected, after experiencing his threat and seeing the 1,000-year Purple Zoysia at stake, the Gold Silk Ape was moved. The ferocity in its eyes gradually died down. It was extremely afraid of Lan Xuanyu’s golden patterned Blue Silver Grass. It gradually moved forward and touched it with its hand.

Lan Xuanyu controlled the golden patterned Blue Silver Grass to coil around its arm and transmitted the bloodline buff.

To him, the difference between buffing or nerfing someone was only a thought. If he had a kind emotion, the power of the bloodline would be beneficial. If he had any evil thoughts to the individual, it would immediately become a nerf to weaken the individual.

After training for so many years from the bizarre changes when faced against Ye Lingtong in the beginning, how could he not understand the wonders of the power of his bloodline?

Finally, the 1,000-year Gold Silk Ape nodded its head to Lan Xuanyu and the team. Qian Lei was elated and shouted with joy, “It agreed! But it said that if it encounters any undefeatable enemies, it will leave.”

Lan Xuanyu smiled. “That’s how it should be. If we can’t fight our opponents, we will run as well. Agree with it, and let it know that I can clean its wounds. It is an expression of our sincerity.”

Qian Lei transmitted the words, resulting in the Gold Silk Ape hesitating for a moment before approaching them.

Lan Xuanyu remained cautious but at the same time unleashed a water ball that gradually moved to the Gold Silk Ape’s wounds and cleansed it. The clear water produced by his water element control was extremely pure and cleansed away the toxins from the Palm Tree Bear’s claws. The Gold Silk Ape’s gaze on them became much more gentler.

The initial alliance had been formed!

At this moment, Liu Feng and Qian Lei were completely filled with respect towards Lan Xuanyu, not only from how they had so easily dealt with the situation, but the more crucial thing, which was how he dared to make such a plan and execute it. It truly took a lot of courage; how far-sighted he must be.

It was almost like when Qian Lei summoned an extremely strong soul beast, but this time there was no time limit. Like a tiger that had grown wings!

Furthermore, the Gold Silk Ape was an aboriginal and extremely familiar with the soul beasts in the area.

“What do we do next? KIll our way in?” Qian Lei’s eyes lit up.

Lan Xuanyu shook his head and continued to smile. “We can’t do that. Although we have formed a temporary alliance with the Gold Silk Ape, it will not trust us completely. And it is still a soul beast. Without any reason to kill other soul beasts, it will not be too willing. After all, all soul beasts reject human beings.”

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