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Kelvin gave him time to calm down and then he walked up to him where he was sitting alone. There was deep sike ce between them but he finally spoke up.

“Bush, I figured out why you were angry and mad at me. She is your missing sister right?” Kelvin asked but got no answer and so he continued.

“Well Bush I want you to know that I never took advantage of your sister. Nti may be young at age but I tell you she has a matured mind, loving, caring, sweet….(smiling as he described her)

A wicked look from Ukeh sent the smiles on Kelvins lips away. He quickly cautioned himself. Well I am sorry if you feel that I took advantage of her but I want you to know that I didn’t. I married her in church before God and the congregation bat large.

Well according to our tradition Nti is not married, her dowry has not been paid. Her marriage drinks has to be poured on the soil of my father land, and her dowry paid then we will know you have married her. I am a Christian but even the Bible understood the meaning of traditional rites.

“I am so sorry Bush, I am sorry you feel hurt like this. But God know I love Nti and I will do everything to protect her.

“Let me ask you something, Do you think Sheila’s age, sorry I mean Nti’s age would have mattered to anyone if they chose her to be thier sex slave? Or if I were to be like my father do you think her age would have mattered?”

There was a Stern look from Ukeh. “So you want me to believe now that you did her a favor by marrying her?” He asked.

“No no it’s not like that. I love her and she loves me, age is nothing but a number, I love your sister and that is why I married her. Please forgive me. Please. But Your sister and I truly love each other and it is for my sake that no one dared maltreated her while she was here.

Ukeh turns and looks at him again.

“But now she is alone, helpless, defenseless and hopeless, my dad sold her. “Kelvin laments

“I wish i knew where she is” he weeps uncontrollably. And then he suddenly stops and turns to Ukeh..

“Why didnt i think of this? Oh Jesus thank you,” he screams as he starts dancing

“What is your problem man? What is it. Ukeh asked

Kelvin: Listen my brother. (He bends and holds Ukeh on his shoulder)

Ukeh turns and looks at him. He wanted to push him away but he was already calm and so he let him be.

“See, the person that brought you have her. He has her” Kelvin said excited

“I don’t understand what you are saying. How do you mean?” Ukeh asks

Sheila, sorry Nti was exchanged with you. It means that my father gave her out to whoever gave you to my father.

Ukeh’s face lit up. He hadn’t thought of that. He quickly jumps up with a big smile on his face.

“Yes, that’s true, yes. She was the girl that was exchanged with me. Oh my dear sister. I was too weak to look at the lady I was being exchange with. Yes! (He jumps excitedly)

“Does that mean, you know who shes with and where she is? Kelvin asks.

Ukeh’s countenance became moody as he answers slowly.

“Yes I know who she is with. But I don’t know where, I don’t know the road or how to reach her.

“But you know who she is with right? Kelvin asks

“Of course, she is with my old master. Master Tommy.

“Master Tommy? Little Tom’s dad? ”

“Yes! ” Ukeh answers. Do you know him?

Kelvin could not hold back his excitement as he broke into a dance.

“Of course u know him. He is my dad’s friend. Little Tom is also my friend and I know their house very well. Oh thank you Jesus. So I am going to see my angel again. Thank you Jesus.

Ukeh: Can we go there now? Please lets go and get my sister please.

Kelvin wanted to pick his jacket and move but then he stops.

“No Ukeh, the Bible says wisdom is profitable to direct. If we go get her now where would we go? How do we even take her from master Tom. He has right over her because he bought her? He won’t touch me but he can kill you for trespassing and then he will call my father and they will sell Nti off again and we may never be able to find her again.

” That’s true. So what do we do?”Ukeh asks

” I think it’s t

ime I introduce you to some persons. It’s a combination of blacks and whites”

Believe it or not, Not every white is bad. There are some that actually wants this evil act of slave trading to end, and it is time for you to meet them.

And for the first time, Ukeh relaxes and allowed Kelvin take him inside the house.

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