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Spirit Awakening

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“The spirit in us humans can be anything. Your mother’s spirit is ice, a strong element, while I have the spirit of books. Although books don’t necessarily have strong power, it gave me an exceedingly better memory than normal people. During the Spirit Awakening ceremony, you will also gain your spirit. If an accompanying Spirit Power appears, you will be able to master it and cultivate it and become a Spirit Master. Now, my son, are you ready?”

Lan Xiao smiled at Lan Xuanyu as he extended his right hand to him.

Lan Xuanyu was now six years old and pampered beyond belief by both his parents. They couldn’t help it, their son was just perfectly obedient and gracious all the time.

Other than the tantrums he threw at the beginning when he wanted the eggshells, Lan Xuanyu never cried and was always joyful. He was always so well-behaved and happy. The only thing they worried about was his inability to speak clearly. Usually, a child’s linguistic ability develops at two years old, but even now at six years old, Lan Xuanyu barely passed the mark. He also has a unique baby voice that both Lan Xiao and Nan Cheng didn’t want to correct because they found it sweet.

His speech problems were also often overlooked by others because Lan Xuanyu has a face that looked like it was carved out of jade. He has beautiful skin and adorable dimples that people couldn’t help but admire.

Ever since the entire Ancient Spirit Beast Research Institute moved to Heaven Dou, a planet that the Soul Federation founded, three years ago, he had been attending the kindergarten near the research institute. Everyone in that school admired him, right down to the students, teachers, and even the parents.

“Daddy, I’m going in,” Lan Xuanyu said as he waved excitedly at Lan Xiao.

“Xuanyu,” Lan Xiao suddenly called out to him.

Lan Xuanyu turned around to look at his father and asked in his adorable voice, “What is it, Daddy?”

Lan Xiao suddenly felt strangely nervous as he recalled that gold and silver patterned egg. He’s been looking forward to Lan Xuanyu’s spirit awakening for years, but now that it’s here, he’s just worried for his son. He might not be his flesh and blood, but the child has already won his heart. At this time, Lan Xiao really wished that his son didn’t need to be a test subject in his own lab.

Lan Xiao pasted an encouraging smile on his face, ignoring the sting of tears threatening to well up in his eyes. “Go on, son. Daddy will wait for you at the gate.”

His son returned his smile, waved again, and bounded to the metal gate.

Lan Xiao pressed the Soul Guidance communication device on his wrist and the other line barely began to ring before it was answered.

“Is it over? How was it? What is his spirit?” Nan Cheng asked, her anxiousness clear even through the communication device.

“We don’t know yet. Xuanyu just went in,” Lan Xiao hurriedly replied.

Nan Cheng scoffed in disbelief. “They why are you calling? You just made me panic for no reason and I’ll have to go through that again later!”

“It’s good that you didn’t come, even I am beyond nervous for him right now,” Lan Xiao said with a self-deprecating laugh. “Listen, Nan Cheng, I just wanted to tell you that whatever our child’s spirit is… let’s forget about the reward. If the team complains, I’ll just split whatever future credits and achievements I receive with them. I don’t even care about getting promoted anymore. Let’s just all forget about the egg.”

Nan Cheng was silent at the other end. Lan Xiao has been the head of the Ancient Spirit Beasts Research Institute for many years now. Although after they relocated, the institute expanded and Lan Xiao was now just a lieutenant colonel. He was now stuck at the fourth ring and the only way to advance was with an outstanding research achievement. He could do that by moving forward with the study that they’ve been doing about Lan Xuanyu.

She also knew that it slightly bothered him that they are now both lieutenant colonels. The difference was that Nan Cheng had more advantage than him since her spirit was strong and she’s already at the sixth ring – Spirit Emperor. If it wasn’t for her desire to raise Lan Xuanyu together with Lan Xiao, she would’ve already been transferred to a better institute with a better position.

“Are you sure about this?” Nan Cheng asked.

If Lan Xuanyu was different from the rest, especially that 100,000-year Spirit Beast energy that appeared before, it would be a great opportunity for Lan Xiao.

“I’m sure. I have made up my mind the day we relocated here, three years ago when we both decided not to have another child. I love Lan Xuanyu with all my heart, I can’t let him be an experiment.”

Nan Cheng laughed at his words. “Look who’s the silly one now. Don’t worry, though, as you said to me all those years ago, ‘I like that you’re silly’. And I agree with you. Our life right now is good. Our son’s amazing and the institute is doing well, too. I don’t need the credit. I will happily split my rewards and achievements with the team, too. We’ll just stay here and do our best to raise our child in the best possible way.”

Lan Xiao sighed, a soft smile gracing his lips. At this moment, all that they could think about was home.

Suddenly, an alarm went off in the Awakening Room.

Lan Xiao’s smile fell and he immediately charged towards the direction of the Awakening Room, hoping that his son was alright.

In the Awakening Room.

Little Lan Xuanyu was standing in the middle of the hexagon-shaped room, his huge eyes filled with wonder.

In the next moment, his surroundings started to light up and strange rays of light encircled him, making him feel a little warm. What was even more bizarre was that he felt his body itching a bit too.

As seconds passed by, the itchy feeling started to intensify. Lan Xuanyu didn’t know if this was normal, but he started to get scared. The itchy feeling wasn’t letting up and his face was already turning pale.

Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore and he yelled, scratching his body furiously with both hands.

The Awakening Rooms have been around for a long time and have been made sure to be safe for children to use. The staff member in charge of the Awakening Room that Lan Xuanyu was in was baffled at how the child was reacting because it has never happened before. Usually, whichever spirit that was awaken would simply appear and that would be the end of it.

When Lan Xuanyu yelled, he thought that the child’s spirit had awoken. He was surprised to see him fall on the ground in pain.

The staff member quickly activated the alarm system and ran to Lan Xuanyu. That was when he felt a strange sense of fear. Although it was just for a split second, it was unmistakable. It was the type of fear that came from the depths of one’s soul. It was so intense that it halted his tracks.

Patterns started appearing on Lan Xuanyu’s skin, intertwining gold and silver, and faintly discernible multi-colored ones.

The door suddenly opened with a loud bang and Lian Xiao dashed inside.

“AH!!!!” Lan Xuanyu yelled as his little body shot up from the ground. In a blink of an eye, the patterns on his body disappeared and a cluster of blue rays shone out of his palms. It soared to at least a meter high and swayed in midair.

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