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Six years later

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Six years later, Heaven Dou Planet.

Her silvery hair flows down her back like a waterfall, beautifully enveloped in its natural silver glow.

“Nana, are you lost in thought again?” Yunyan asked as she opened the door.

It has been three years since Yunyan arrived at the research institute, and her first assignment was to stay in this place and record the daily activities of this young girl in front of her.

That girl’s name was Nana, and she had been in the research institute for a total of six years, or rather, six years have passed since she was awakened.

According to the data, she was revived from cryogenic sleep, and could possibly the first person in the history of the federation to survive being frozen for at least over a millennium.

This case was very high-profile and created a lot of buzz. Everyone wanted to study the girl until they realized that she forgot everything about her past. The only thing that she could remember was her name.

She had never shown any special qualities or abilities during the three years that Yunyan was in charge of observing and recording her daily activities. From observation, they knew that she has a first-class superhuman strength, a subconscious defensive reaction to an attack, and considerable skills in ancient martial arts. Other than those three, there was nothing different about her. They couldn’t even tell if she was a spirit master since they couldn’t sense even a tinge of Spirit Power around her.

Spirit Power is a type of energy that humans develop at the age of six during their Spirit Awakening and the people who have mastered how to harness its power were called Spirit Masters. It’s the essence of their modern science and technology. The Soul Federation calls theirs the Soul Guidance Technology.

Without Spirit Power, fantastic physical qualities don’t matter. They were living in a world where interstellar migration could take place at any time. Ann individual’s fighting power would naturally be valued, yes, but the technology with its mechas and battleships further increased the gap between them.

Nana turned around and smiled excitedly at Yunyan. “You’re here!”

Although Yunyan always tried her best to mentally prepare for her meetings with Nana, the young girl’s smile never fails to dumbstruck her.

Nana was just truly too beautiful. Hers was a beauty that other girls couldn’t help but be jealous of. Those big eyes of her were so clear and so pure that it seemed to reflect everything like a mirror. She hasn’t even aged a day from the moment she was awakened.

If anything, the only fault to be observed was her incredibly tough skin. They have learned that no apparatus in their current time could draw her blood because even the toughest and sharpest tool they have couldn’t break through her skin. Their inability to test her blood was the major reason why she was still considered a mystery in the research institute to this day.

“It’s your big day today!” Yunyan said as she walked over to Nana’s side, moving to pull her long silvery hair up to feel its silky texture. She shook her head and laughed at her antics. “I really shouldn’t be hanging out with you for too long, sweet girl. My sexual orientation is at risk every second that I’m with you.”

Although still pretty naive, Nana wasn’t as ignorant as when she first woke up. During the past six years, she had learned many things about the modern times. If it wasn’t mentioned, no one would think that she has been cryogenically frozen for such a long time.

“That’s impossible! I know that I like men,” Nana rebutted with a laugh. “What big day are you talking about?”

Yunyan answered, “You’ve read the federal law before, right? Well, according to the federal law, a person with an unknown identity, who hasn’t been considered a threat after six years of observation and has someone to vouch for him or her, can be granted temporary federal status and go through a second cycle of observation which runs for another ten years. If everything remains normal after ten years, you’ll be granted permanent status. So, from today onwards, after you complete the procedures, you’ll officially become a temporary federal citizen.”

“Temporary federal citizen, huh?” Nana echoed, emotionless. She wasn’t sure why, but for a split second, there seemed to be a shadow of a memory trying to break through.

“Tang Le, given that you have done well over the past six years, Le Qingling will vouch for you so you can get your temporary citizenship. Temporary citizens are entitled to pretty much the same treatment as federal citizens except going to interstellar travels and purchasing Spirit Souls of black grade and above. You also need to remember to strictly abide by the law in the next ten years if you want to be granted your official citizenship.”


The electronic stamp fell from the Spirit Guidance screen and a silvery-white card shot out and landed on Tang Le’s hand.

Tang Le’s long blue hair was tied up in a simple ponytail, but despite that, looking away from his dashing appearance would still be quite a feat. The female staff member in charge of processing his temporary citizenship has already stared at his face for about 17 times.

“Finally, finally! I can finally use you for your skills! You belong to me from now on!” Le Qingling said with a laugh as she danced happily around him.

From the moment she brought this fella home six years ago, she knew that she had brought back some trouble.

At that time, Tang Le didn’t have an identity and was without an inch of merit! Other than knowing that his surname was Tang, he didn’t remember anything else – not even the basic knowledge in life or common sense.

Le Qingling suspected that because she was the first person he saw, he regarded her as his family so he just kept following her. It was like how baby animals clung to the first thing they see when they open their eyes. She reasoned that that was the reason she brought him home. She would never admit, not even to herself, that she brought him home just because he was handsome!

She gave him the name ‘Tang Le’ since he really couldn’t give her anything else about his real one. And of course, bringing him home created a lot of stress and hassle for her. She had an exceptionally hard time trying to make her parents understand the situation. After much long-winded explanation and begging, her mother decided to let Tang Le stay. Le Qingling had a sneaking suspicion though that her mother’s decision was entirely based on how good looking Tang Le was. Her father’s still quite upset about it to this day.

Le Qingling scoured the interstellar web for reports regarding Tang Le. She ended up reading almost all of the information related to male superstars but she wasn’t able to find even a hint of his existence, though he totally had superstar looks.

Tang Le just kept following her around, acting like a bodyguard by her side. He would even go with her to school and learn her lessons too. That’s when she figured out that he has extraordinary learning abilities.

Of course, Tang Le’s appearance attracted a lot of attention at her school to the extent that she had to buy him a mask so they could both move around in peace.

Six years! Thinking about those good years that she spent on him, from the age of 19 until she was 25, she now considered herself as an aunt. Although humans now have a lifespan of about 200 years and being 25 years old only meant that she was just starting, the responsibility of taking care of Tang Le took over her life too much that she didn’t even have the chance to date.

Luckily, things have finally turned great. He has now a temporary status and she could finally turn him into a superstar. She wanted this so badly that after she graduated from school and completed the Spirit Master evaluation, she had decided to take an optional two-year course on being a superstar manager.

With the temporary citizenship, her plan of grooming a star could finally begin.

She has been obsessed with wealth since she was little and looking at Tang Le, who had a fantastic build and extremely good looks, she knew that she’s finally going to achieve her dreams of being rich – he was practically a money tree!

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