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Only wanted a son

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Lan Xiao was stunned just like the other staff member. Lan Xuanyu stopped moving as well and the itch on his body had disappeared like it was released through the blue rays of light emitted from his palm.

The staff member turned his head and looked at Lan Xiao, “Head, this… this is… Blue Silver grass?” There was a tinge of bewilderment in his voice.

Everybody knew what Lan Xiao and Nan Cheng’s spirits were but the spirit that this child had awakened wasn’t a spirit that either one of them had! It seemed like they were totally unrelated.

The ‘Blue Silver Grass’ was the most ordinary spirit one could have. When the Soul Federation only had the Douluo Planet, it appeared quite often to the point that it was represented as a Trash Spirit. What does a Trash Spirit mean? It means that it cannot be cultivated and was completely useless.

Even the ‘Chopstick Spirit’ would increase the efficiency of one’s eating. Even a ‘Shovel Spirit’ without its spirit power would also allow one to be better at plowing the land.

A Blue Silver Grass spirit? What could it do? Humans aren’t cattle, they don’t eat grass.

However, there were also legends about the ‘Blue Silver Grass’ and its biggest legend has been around for over a hundred or even thousands of years in the Soul Federation! However, ten thousand years have passed and only two of them have remained.

Lan Xiao was way more flabbergasted than that staff member.

Countless possibilities had gone through his mind. He considered the past as a cause to think about his future consequences before he made up his mind to let Lan Xuanyu have his spirit awakening procedure in the institute. This way, he would be able to gain control no matter what happens.

He had thought of what Lan Xuanyu’s spirit might be and how strong it could be, he even considered thinking about its Spirit God level but he never expected that his son, born out of an egg would have a ‘Blue Silver Grass’ spirit that nothing to do with Spirit Beasts!

Wait a minute, something isn’t right! Lan Xiao’s eyes constricted.

If it was in a Spirit Awakening room at another place, the staff member would have confirmed that Lan Xuanyu’s spirit was Blue Silver Grass – an ordinary trash type.

However, this was the Ancient Spirit Beasts Research Institute and Lan Xiao was its head.

Trash Spirits weren’t worth researching at all but it also once had the greatest legend in Soul Land. Hence, Lan Xiao had done some research in regards to this Blue Silver Grass that had been around for a long time even before the history of mankind.

The Blue Silver Grass Spirits were very common in the Soul Federation in the past, it was officially a Trash Spirit. However, it didn’t seem that a Trash Spirit like this would awaken this way.

With that thought, Lan Xiao’s brain started to think quickly and he recalled all of the relevant information and knowledge regarding the Blue Silver Grass in his mind.

The first thing he recalled was that the awakening of a Blue Silver Grass spirit could only be done by a single hand. He was certain at this point. It wasn’t bad to have a ‘Blue Silver Grass’ shooting out of one’s palm for a few centimeters right after it was awakened but how could his son’s grass reach over two meters high? Furthermore, that blue ray of light that he emitted didn’t seem to be quite ordinary.

“Head, do we still have to conduct the Spirit Power test?” The staff member probed. He had a look of sympathy on his face, any father would be upset when they see their son having a Trash Spirit.

“Of course…” Lan Xiao wanted to say more but he hesitated. He just shook his head and said, “Forget it, we have the Spirit Power Testing apparatus, I’ll give him the test when we’re home.”

The staff member nodded with an understanding gaze, “Alright, I’ll confirm that Lan Xuanyu’s spirit is a Blue Silver Grass, then?”

“En.” Lan Xiao agreed, he walked over to his son and placed his arm around his shoulders.

“Daddy, is this my spirit?” Lan Xuanyu asked curiously.

Lan Xiao wiped the sweat off of his head and nodded, “That’s right! This is your spirit! Let’s call it now, okay? You just need to think of keeping it and it should return.”

“Oh, oh, let me try.” Lan Xuanyu did as he was told and indeed, that bunch of Blue Silver Grass gradually shrank before it finally disappeared from his palm. However, Lan Xuanyu didn’t notice that when it disappeared, a glint of a gold and silver light flickered in each of his palms. The golden light sparkled on his right and the silver on his left.

After leaving the Spirit Awakening Room, not a world left Lan Xiao’s mouth as he brought his son out of the institute to drive him home with his Soul Guidance car.

Their family lived at the family apartment near the research institute and the treatment for Lieutenant colonels was quite good. The 200 square meter house was very spacious for a family of three and they even had a room specially made for cultivation.

After closing the door, Lan Xiao pulled his son to sit down on the sofa. He looked seriously at Lan Xuanyu and asked, “Xuanyu, what happened during your Spirit Awakening today? Tell daddy what you felt.”

Lan Xuanyu blinked, he was scared. “Daddy, it felt very itchy – I was itching all over! It was agonizing so I started scratching. It was especially itchy like something in my body was itching and scratching didn’t work at all. After that, all the itch was focused on my hands and they shot out through my palms. Then, it didn’t itch anymore.”

Lan Xuanyu was about to ask for more details when his Soul Guidance communication device rang. “Nan Cheng, don’t ask about it first. Yes, it is a Blue Silver Grass. We’ll talk once you get home.”

“Alright.” The anxious Nan Cheng sensed something and quickly hung up.

Not long after that call, she reached their home as well.

“Blue Silver Grass? Xuanyu’s spirit is Blue Silver Grass?” Nan Cheng was in disbelief.

Lan Xiao glanced at her before he turned his head Lan Xuanyu, saying, “Son, go to your room and play for a while, daddy has something to say to mommy.”

“Oh,” Lan Xuanyu replied and he immediately went into his room.

“What exactly is going on?” Nan Cheng pulled Lan Xiao’s arm anxiously.

Lan Xiao narrowed his eyes, “It definitely isn’t an ordinary Blue Silver Grass, It’s not ordinary at all, I am very certain. An ordinary Blue Silver Grass wouldn’t grow out of two hands and it wouldn’t grow so long after being awakened. Also, Xuanyu’s Blue Silver Grass was beautiful.”

Nan Cheng also researched about the Ancient Spirit Beasts and immediately thought of a possibility, “Could it be the legendary Blue Silver Emperor? If it is, then it all makes sense.”

“No, it doesn’t.” Lan Xiao replied without a shred of hesitation, “We wouldn’t have any problem with the Blue Silver Emperor’s level, it might be recultivated from the 100,000 year old Spirit Beast after all. But what doesn’t make sense is that it came from an egg. The Blue Silver Emperor is a plant so how could it grow from an egg?”

Nan Cheng knitted her brows, “Maybe it sealed itself?”

“Sealed into an egg? I highly doubt it.” Lan Xiao shook his head.

Nan Cheng didn’t insist on her idea, because she trusted her husband’s knowledge in line with his work. Although Lan Xiao was young, he was considered an expert in this matter.

“What should we do then? This child…” Nan Cheng furrowed her brows.

Lan Xiao took his time to think about it. Their biggest worry was the chance of Lan Xuanyu’s spirit becoming too overpowered that it might attract the attention of the higher ups. If that happens, the only thing that they could tell was the truth. But right now, everyone would just consider it as a Blue Silver Grass… Blue Silver Grass?

Lan Xiao lifted his head and revealed a smile. At this moment, he seemed to have recovered his usual composure.

“A Blue Silver Grass isn’t that bad at all! At least, it is a Trash Spirit in the records and I didn’t let him go through with the Spirit Power test. We’ll find out how strong it is later when we do the assessment and I am very sure that an accompanying Spirit Power will appear. As to the level of his Spirit Power, we’re the one reporting it ourselves so we have the final say, right? This means…”

Nan Cheng understood it as well, “It means that he wouldn’t be taken away from us and he would always be our son.”

Lan Xiao laughed, “That’s right! We have overcome the most challenging part. Next, we have to find out exactly what his spirit was before we think of a countermeasure. Even if he was found to be different when he grows up, we can just say that his spirit changed. With the Soul Guidance technology advancing rapidly, the Spirit Masters will no longer be so valued. As long as we’re careful, he’ll always be our son. As to how he is going to live or how he wants to live in the future, we’ll just have to make sure that his heart stays pure. If he’s strong, we’re happy and if he’s weak, we won’t be upset. Right?”

Nan Cheng finally smiled, “That’s right! I just want a son and everything else is secondary.”

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