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“make we enter Ilya du Neked wire na, e don

tay wey i drink Pammy oh” Man said in the

evening of the next day as we sat at Big boys


“i go follow una go drink oh” Brainbox said.

“na which leg you go use waka go? Abi you go

enter Aeroplane go?” I said.

“Una go carry me for back go na” Brainbox


“who go carry you for back?” I needed to


“na you na” He answered.

“me? Carry you? Make i carry you for back

make people think say i wan use you go do

sacrifice, abi you no know say you resemble

wetin them wan use do sacrifice” I said what

made customers at Big boys cutz laughed.

Brainbox looked not like a sacrificial Lamb

but like a sacrificial Goat. With Plaster of

Paris on his swollen leg and Bandage tied

around his broken wrist, he looked like a

survivor of a plane crash.

“next time if you see gym you go run” Man


“no mind Brainbox, make we dey go drink jor”

Tupac said.

We had barely taken Seven steps when we saw

a Toyota spider car drove into our compound.

The two persons i saw in the car were Tochi

and his elder sister Kate.

“so this Tochi get motor?” I asked.

“him get na, you no know say him be Yahoo

boy” Bigie answered.

“so this kin small boy get motor, nawa oh” I


“Tochi no be small boy oh, him just get baby

face” Bigie stated.

“abeg make we hear word, the boy na small

boy jor” Tupac said almost immediately.

“no dey talk wetin, you no know abeg, i know

the guy pass you, i say him no be small boy”

Bigie attacked.

“boy wey no fit pass 22years nahim you say

no be small boy, you no get sense oh” Tupac

raised his voice.

“na you no get sense, i dey tell you about

person wey i know you dey talk r’ubbish” they

were arguing. Just like they always argued

about their late role models; Lasane Paris

Crooks and Cristopher Wallace.

To me, Tochi was a “small boy”.

If him be small boy, why you com dey fear

am? You would ask.

Why i no go fear am, he was a cultist for

pity’s sake.

You nkor you no be cultist? You would further


I was a retired Cultist, while he was a point 1

of Buccaneer.

Him no be man like you? You would still

further ask.

Him no be one man oh, only him na “mans”.

Oo Yes, “mans” is the plural of “man”. Oyibo

people go just dey decieve us, if the plural of

“mango” is not “mengo”, then why wouldn’t

the plural of “man” be “mans”.

On a more serious note, one could hardly find

Tochi alone without atleast two “mans” with

him, because he was a cult leader.

If i was to Luckily find him alone without his

“mans”, i would surely beat the hell out of him

like his elder i was. After beating Tochi the

Leader of Buccaneer, the next and best thing

for me to do would be to pack my bags and

leave Owerri, or better still leave Nigeria, infact

leave the World, because Buccaneer

Confraternity is a Worldwide cult. So many

“mans” worldwide would surely chase me to

Planet Mars.

“wetin i know be say Tochi na small boy” They

were still arguing.

“make una stop to dey drag jor, una never

hear tori for town” I brought the argument to

a stop.

The word “drag” isn’t a mistake, it is the

Pidgin interpretation of the English word


“wetin be the tori?” Bigie curiously asked.

“Police don arrest Chief Livinus” I announced.

“why dem arrest am na?” Tupac asked.

“dem say na him send dem Ade make dem kill

Chief Ogbonna” Man said.

“ehennn! Why him kill am na?” Bigie inquired.

“him and Chief Ogbonna wan contest for Local

government Chairman election, and him know

say Chief Ogbonna go win the election nahim

make him kill am” I told the story. I told it

how i heard it, without missing words.

“nawa oh! People wicked oh! But who tell una

this things sef?” Tupac asked.

“na Baba jay and Snoop, you know say na

them dey dey house na” Man said.

“who tell two of them sef” Bigie asked. “when

you reach house make you ask them” Man


We had barely drank for 2minutes at Ilya du

Neked wire when i saw two Police Vans

suddenly parked. My dull brain initially

thought the Policemen came to drink Pammy.

Some guys ran, i tried running also, but when

i needed my legs the most, it failed me..

The next place i saw myself was in one of the


I wept.

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