Men Dey Reason - S01 E117

2 months ago

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Of a truth, i looked like a Barrister, as my old face

cap looked more like the wig worn by judges in the

court of Law.

“drinking responsibly oh” Pkc warned. “yes i will” I

answered as i walked out of the room.

Far be it from me to jest about the advert of most

beer manufacturers but, is there anything

responsible about Drinking? As the last line of

their advert would say “Drink Responsibly”.

Drinking beer to me is the most irresponsible thing

to do. As far as am concern, a bottle will lead to

two bottles, two bottles to three, three to four,

and after four you would still be tempted to take

one for the road, as far as the money is available,

and as far as the beer is the Legendary “my friend


We were soon off to the nearest drinking bar, all

of us save Tega, and of course Pkc and MOG.

Seated at a bar along the roadside, I ordered, i

guess as the Barrister i was.

“Snoop make you and Baba jay try for this Barbing

salon, so we go gain oh” Brainbox advised.

“we go try” Snoop assured.

“na tomorrow morning we go start to dey barb,

and we go first barb all of una hair” Baba jay


That night Udeme tasted like Honey, so i drank

with all dexterity.

If i was a Barrister, then Man was a Senior

Advocate of Nigeria(SAN) because he was a bottle

ahead of me.

If Man was a SAN, then Snoop was a Chief Justice

of a Federal High Court because he was a bottle

ahead of him.

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