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Why wouldn’t she? Considering the amount of

money involved. 50K.

After painstakingly checking what we had done,

and it was well, Madam Ifeoma handed Team

Igbakwambo and Team Man a huge bunch of money

each, and she asked us if we would be able to dig

another pit the next day, of which Man answered

“Yes”, likewise Igbakwambo and Ochagbuorie. Left

to me, i would had answered “No” because i wasn’t

feeling my both hands at all.

As i held the huge bunch of money Madam Ifeoma

gave me as our pay, i almost cried.

Tears of Joy, because the last time i held such

huge amount of money was when i went to pay my

final year school fees.

Where else would we head to after such hard work

but Soroagwa’s canteen.

Soroagwa’s canteen was empty of customers that

evening. What kept him company was the plate of

Isiewu and the bottle of Gulder beer he was


“Soroagwa you dey enjoy oh” Man complimented.

“na God oh” Soroagwa responded.

“shey na God dey chop the Isiewu, abi na Him dey

drink the beer?” I nearly said.

“wetin i go bring for una?” Soroagwa asked after

he had finished his “dialogue” with Isiewu and


“Ogbono soup dey?” Man asked. “yes e dey”

answered Soroagwa.

“okay give me Ogbono soup, and put four meat,

two kpomor and one fish” Man ordered.

I almost gave him a round of applause for ordering

like a Vampire would, but i thought twice because

the money was there.

“Akpu dey?” Man asked again. “yes e dey” Sorogwa


“give me four Akpu make i use start first, i fit

need extra later” Man ordered.

This time, i almost shouted “Hallelujah” because of

his wierd order.

On a normal Kponkpon day, i wouldn’t be able to

finish two wraps of Akpu, not to talk of three, but

here was Man demanding for Four wraps.

“the Four Akpu wey you say make Soroagwa bring

na for three of us?” Brainbox inquired.

“which kin three of us, na for only me jor” Man

replied. “e be like say una no dey hungry oh, since

morning na only Bons dey my belle, upon the work

wey we work” He further said.

Were the Four wraps of Akpu for three of us,

there would still had been leftover, because one

wrap was as big as the head of a New born baby.

“make i bring the same thing for una two?”

Soroagwa was refering to I and Brainbox.

I thought of it for a while and said, “no oh, me na

two Akpu i go chop oh”. “na two Akpu me sef want

oh” Brainbox said.

Even if i wanted to commit suicide, not with Akpu.

There were a hundred and one better ways of

committing suicide.

“Brainbox, as you don pay your money for the

barbing salon wey we wan open, i want make you

borrow me your share of this money” Man said as

he was sharing the money.

“how Brainbox go borrow you money, Brainbox wey

like money pass himself” I said within.

To my greatest surprise, Brainbox said, “no

wahala, i go borrow you”.

“Baba Brain!! You be correct Man, no worry i go

give you back if we dig another pit tomorrow” Man


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