Men Dey Reason - S01 E79

1 month ago

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I felt a vibration in my b’alls that i thought the

pepper had c’astrated me.

I couldn’t hold the pain any longer, so i was

shaking on my chair like a Jelly fish.

And it seemed my chair also couldn’t hold my

shaking any longer, so it sent me landing to the


Had i landed on a mattress, i would had been glad.

But i landed on a urine flooded floor.

“the whole money na 25k, how we go take share

am” Bigie said on our way to board a bus to take us

home. “when we reach house, we go know how we

go share am” said Man.

It was getting dark. The darkness couldn’t hide

the fact that i smelled like a S’kunk. I was wet


“something dey smell” Tupac noticed as he walked

shoulder to shoulder with me. “na all this dustbin

wey dey for road, this market too dirty” I said and

Brainbox giggled.

A seat by the window was it, so i gently went to

seat close to the window at the extreme of the

bus we boarded.

“make una come sidon for here na” I was

beckoning my friends to come seat on the empty

seats beside me.

“no worry make we sidon here, only u sidon there”

Brainbox replied and they all laughed.

“why una dey laugh na, wetin funny?” I inquired

what fuelled their laughter the more.

Had Brainbox told the others that i fell on urine? I

asked myself.

I could still feel slight peppery sentation in my

d’ick, although it was diminishing gradually.

The “fragrance” that emanated from my shirt

smelled like the fragrance a He-goat produces.

Or were they rearing Goats in that shop? I asked


My wish at that moment was for nobody to come

seat by my side. That wasn’t possible, unless of

course i was ready to pay for the empty seats.

Even if somebody would seat by my side, atleast

not a female.

A female it was, a beautiful one at that.

Not just beautiful, but Big and Beautiful.

The females that followed behind her were of her


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