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{Deception 3}

Fire the bazooka,

Felix saw the incoming object coming at him through the mirror and he swerved then jumped at of the car, the object came in contact with the car and it exploded.

He seems hurt and he is heading for our hideout,

I can see that, Bryan replied.

Land the helicopter.

The helicopter landed and Bryan saw traces of what looked like Felix blood.

Looks like he might bleed to death, Bryan said smiling then he entered the building.

Bryan followed the stairs and saw more traces of the blood, he then saw Felix on a chair closing his eyes.

Well, well, he seems death is knocking already on your door.

I guess so too, Felix said weakly.

Get the gasoline, Bryan said to the man by his side.

Here boss, the guy said handing the keg of gasoline to Bryan.

When you are dead, I don’t want you to come back,so I am going to make sure you stay dead, Bryan said smiling and pouring the gasoline at felix.

Pour it on the entire building, Bryan said handing the keg over to the man.

Sound of various vehicles could be heard by the people in the hide- out.

Light him up, Bryan said to the men and he personally went downstairs to check, as soon as the people in the vehicle saw him, they started shooting arrows aiming for him and he ran back upstairs.

What the, Bryan said in surprise seeing all the men laying on the floor with the fire started and Felix no where in sight.

You, lady mitsuki said swinging her chain seeing Bryan.

Lad.., lady mit.. Suki, what brings you here.

You killed boyd and you are acting dumb, despicable, lady mitsuki replied still swinging her chain

Meanwhile, near a blue car two men wearing standing one looking at a building through a binoculars.

Ouch, Benson said and put the binoculars down.

Your plan really worked Felix, Benson said starting the car.

Yeah, I guess, felix said entering the car and Benson drove off.

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