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{Deception 4}

«««Flash Back

So what is your plan felix, Benson asked.

Ok, I got two more photostatic veil one of Sanju and one of Bryan in my possession .

My first plan is as thus, I will try to deceive Bryan using the photostatic veil of Sanju, but I decided against it because Bryan would easily spot me even if I magically turned to a woman, because of our feud.

So I am going to bet on him recognizing me In the disguise and you are to wear Bryan photostatic veil underneath the one you are already wearing, but the problem is how do you escape, Felix said.

I got an idea, Bryan is a showoff and would probably use the chopper to meet with “Sanju”, Benson said air quoting.

So when you are discovered you got to pass through this street with the helicopter on your tail to their abandoned hide-out,

That will make LOM think you escaped by the chopper to the hide out, felix interrupted and shaked Benson.

But the timing need to be perfect.

Yeah, they said with an high five.


Old man Jenkins we did, Felix said excited as he and Benson entered old man Jenkins lair, with Chris, Paige and Sasha present.

Hmm, old man Jenkins muttered indifferent, chris, Paige and Sasha also had the same look .

Benson noticing this asked.

What is the matter, you guys don’t seem happy

That fuc*ing org has also uploaded all our agents ID and their families to the underworld and an attack is imminent, chris said with all seriousness

Sh*t, how is that even possible, felix asked.

During the signing of the treaty years back the LOM insisted on having the agreement in our HQ as a way to build trust but we are just finding out they planted a bug unknown to us waiting to be activated but they activated it now, old man Jenkins said.

Those bast*rds, chris cursed.

Boom 💥, Boom, mortars were been fired and drone been sent to Amsterdam.

It has begun, old man Jenkins said as he and the others rushed out of the rattling building.

As soon as they reached out, chris was shot on his head by drone displaying his image and a computerized voice saying target eliminated.

Gunfire and explosion sound rocked the entire city.

What do we do now, Sasha asked as she saw men from different organization Killing the few remaining assassin guild members.

Drone bombs started falling and exploding.

Great, Benson said, seeing the drone bomb dropping on one of their many assailants.

oldman jenkins!!!

Felix, Benson, Paige and Sasha shouted seeing an arrow stuck on his chest.

Old man jenkins, felix said supporting him.

I have been poisoned, old man jenkins said looking at the direction the arrow was fired from.

We will get the antidote, Benson said with his voice shaking.

If it is from who I think it is, there is no, forget it, there would be enough time to prepare the antidote quickly get on the jet, old man jenkins said pushing Benson and Felix away from him.

Old man jenkins, Paige who tried to get close to him said.

Go, old man jenkins yelled.


On a building faraway, sanju could be seen holding a bow,with a calm expression with a brightly colored frog by his side.

Old man jenkins, I’m sorry, he muttered to himself

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