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{Deception 2}

Felix was running downstairs, with men from the assassin guild chasing him, while Bryan went in the helicopter with some men and it lifted up the building .

I see him through a window, a man said to Bryan.

Well, shoot, and they started shooting sporadically at the building wanting to tag Felix.


Benson and boyd were putting on an interesting match for their spectators.

Benson face was greatly pale because of the electricity

An electric object was hurled at benson but he dodged it.

Benson hurled a chain at boyd but he caught and passed the electricity through the chain to benson, Benson then let go of the chain because of the electricity .

Something seems of, no new elite as ever lasted this long in a fight with boyd before, Sanju said watching their fight.

Yes, and again his fighting stance and technique is not of ours but I just seems to have fought with someone with the same technique but I don’t really remember, lady mitsuki said.

Benson now with his bow staff used it to block a object hurled at him until it came in contact with a knife and immediately his bow staff came in contact with the knife, electricity passed into his body.

What the, Benson was surprised,

This is wood, wood don’t conduct electricity or maybe..

Don’t think to much that is one of my trick, boyd said smiling.

Now to finish you, boyd said rushing to benson but Benson dodge and tagged him on the abdomen with an object .

Boyd was not aware of the object until it exploded.

Sanju and lady mitsuki both stood up with look of anger.

I remember now, lady mitsuki said.

Assassin Guild, Sanju said shattering the glass cup in his hand.

Go bring the grenade.

Benson then removed his photostatic veil revealing Bryan face and smiled at the men trying to force the door open.

You, boyd said with his abdomen gradually joining together.

Oops, I forgot, Benson said then he quickly triggered the fire alarm inside the hall and he was punched hard on the cheek by boyd.

Boyd then picked up Benson and threw him hard on the wall, benson wincing in pain saw an object near the window, then he quickly stood up and ran towards there.

Boyd picked up a chain an hurled it at Benson who caught with his hand and moved enduring the shock, he wrapped the chain at a junction used for charging the battery of an electric car.

Look of horror was on the face of Boyd because junction conduct ten times more electricity he can handle

Adios, Benson said flipping the switch and boyd was soon electrocuted with body smelling of smoke.

Sanju managed to force the door open using brute force and entered, Benson then ran and jumped out of the window before they could get to him.

Sanju and lady mitsuki looked outside the window for any sign of Benson until they saw an helicopter 🚁 customized by the assassin guild.

Follow that chopper, Sanju yelled.

Supreme our system has been hacked and all our members ID has been spread across the internet.

Assassin Guild!!!


Felix in a car was been chased by a yellow chopper which was shooting at him.

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