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“I know you have philophobia.. I’m sure you had an attack because you know Nisei can’t love you back especially now that you like her…”

“I owe you no explanation…”I growled..

“Why are you getting angry over this issue…???”he asked..

“I don’t like Nissi… I love her and I’ll fight to gain her love..”I said..

“She’s my girlfriend now… You can’t take her away from me.. She loves me alot… Only me…”he glared at me..

“If you’re so sure, you have nothing to worry about then… But I’m getting her back…”I stated firmly..

“She’s not a possession you can own.. She’s a jewel to be loved and I love her with all my heart..”he said..

“And I love her with all my heart and soul..”I can’t believe I’m saying that..

“It’s a challenge then…”he stated…

“Challenge accepted…”I glared dangerously at him before walking out on him..

Nissi Akiko is mine!!!


“Mom, is daddy still coming over??”My daughter asked nervously as she assisted me to set the dinning table..

“He called few minutes ago, that he’s on his way here…”I replied..

“I know, I’m just worried about him.. he’s sick and not fit to drive”

“He’s fine sweetie… Trust me..”I replied and relunctanly she nods her head in agreement..

And I walked back to the kitchen grabbing the bowl of pasta and a bowl of chicken

“Is he gonna spend the night here???”She asked and I froze..

“No baby… He’ll leave after dinner..”I stuttered recovering from the shocked.

“But I want him to spend the night here, mommy…”

“I can’t grant that favor, Treasure”I replied sounding irritated..

“But mom, he’s my dad”

“I’m not arguing with you on that note.. he’s your dad but a stranger to me, he can’t stay with us..”


“No but!!”I shouted interrupting her…

I can’t believe I shouted on her like that..

She lowered her eyes to the floor..

“I’m sorry baby….”I said pulling her closer towards me gently..

“I’m so sorry too mommy…”she muttered..

“I know you wanna spend the night with your daddy, this weekend you’ll stay over at his place… Is that manageable for you???”I asked as I noticed a small smile on her face .

“Thank you Mommy..”she hugged me.. But our sweet moment was interrupted by the sound of the door bell ringing..

Speaking of the devil and he appears…

“That must be daddy!!”She squealed happily running towards the door while I trailed after her majestically…

“Hold on, I’ll open the door..”I called after her but she beats me to it…

“Daddy!!!”She screamed as she jumped on him while he hoisted her into his arms..

He pecked her cheeks twice before dropping her on her feet..

“Look what I got for you, princess..”He said handing her a present..

“Thank you Daddy..”She ran back towards me .

“Should I open it now mommy???”She asked..

“Can’t it wait till after dinner???”I asked her ignoring her question and she frowns..

“But I want to see what daddy bought for me… It’s like a box…”She grumbled..

“After dinner..”

I can’t succumb to her will all the time..

“But mommy…”

“No but baby… After dinner you can open your present..”I shunned her..

“Your mommy is right princess, the gift can wait…”Fabian finally spoke up..

“If you say so daddy…”She replied walking over to drop the gift on the couch..

Before walking over to the dinning table…

“You look lovely tonight..”Fabian shockingly complimented me..

“Thanks.. This way please…”I said leading him to the dinning table..

“You don’t have to me formal around me.. And I know every nook and cranny of this mansion..

Please don’t treat me like a guest..”He said and I halted..

“But you’re a guest here.. How else should I treat you???”I asked with a sly smile on my face and he smirked…

“Like a friend…”he replied taking few steps closer to me…

“I disagree to agree with you… We were friends…”I corrected him not feeling intimidated by his glare..

“We were friends, I agree… We are now co-parent..”

“Don’t irritate me further tonight.. I’m not happy sharing my roof with you… I’m only enduring this torment because of our daughter’s sake…”I snapped at him..

His eyes flare up with hurt but it vanished off quickly…

“Just a slight headache..”He grumbled..

“Sorry about that..”

“Please don’t say anything to my Princess..”He whispered before walking past me..

As if I will!!

We dug into our food quietly..

The silence between us all was making me uncomfortable..

My daughter also was awkwardly quiet, eyes glued on her food..

Rushing her meal

Is she behaving like this because I asked her not to open her gift??

“Baby, Please eat slowly…”I spoke up scared that she might choke or something else..

“Nah!!”she replied with a mouthful..

I watched as she chewed the food in her mouth fast, using her juice to swallow the food in her mouth.

“What’s the hurry for??”I asked but she ignored me..

Why should my daughter be snobbing me??

“I’m talking to you, Treasure!’i raised my voice

“I heard you Mom, I’m right over here, you don’t need to yell at me”She answered her attention focused on her food..

“What!!”I exclaimed..

“Apologize to your Mom…”Fabian commanded..

“I’m not at fault daddy, mom is.. she should be the one to apologise to me..”Treasure raised her voice…

“How is she at fault??? She has your best interest at heart…”Fabian defended me…

I sit still in shock at my daughter’s outburst but I’m more shocked that Fabian is defending me.

“She doesn’t… She won’t let you spend the night with me, she won’t let me open the gift you bought me, it obvious she doesn’t even want you here..”

“She has a reason princess.. She’s doing all these things for your good.. if not I wouldn’t be here.. She hates me more than she hates a devil..”

“No, I don’t”I shouted..

“Yes you do!!”Fabian and treasure said chorusly..

“Ooohhh!!”I exclaimed..

“Maybe you hate me more than you hate the devil..”Fabian muttered..

“Why would I???”I asked

“Because I hurt you the most…”Fabian acknowledge..

Thank God he acknowledged his mistake.

I hate him so much that sometimes it hurts a lot…

I wish I never met him…

Thank goodness I have Travis in my life, my life would have been a complete disaster…

“I don’t eat with people I hate… So I don’t hate you the way you’re describing it…”I defended myself literally lieing..

I hate you so much Fabian…

More than you imagine…

“I hope you don’t because I’m sorry for the pain I put you through…”

It’s too late for that..

“Now is not the right time for such discussion”I mumbled…

“I’m sorry Mom for my outburst..”Treasure muttered…

“I forgive you darling… Eat up..”

‘This is not over’i mouthed at Fabian and he smirked at me..

I won’t spare him..

“Mom thank you for the food”Treasure spoke up picking up her empty dish…

“You’re welcome”I replied her and she hurried to the kitchen..

“Why would you bring such topic in the presence of our daughter??”I asked glaring at him..

“I was trying to defend you and I use that to prove a point to treasure that you love her and you’re doing everything because of her”he replied…

“Mom!!! Look at this”Treasure shouted…

“WOW!!”I exclaimed..

“My own i-pad..”

“I thought you wouldn’t like it..”Fabian muttered…

“Like it..??? I don’t like it…”Treasure replied and Fabian’s countenance dropped..

His spoon slipped from his grib…

“I love it…”Treasure squealed as she rushed to embrace him, and they exchanged kisses….

“Let’s take our first family photograph….”Treasure suggested…

“That’s a great idea…”Fabian added…

“I don’t know where I kept my camera…”I lied..

“It’s with me mom…”She replied

“Here it is dad…”She handed the camera over to Fabian and I mentally face palm Fabian..

“Mom, we need your best smile..”Treasure said and I forced myself to smile back as the camera made a shuttering sound..


“We look great…”Fabian acknowledge…

I hate to admit it, we do look extremely beautiful in the picture like a perfect family but there’s nothing perfect about us..

“Mommy, I’m going to my room, I need to download many things and I also need a frame for this picture..”

“Okay sweetie…”

“Take good care of dad… Don’t make him leave early…”

I definitely will make him leave

“I won’t”I lied and she happily ran off to her room…

“You just lied to her”Fabian spoke up but I ignored him..

I cleared the table as I took the dirty dishes to the kitchen…

After washing the dishes, I slumped on the parlour couch to rest my back for a while as I suddenly began to feel dizzy…

“We need to talk..”he spoke up sitting closely beside me on the same couch..

We sure do need to talk

“No we don’t have any thing to talk about but I do want to make one thing clear… You’re only under my roof because of Treasure.. I don’t have any problem with you trying to be a good father to her but I do have a problem with you trying to turn my daughter against me…”

“Your daughter??”he questioned looking quite amazed…

“Yeah!!! She’s my daughter”I said as I stood up, I walked away from him..

“Nah!!! She’s our daughter, Nissi… Our daughter…”he paused walking closer to me but there was still much space between us…

“I’m not trying to turn our daughter against you, her lovely mother… If this is about me bringing up our issue in her presence I’m sorry… It just came out of my mouth.. I was just trying to make a point to her that you’re going through a hard time making her happy”

“I appreciate your effort but now she also believe I hate you..”

“Which on the contrary, you do…”he interrupted me..

“I sure do… I hate with all my heart.. Your presence irritates me.. I feel suffocated around you..”

“But you once loved having me around especially buried deeply inside you.. What happened???

Did you never truly loved me??

Was it just sexual pleasure???

Answer me!!”he commanded…

“I won’t answer..”I stood my ground..

“You will… Your silence means so many things.. it seems to me that you still love me.. you’re just playing too hard to get… You’re hurt… And I’m sorry…”

“I don’t need you in my life anymore… I have someone great filling my life.. You hurt me, you’re still hurting me… Your presence is suffocating me…”I muttered fighting back the urge to cry…

“If you still resent me to this extent, it means you still loved me.. You’re trying hard to forget me but you can’t because you’ve never loved anyone as much as you loved me.. And no matter how hard you try to hate me, deep down your heart, there’s love for me…”

I laughed at him…

“You humour me, Fabian… I don’t love you.. that was my greatest mistake and I won’t repeat….”

His lips crashed down on mine, silencing my statement..

I struggled with him as he forcefully claimed my lips forcing my lips apart, pushing me to the wall…

He forcefully trapped my hand above my head, deepening the kiss..

I was rendered helpless, my body slowly ignites with pleasure..

Just when I began to enjoy the kiss as I kissed him back, he broke the kiss…

He released his hold on me and walked back to the couch with a grin on his face…

I stood dazzled by the wave of pleasure and shame…

How could I have foolishly kissed him back..???

“Your words aren’t all true… Your eyes and passion are true to me…” He spoke up, staring at me..

“You forced your way.. You held me against my will… I just had to succumb to your will for you to release me.. I knew what you wanted… Instead of fighting an helpless battle I surrendered….

But I won’t repeat it again.. I won’t let you have your way with me… I’m not yours… I never was and I never will.. I surrendered today but never will I surrender again..”I countered walking towards him….

He chuckled softly…

“I know… But never say never”

“Why are you doing this??”I asked..

“This??”he asked..

“Yeah!!”I replied slumping on the couch dizzily…

His gaze was fixed on mine as he replied..

“Because I love you…”

And I gasped..

He can’t love…

But he still loves Patricia..

“I can love.. I just locked my emotions because I was scared of getting hurt.. I love you Nissi..”he confessed sincerely..

Could he be faking his sincerity??

“What about the attack you had in my office?? Wasn’t it because of Patricia..??”I asked slightly confused

“No.. it was because of you.. because now I love you but you don’t love me back…

But I’ll do anything to prove myself worthy of your love..

Just give me one chance..

I won’t fight fair..

I don’t fight fair…

I love you…”

“I don’t need you in my life… I’m just gonna hurt you”I whispered

There’s no space right now

“I’ll bear it, as long as you love me in return…”

I may not be alive to love you in return…

“There’s no space for you…”

“I’ll create a space for myself.. I love you..”

“I’m sorry”

“Give me one chance to prove myself to you… For our daughter’s sake..”

“That’s not fair…”

“I don’t fight fair..”

“Mom, say yes to daddy..”Treasure spoke up walking towards me…

“Why are you ears dropping on us???”I questioned..

“I walked in on your conversation.. And i know daddy loves you.. Say yes for my sake..”she pleaded with folded palm..

“Don’t interfere in adult issues…”I said grinding my teeth..

“Okay Mom.. But you guys are my parent and not adult to me because you still argue like kids…”

“Ooohhh really???”I questioned and she chuckled softly…

“We do argue alot like kids these past few days..”Fabian chipped in..

“I’m right mom…”Treasure grinned happily…

“Of course you are…”I accepted..

“Say yes to dad…”

“I thought we ended that issue..”

“We did not.. You changed the topic..”Fabian answered…

I sure did..

“Please mom, just one chance…”Treasure beckoned…



“Okay, Yes…”I blurted out…

“Don’t make me regret this…”I warned Fabian glaring at him…

“I won’t promise to be perfect but I’ll try not to hurt you because all these feelings is also new to me..”he replied…

“WOW!!!! I have my mommy and daddy together as one….”Treasure squealed and hugged me…

“Mommy, can daddy stay with us tonight???”She asked again…

She won’t drop this issue so easily.

“I’m sorry baby, but daddy won’t be staying with us tonight..”I replied..

“But I want daddy to stay with us tonight…”

I don’t want him here..

I don’t want him anywhere around me..

“Mommy!!!”she pleas

“He can’t stay here tonight…”I snapped at her…

Suddenly heavy rain began to fall..

“Yeaaapppppp!!!!”Treasure jubilated jumping happily…

“I won!!! Daddy is spending the night with us…”Treasure shouted happily

Left for me, I’ll send him out in the rain… After all he’s not gonna trek under the rain..

I’ll give him an umbrella to walk to his car and then he’ll drive home..

But I can’t deprive my daughter of her happiness because of my hatred for her father…

“You won!!!”I sighed defeatedly.

“I wanna dress our bed…”Treasure said before rushing upstairs..

Seems like fate is not on my side today…

“Thank you..”Fabian said standing too close to me…

“Don’t thanks me… It’s obvious the heaven is on your side tonight…”

“It’s not the heaven’s grace that worked for me… I know you can send me off with an umbrella… But you didn’t…”

“You’re correct.. Left for me, I’ll send you off with an umbrella.. But I can’t rob my daughter of her happiness because of the conflict between us…

You’re spending the night here because of her…

I’m giving you a second chance because of her..

Everything going on between us, is solemnly because of her…

You should be grateful to her…”

“I am…. But I also can’t deny the fact that you’re displeasing yourself to make her happy… Thank you…”

“Mom, dad, it’s shower time!!

Come upstairs…”

“Let’s go…”I said walking ahead of him..

I walked past Treasure to my room…

I went straight to the bathroom..

After taking a warm shower, I brushed my teeth before walking out of the shower..

I dressed up quickly before jumping on top of my bed.

Just when I decided to hide under the safety and warmth of my duvet, I heard a knock on my door…

Relunctanly, I stood up from the bed, walking sluggishly to open door..

“What again???”I said irritatedly…

“We’re waiting for you, I came to call you personally…”Treasure replied..

“I’m exhausted.. whatever you want to do can wait till tomorrow…”I said but she arrogantly walked past me into my room…

“Have you taken your drugs???”she asked sitting on my bed…

“No!! I haven’t…”I answered…

“You were about to sleep without taking them again mom… Don’t you want to get better???”She asked sounding worried and sad..

“I do, baby.. it slipped my mind..”I said opening my drawer…

I took out my medicine bag..

She poured a glass of water for me and handed it over to me…

I swallowed my drugs before keeping the bag safely in my drawer…

“Alright!! Let’s go to daddy’s room..”

“Why do I need to go there. ?? More over, I’m tired I can’t go with you. “I climbed unto my bed ..

“Really Mom, We’re sleeping over with him and his room is just next door…”

“Why did you take him to that room, that was my old room…”

“Sorry Mom, but I also found dad’s clothes over there..”She replied…

Oooooohhh my gosh!!!

I forgot to throw his clothes away.

“Those clothes does not belong to your dad..”I lied…

“It belongs to dad, Your pajamas and his pajamas are the same just different colors and his name is written on his pajamas just the same way your name is written on yours.. I’m not a kid, mommy.. Let’s go…”She dragged me to my feet…

She’s not a kid at all..

Her IQ ( intelligence Quotient ) is higher than normal kids..

“I don’t want to…”I Grumbled

“If you don’t come with me, I’ll tell Dad about your Illness..”She threatened..

“You promised…”

“I know, but he’s family… Family don’t lie to each other…”

“Let’s go…”i said defeatedly ..

The things I do for my daughter…

Tonight is gonna be a long night…


I glanced around my new room… This was Nissi’s old room, the room where most of our moments together were created..

She abandoned this room, abandoned our memories together…

Does she hates me that much??

I can’t blame her for anything…

I caused her pain…

I rejected her…

I broke her heart over again instead of protecting her like I promised…

I failed her…

But I can’t help but noticed that the room hasn’t changed..

I opened the wardrobe once again..

It looks quite empty..

Only my clothes are inside and our photograph…

I grab hold of one of the photograph as I noticed how I was lost in her..

This was our favorite picture…

Why didn’t I noticed how enticed I was in her???

Why did it took me so long to acknowledge my feelings for her??

I kept the picture back neatly before closing the closet…

I searched through her dressing mirror drawer…

I found a small album..

I opened the album..

I laughed out loud…

It was a picture of me smiling sheepishly trapped in her embrace..

This would be us in a few months…

I placed the album where I took it from as I heard footsteps approaching…

I quickly climbed onto the bed hiding under the duvet..

The door swinged open as my daughter and Nissi walked in…

She looks sexily hot..

In our couples pajamas..

Every part of my body felt alive..

Every part of my whole being..

Including my d--k…


I’m hard just staring at her….

Tonight is gonna be one of the longest night of my life…

Treasure placed our picture frame on the table…

Our first family photograph…

We looked like a happy family..

Treasure squealed happily as she jumped unto the bed..

“I told you, we’ll stay together as a family tonight…”

“Thanks dear..”I pecked her cheek…

As Nissi walked closer to the bed, I noticed how pale she looks..

It’s either she’s sick or sad..

She looks healthy, so she can’t be sick…

That means she’s sad…

She hates me more than I imagined..

How can I make her love me when everything about me irritates and annoys her???

She climbed unto the bed with a sigh…

She switched off the light next to her and her switched off the light next to me…

“Good night daddy…”Treasure whispered…

“Good night Angel…”I replied her…

“Good night Mommy”

“Good night love…”She replied…

“Good night, Nissi…”I whispered..

“Hmmmm!!!”she hummed….

I laid peacefully, watching my two beautiful women…

Nissi’s breath became uneven, I could tell she’s fast asleep..

And so is my treasure…

I smiled before closing my eyes, slowly drifting off with a hard on which I covered carefully with the duvet, preventing it from poking into my daughter….

I opened my eyes lazily as I felt creepy movement beside me…

“Treasure???”I questioned sleepily..

“Sssshhh!!!! Dad..”she whispered

“Where are you going to???”I asked huskily

“To my room… It’s almost 2am..”She replied…

“I thought you wanted us to stay together tonight as a family??!”I questioned huskily..

“Yeah!! But it’s another day and I want you to spend more time with mommy… You need it…”

“Thank you…”

“Bye!!”she waved at me before sneaking out of the room…

Nissi rolled closer to me…

Her back facing me..

I smiled before wrapping my arms around her waist.

“D--n my desire!!!”I cursed before yawning…

She rubbed her ass closer to my d--k moaning softly..

While I take in a sharp deep breath. Fighting the urge to take her in her sleep…

“This is a torment…”I muttered to myself before closing my eyes..

Holding the only woman that matters to me the most in my arms…

Despite the sexual torment, this is my best night ever…..

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