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Lele rushes into his father's arms: "Mom and Dad, the crying sister also has a cute and sensible baby like Lele. Can Lele make friends with him?"

Mother rubbed Lele's head and said happily, "it's a good thing to make friends. As long as we like Lele, let's make friends. The more friends we have, the more joy we will have in the future. "

Lele said happily, "mom is the best. Lele loves mom the most."

My father pretended to be dissatisfied and said, "isn't my father good? Does Lele not love dad? "

Lele immediately reached out and held his father's face, gave him a shout, then said in a soft and cute voice: "Dad is the best dad, Lele also loves dad, and both dad and mom love it."

"How much love?" Dad asked

Lele scratched his little head and thought seriously, "love like a father loves his mother."

Dad finally raised his eyebrows and smiled: "we also love Lele baby."

Hearing dad's words, the kid who was supposed to be happy suddenly frowned: "Dad, the sister who just cried has no love. Can dad be her dad?"

Dad: "..."

"Your father is so young, how could he have such a young and big child?" she said with a smile

Lele said sadly: "I just told my sister that my father is her father. She promised to be my good friend. I can't cheat her. Mom and dad often tell me that children can't lie and cheat. "

Dad kneaded his little face: "OK, we are happy to say what is."

My mother said, "brother lie, can you stop spoiling the little guy so unprincipled? If you spoil the little guy like this, you will spoil him."

Originally, they are lie and Qin lelan. The lovely, sensible and clever Lele is their baby. The little guy was born in the expectation of all the Qin family, and was loved by all the people when he was born.

Hearing his wife's words, lie not only didn't repent, but also looked proud and proud: "how can I become a baby if I don't love my wife so hard?"

Qin lran shook his head and sighed: "you! It's just getting worse. "

Her fierce brother is obedient to her at ordinary times, but he is very stubborn in educating his son. No matter how she persuades him, he will spoil his son according to his method.

Others don't know about lie, but Qin lelan knows that brother lie lived in a family lacking love when he was young. The combination of his father and his mother was due to political interests, and there has never been an ordinary husband and wife.

In particular, lie didn't want his children to repeat their mistakes, so he had to take them with him wherever he went for more than three years, for fear that he didn't take care of them.

He once said to Qin leran that Qin leran is the most precious treasure given to him by heaven, and LeLe is the second precious treasure given to him by heaven. For these two extremely precious treasures, he must love them with all his strength.

Lie bowed his head and kissed Qin lelan: "wife, don't sigh, no matter how much I dote on the baby, you should understand, because this is the baby you gave birth to in October."

Qin leran chuckled: "I hate it! Your mouth has become more and more talkative recently. Do you honestly tell me that you have done something bad outside and want to make up for me? "

Strong pokes her forehead: "where do you want to go, girl?"

Qin Yinran hugged his arm: "well, well, I'm just joking with you. Don't be angry, brother lie. "

Strong gently rubs Qin lelan's head: "you ah, how can I give up to be angry with you."

The two parents chatted so hot that leledu, who had been left out in the cold, started a small mouth: "Mom and Dad, you put down my little light bulb first, and then you two can have a good chat."

Qin lelan said with a smile, "son, are you angry?"

Lele learns his father's tone of voice and stretches out his little hand to rub Qin's head: "you, how can I be willing to be angry with you?"

The cute and sensible little guy looks like his father. He makes both adults laugh. Qin Yueran kisses him and says, "Grandpa and grandma are back today. Let's go home quickly.". I think they must want to spoil our little joy too. "

Lele clapped his hands excitedly: "Lele also wants grandma to hug and kiss."

Qin lelan: "Lele, don't you want grandpa?"

Lele's expression was instantly serious: "Grandpa is not obedient."

Qin Yue has always been introverted in character, and has never understood how to express his feelings. Obviously, he also loves this child dearly, but because of his indifferent personality, he always scares the child away from him.


However, Qin Yue's side is not as calm as he thought, because Qin Yinjian announced his engagement in the afternoon, and Shengtian's stock rose to a halt in just an hour.

Originally, it was a good thing for stocks to rise, but because of engagement, there were many risks that outsiders didn't understand, but Qin Yue, the former leader of Shengtian, couldn't understand.

Just after getting off the plane, he received a call from his subordinates and reported all the things happened today to him. Qin Yue immediately ordered the driver to drive to Shengtian headquarters, or simply stopped him: "Qin Yue, Shengtian you taught his son to take care of him. Now Shengtian is in charge of him. What do you want to do when you run to Shengtian like this?"

Qin Yue frowned: "that kid doesn't talk all day long, but he always makes a big news from time to time. If he continues to make such nonsense, Shengtian must be destroyed in his hands."

"His indifference and silence is completely inherited by you." Jane glanced at Qin Yue and said, "this year Shengtian has developed well under his care. Don't deny his achievements."

Qin Yue: "..."

"Let's go home first. What can I do when he comes home at night? How can you make him stand in front of the company's employees when you run to the company like this?"

Qin Yue didn't say a word.

Jane Nunu said, "look, we should never talk when we talk about things. Our son is the same as you."

Qin Yue: "Jane ran!"

"How?" she said with a smile? You are allowed to show your face, and no one is allowed to say it? "

Qin Yue can not find words to refute Jane ran, do not start looking out of the window.

Jane asked the driver to drive home and leaned back to Qin Yue's side: "OK, don't sulk. You see, if you go back with a straight face and let our little Lele see it, I think you will scare the little guy to cry. "

Qin Yue turned around and said, "that kid is not obedient."

"Well," said Jane with a snigger, "if you say that all the kids in our family don't listen, they won't listen. You are the only one in our family, so don't worry about them."

Qin Yue: "Jane ran, what do you mean?"

Jane ran: "that's what you hear."

Qin Yue looks out of the window again. On his way home, he doesn't turn around, but lets Jane tease him. Once again, he vividly interprets Gao Leng, the president of Qin.

Jane said in a small voice, "I'm all like this. I'm glad to say that I'm a son."

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