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Lu Xi didn't know how she got out of the restaurant. The only thing she knew was that she was bitter inside when she heard the news, as if she had just eaten the yellow lotus. But no matter how hard or tired it is, it can only be hidden in my heart, because it's her who refuses him, and she who gives him up first


Hearing Qin Yinjian's engagement, there was a great uproar in the restaurant. Everyone could not care that the president was still on the scene, talking to each other.

"Qin is going to be engaged?"

"Is general Qin's engagement object Lu Xi?"

"It's unlikely to be Lu Xi."

"You're right. How could a family like the Qin family let a woman like Lu Xi come in?"

After the surprise, antinger took a deep breath and bravely asked all the questions that everyone wanted to know: "President Qin, are you engaged? Who are you engaged to? "

Qin Yinjian: "who else but Lu Xi?"

Antinger opened his mouth and didn't speak for a long time.

Qin Yinjian: "what are you doing? I'm not ready yet. "

"Yes." An Tingjie should be frank and make complaints about her. "Dear Qin general, Lu Xi didn't agree to your proposal. You declared that you wanted to engage her. It's very immoral."


In the afternoon, Lu Xi asked for half a day off because he had an appointment with a man who was known as Lu Lu Lu's father.

Of course, there's a more important reason. She didn't want to see Qin Yingu announce his engagement with other women, even though she knew that the day would come sooner or later, but the time came too early. She couldn't accept it for a while.

Lu Xi first took the subway, then turned to the bus, and then came to the agreed destination after several rounds. However, the man called to tell her that he could not keep the appointment today.

Lu Xi is disappointed but also relieved. She has done psychological construction for herself for countless times in her heart, allowing herself to face the man who has ruined her everything. But when she really wants to face him alone, she will still be afraid of the past unbearable memory that will submerge her.

Lu Xi took a turn around the nearby park to find a place to sit down, and then called lawyer Yang: "lawyer Yang, that man didn't come today, and I don't know if he noticed anything."

Lawyer Yang said: "Lu Xi, don't worry. Since the man came to see you, he won't stop. Let's wait and see what he wants to do."

"Good." Lucy stared at the family of three passing by.

The man holds the child in one hand and his wife in the other hand. The wife nestles happily on the man's shoulder and points to the left. The man looks along the direction of the woman's finger and suddenly smiles.

I don't know what the woman whispered in the man's ear. The man lowered his head and kissed the woman gently on the cheek. The woman was so ashamed that she reached out and beat his chest.

Lu Xi stared at the three members of their family. All of a sudden, the three faces changed. The man became Qin Yingu and the child became Lu Lu. Naturally, the woman nestled on the shoulder of the man was her.

Qin Yin pinched Lu Lu Lu's face: "son, tell mommy that we love her. Let her take charge of beauty every day, and we will be responsible for the housework at home. "

Lu Lu patted his chest: "of course, we are men. We should protect mummy, take care of mummy, and make mummy the happiest and most beautiful woman in the world."

If only it were true

But Lucie knew that it was just a dream she had imagined, something that would never come true.

Tears, gradually blurred Lu Xi's eyes, she wiped a handful of tears, trying to control the tears, but the more she wiped the tears, the more severe it was. Finally, she gave up fighting with tears and cried happily with a headache.

I don't know how long I cried. A tender voice sounded in Lucy's ear: "sister, what's the matter with you?"

Lu Xi looked up and saw a little boy who had just been held by his father in his arms standing in front of her, looking at her anxiously: "elder sister, is there a bad guy bullying you?"

Lu Xi shook his head. "No."

The little boy handed the tissue to Lu Xi: "elder sister, don't be afraid. My father is very powerful. He is a hero that all the bad guys will be afraid of. He will protect all of us."

Lu Xi looked again and saw the couple who were just beautiful and very loving standing in the distance. They smiled politely at her and said to the little boy, "Lele, play with your sister for a while. Mom and dad are waiting for you here."

There are many bad people in the world, even the most close relatives think of ways to calculate her. However, the family members who just meet her at the same time give her warmth when she is most upset.

Seeing such a lovely, kind and lovely family, seeing such a lovely and sensible child, the haze over Lu Xi's head gradually spread, she dried her tears and smiled: "Lele, thank you!"

"You're welcome, sister!" Lele said

Lucy pinched his face. "You're Lele, aren't you?"

Lele nodded, "well, my name is Lele. I'm about four years old this year."

"My sister also has a baby. His name is Lu Lu. He's over three years old this year," said Lu Xi

Lele was surprised and said, "sister, you have a baby so young?"

Lu Xi said with a smile, "well, he is a lovely and sensible baby just like you."

Lele said, "sister, can we be friends?"

Lu Xi nodded, "OK."

Lele said, "sister, we are good friends now. My father is your father. If anyone dares to bully you, I will let my father catch him. "

Hearing the children's words, Lu Xipu burst out with a smile: "Lele, your father is so young, we are friends, so he can only be his elder sister's brother, how can he be a father?"

Lele scratched his head: "but my sister is my friend."

Lucy reached out and hugged him. "Lele, you are so lovely."

Lele: "sister, are you happy?"

Lu Xi: "well, my sister has forgotten the unhappy things. Now I am very happy. Especially when I think of the lovely and sensible baby like Lele, my sister will be happier. "

Lele hugged Lucy's head and gave her a kiss: "sister, this kiss can make you happy every day, you must not wash it off."

Lu Xi cooperates: "Wow, Lele's kiss is so magical. That elder sister must protect this kiss well and never wash it off."

Lele said happily: "my sister is happy, so is Lele. Lele is going to find her father and mother now. Elder sister, you should go home early to accompany Lu Lu, who is as lovely as Lele. "

Lu Xi: what a drop

"Goodbye, sister!" Lele waved his small hand and walked to his mother and father with an unsteady step. He looked back at Lu Xi as he walked. "My sister is happy every day."

Lucy nodded, "well."


I'm afraid I'll never see such kind and lovely children again.

Lu Xi watched the three of them leave. The children who grew up in such a loving family are lovely, sensible and happy.

If only she could live in such a family.

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