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When she got home, Jane saw a small figure galloping towards her at the first time. She immediately opened her arms to catch the little guy, hugged him, kissed, pinched and pinched: "Oh, my little baby, I miss you so much."

Lele was so happy that she rubbed and rubbed in Jane's arms. She said in a tearful voice: "Lele Miss grandma so much that she can't eat enough."

"Really?" Jane looked at Lele seriously. "My poor baby seems to be hungry and thin. What can I do? Grandma is so heartbroken

Lele quickly touched the head of Jianran and comforted: "grandma, Lele is not thin. Lele has 26 Jin. Yesterday, my mother thought Lele was a fat baby. She said she couldn't hold Lele. Only my father could

"Does mom really say Lele like that?" "Then Lele will see if grandma is good. Lele is 26 kg, and grandma can still hold Lele."

Lele clapped his hands: "grandma is powerful! Lele loves grandma! "

"Cough -" Qin Yue, who was colder and colder, coughed, reminding him of his existence and letting them not neglect him too thoroughly.

Jane knew that the old man was making trouble again, so she quickly put Lele into Qin Yue: "Lele, grandpa also wants you, and you miss Grandpa very much, don't you?"

Lele didn't want to let Qin Yue hold him, struggling to escape from his arms: "Lele doesn't want grandpa to hold him!"

Seeing that the little guy was so exclusive of himself, Qin Yue kept his face and thought to himself that this kid was just as annoying as his father, taking away all the attention of the two women he valued most. As long as this boy is here, Jian ran and Qin leran can't see his existence.

The child refused Qin Yue, and Jane ran hurriedly carried him back: "Lele, in fact, grandpa loves you very much, and he also wants to hug you. Why don't you let him hug you?"

Lele leaned over to Jane's ear and whispered, "Grandpa's face stinks. Lele doesn't like stinky faces."

Jane looked at Qin Yue and laughed at him with her eyes: "look, I'm the only one who can stand you. You can't hold our little baby. Go to a corner and reflect on yourself."

"Hum -" Qin was colder and went away.

Lele nuzui: "Grandpa is not cute at all, but grandpa is the most lovely, just like Lele. Lele will go to play with grandpa in a moment. "

"Grandpa is not cute, does Lele think uncle is cute?" she said with a smile

Lele tried to shake his head without thinking: "it's not cute."

"Why isn't uncle lovely?" she asked

Lele sincerely said: "uncle and grandpa are the same."

Jane asked again, "is that little cousin lovely?"

Lele nodded quickly: "my cousin is lovely, but it's a little less lovely than Lele. Grandma, little cousin hasn't come to Lele for a long time. Has he forgotten Lele? "

"Your little cousin has gone to a very interesting place. I don't think he can come back for a while. Lele should hold back his thoughts. "

Lele seized the key words of her own attention: "what's so interesting? Then why didn't he take Lele with him? "

As she walked home with Lele in her arms, Jane explained, "because Lele is still young, when Lele grows up, she will be able to go to the place where little cousin goes."

Lele raised his little hand and counted again and again with his little finger: "one, two, three Grandma, Lele is three years old. Soon she is a four-year-old. She is no longer a child. "

"Well, our music has been a little man, no longer a little baby," she said

Lele nodded: "grandma, I don't want to hold it. I want to go by myself."

Jane put him down: "OK, little man, let's go."

Lele grabs Jianran's hand: "Dad said that men should protect girls. Grandma, Lele will protect you. "

"Well, Lele protects grandma." Seeing that her daughter and son-in-law have such a lovely fairy egg, Jane is always very happy when she thinks of it. When she sees Lele, she has to think of Qin Yinze, her eldest son.

Qin Yinze is the eldest child of the Qin family. Now his younger sister's children are more than three years old, but there is no news from him.

It's not that Jane is anxious to hold her grandson. It's not that Qin Yinze wants a child. It's that Jirou wants a child. Ji Rou is reluctant to let go when she sees Lele. Her eyes at Lele seem to see another child through Lele.

Ji Rou has been unable to conceive a child because of an unexpected abortion. Although Qin Yinze doesn't care whether she has a child or not, she knows that Ji Rou especially wants a child, so Qin Yinze has been preparing for pregnancy with Ji Rou in these years, but there is still no news after so many years.

Thinking of Ji Rou's disappointed eyes again and again, she was very sad. However, no matter how upset she was, she couldn't help them. It depends on fate.

"Mom, I miss you so much!" When Jane led Lele to the door, Qin came and gave her a big hug. "I've been living a long time since you were away."

"I said that our little Yuele baby's mouth is getting sweeter and sweeter. It turned out that we learned from his mother," she said with a smile

"People really miss you," Qin said

"I want to be myself, too." Jane patted Qin lelan's back, but unexpectedly she didn't see her brother behind her

"He just came back with us, just got home to answer a phone call, there is an important thing for him to deal with in the company, so he went to work and came back after work," Qin said

Jane ran said: "our family is really lucky. If we marry a husband with strong working ability, it's important that the husband dotes on you as a child."

Qin lelan said, "isn't dad like this?"

"Look at your father. He's always cool. Only I can stand his strange temper."

Just then, seeing Qin Yue sitting in the living room, she immediately added, "but your father's character is a little cold, but it's really good for me. Many people envy me for marrying such a good husband. Two days ago, your aunt Feiyu called me to praise your father. She kept boasting about the changes, which made me embarrassed. "

Qin lelan: "so, in your mind, my father is the best man in the world."

"That's right," she nodded

If she doesn't change her tongue soon, Qin Yue, an old man, will be angry with her. Maybe he won't talk to her tonight, so she has to admit it first.

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