Men Dey Reason - S01 E25

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Legend has it that Holy water has more Alcoholic

content than beer, also that one 1litre of Holy

water was approximately 1 jumbo wrap of weed.

If we were to go by that account, that means i

had taken 5 jumbo wraps of weed. When i couldn’t

even finish 4 wraps of weed on a normal day,

unless of course i wanted a “direct ticket” to

running mad.

I was gradually going nuts, because no normal guy

could think of tapping a lady by her a’ss in an

open street.

“waka fast before the babe go go na” Holy water

told me, and i increase my pace.

As was getting close to her, i saw a guy on red

shirt also walking towards her, “abi dis guy wan

press her nyash sef?” i asked myself. “make u

first dat guy press the girl nyash oh” Holy water

said to me. I never knew Holy water was decieving

me, the guy on red never had an intention of

Tapping the lady’s a’ss.

As i and the guy on red walked almost hand in hand

behind the lady, i quickly f’ondled the lady’s a’ss.

“mission accomplished” i tot as i quickly returned

my hands pretending i did nothing.

She turned back and yelled, “who did that?”.

“talk say na that guy do am” Holy water

suggested. “is him” i said pointing at the guy on

red. The next sound i heard was two hot slaps, not

on my cheek, but on the bony cheek of the guy on

red. The two “beautiful” slaps made the guy fell

to the ground.

“mumu!! U no go run” Holy water suggested. I ran

as fast as my legs could go, wishing the guy on red

wouldn’t recover from the beautiful slap soon.

“wetin dey pursue you wey make u dey run enter

compound like that?” Man asked as i ran into the

compound huffing and puffing. “nothing oh, i just

dey jog, i dey exercise my body” i replied with a

fat lie.

The other guys came in few minutes later

laughing at me beyond control, “Flow u get mind

oh, see as u go press that babe nyash” Tupac

said. “see as u go put that guy for wahala wey no

concern am, but that two slap hot oh” Snoop


“ehen, Bigie where the 1k wey u say u go give me

if i press the nyash?” i queried. “i dey come make

i give u” Bigie said reaching for his wallet in the

back pocket of his trousers. I tot he wanted to

bring out just one wallet. He brought out five


“chei! Bigie, wetin u carry all dis wallet dey do, u

dey sell wallet?” i said. When Tupac glanced at

the wallets, he smiled and said, “Bigie, so u thief

all dis wallet from those guys wey dey drink with

us for Ilya du Neked wire? Nawa for u oh, which

day u go stop dis u pick pocket and looting,

anywhere u enter, something must miss, y na?”.

Instantly, i deeped my right hand into my back

pocket to confirm if my wallet was still there. It

was there.

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