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We arrived ilya du Neked wire on time, karid

entities were so much “made in Fulani”.

“Barnabas i know, Solomon, i know, who are wa?”

a fair guy asked me as i was about seating down.

“i am that kpokponti entity that was trans Egbu,

trans Amadi, trans Ekulobia, trans Ekulu, trans

ife nine, on that day D, time T, that day holy

water was so much made in fulani, when i was

librated from an animalee to an entity by my

chiefo, chief Eze goes to School of Lake Nwebere,

my baptizimal name is Ab Flow because i am so

much jambraha” I vibrated. The fair guy “shine

me his golden falangis” and i sat down.

As we continued drinking holy water, i said,

“entities make una days be long oh, una know say

na me be the only entity wey get uku I uku wey big

like plantain?”. They all laughed.

Uku in ibo means leg. I is an English alphabet. So

uku I uku was a kegit slang for that thing that is

in between a man’s legs, that is like letter I (the


The fair guy wanted to test how well i could

understand vibration so he came close to me and

asked, “Baba Daysis oh, if i say pigeon solidify

enter my ohambele local government before i

migrate nasarawaly here, wetin i mean?” “u

think say i be small boy for kegit? U are trying to

kowachiate that rice is the food that is in your

stomach” i explained.

“police oh, one cloth u dey wear oh, police eeh,

one cloth u dey wear eeh, everyday na one baret

one cloth u dey wear eeeh, everyday na one baret

one cloth u dey wear eeh. Police eeh, go Bayelsa

eeh, Police ooh, go Bayelsa oh, if Port Harcout no

favour u, go Bayelsa, if Port Harcout no Favour u,

go Bayelsa eeh” We all sang dancing round a table

in Ilya du Neked wire Joint. Mehn! Tupac was a

good Dancer, a better holy water drinker and a

best Romance-Machine.

His Brother from another mother; Bigie, didn’t

dance but sat smiling and watching us. We never

knew he was up to mischief.

After i had taken 5litres of Holy water, i was

saturated. I was in Cloud nine. I whispered to

Brainbox for us to start leaving. He in turn

informed others.

As we walked down the road, “Flow see that babe

nyash oh! See as the nyash big” Brainbox said

pointing at a lady. “omo mehn, the nyash na

earthquake oh” Tupac added. The holy water i

drank made me long-sighted, as i could see the big

a’ss closer than any other person, it was as if the

lady was walking in front of me, when she was a

bit far from me. The holy water didn’t only

enhance my sight, it enhanced my thinking

faculty. It communicated with me.

“Flow, go press that girl nyash” Holy water

commanded. I instantly walked towards the lady

like i was under a spell. “e be like say Flow wan go

press the girl nyash oh” i heard Brainbox said

from behind me. “Flow, u no fit abeg, if u press

the girl nyash, come collect 1k for my hand” i

heard Bigie said. I turned and gave Bigie a bright

smile, “i don chop dat 1k today be dat oh” I


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