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While we were chanting kegite songs and dancing,

the “Notorious BIG” was busy picking pockets.

Notorious BIG indeed, notorious for stealing. “dis

thing wey u dey do no good oh, see how many

wallet u thief, Five wallet, so all that time wey u

dey do like say u dey dance, wey u dey come stand

for back of people wey dey dance, na their wallet

u dey collect?” Brainbox said.

Those guys were really insensitive and f’oolish,

because i couldn’t imagine someone taking my

wallet without my noticing. Well, u wouldn’t blame

them, they were “under the influence” of


The painful part of the whole thing was that Bigie

wasn’t even remorseful, he was smiling like he

just hite Jackpot.

Well, i guess it was Jackpot to him, but for the

five guys he stole their wallets, it would be like a

horror movie to them. because it was certain

some of them would work as bar attendants at

Ilya du Neked wire that night, oweing to the fact

that they wouldn’t be able to fort the bill for the

several litres of Holy water they drank, while

some others would pay with their phones, that is

if Bigie didn’t steal phones also, “him even steal

two phone sef” Tupac confirmed. Oh my world!! he

stole phones also.

Aggreement was Aggreement, so i nevertheless

collected my 1k from Bigie, afterall i worked hard

to earn it.

“Flow u go follow me go buy that Cardinal boxers

for Snoop” Brainbox said to me as we both sat

under the Mango tree. “where u go see am buy?”

i queried. “No worry na, na me be Brainbox na, i

go use my brain” Brainbox replied.

“wetin u carry for nylon sef?” i asked Brainbox as

we walked out of the compound. “No worry when

we reach where we dey go, u go see am” Brainbox

sounded like Man.

I wasn’t really curious to know what was in the

nylon bag, rather i was curious to know where we

were going to. Or were we boarding the next

available flight to USA to go ask Snoop dogg to

give us his Cardinal Boxers? Only time could tell.

“i wan buy Perry cole boxers, how much?”

Brainbox inquired as we entered a boutique. “why

u wan buy Perry cole boxers na, na Cardinal boxers

u suppose buy na” I whispered to Brainbox.

“Perry cole is 250, choose from any of these” An

Angelic, Delectable, Ebony, Charming, Drop dead

Gorgeous, Damsel said offering Brainbox several


Brainbox selected a boxers that looked almost like

Snoop’s Cardinal boxers. I couldn’t help but

admire the Beautiful Damsel as she sold the

boxers to Brainbox. I forgot my mouth was ajar.

She looked more like an angel sent from up above.

“Flow make we dey go na, i don buy finish”

Brainbox said. Carried away by the beauty of the

Damsel i was admiring, i totally forgot my name

was Flow.

So i instantly changed my name to Flowey.

“who u dey call Flow, my name no be Flow, my

name na Flowey, how many times i go tell u” I said

to Brainbox. Brainbox was surprised at how i

instantly changed my name.

“don’t mind my friend, he is this naughty

sometimes, my name is Flowey, i am half American

and half Nigerian, what is ur name?” I said to the

Damsel offering her my hands. She gave me a

warm handshake and said, “ehnn My name is


“wow! What a coincidence, Flowey and Florence,

what a picture perfect combination” I teased.

“you own this place?” i asked taking a glimpse at

the beautiful boutique, “yeah” Florence

responded. “so can i come keep u company any

time soon?” I inquired. “yeah, any time soon”

Florence replied.

“Flow u wey never even go Abuja wey dey for dis

Nigeria before, u com dey tell babe say u be half

Nigeria, half America, why u sabi lie like dis? U

even change ur name sef” Brainbox said as we

walked out of Florence’s boutique. “u no know say

if woman thing don reach like dis, i go turn to

Chief LIEnus? U no know say Flow no be like

American name? Nahim make me change am to

Flowey” I explained.

“where we dey go now?” i asked. “when we reach

there, u go know” Brainbox sounded like MAN wey

dey reason.

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