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Ilya du Neked wire was the joint where

kegite members like I and Brainbox met to

“vibrate” and drink “Holy water”. Vibrate

was a Kegite terminology that meant

Converse in English and Yan in pidgin English.

Holy water was a kegite terminology that

meant Palm wine in English and Pammy in

pidgin English. I loved the Kegite club so

much, not only because it was a worldwide

club, but because they don’t maim fellow

human beings like the secret cults and

fraternities, that was why i joined the club.

Not only that, i joined the club because of the

slangs they used in conversing(vibrating). I

and Brainbox were regular customers at Ilya

du Neked wire joint when we were at

Umunkoto. The joint was located close to Poly


“Snoop are u a kariabity? Who are wa?” I

asked Snoop. “i am that kpokpoti entity that

was librated from an animalee to an entity,

that day D, time T, entities were made in

fulani nassarawaly, when my chiefo of Ilya du

Lake Nwebere baptized me and called me AB

Snoop” Snoop introduced himself in Kegite

slang. “why i no com know u na, i be entity

from Ilya du Lake Nwebere sef, abi u no dey

come meeting?” i queried. “i no dey too come

oh” Snoop confessed. “Ab Snoop, shine me ur

golden falangis” I said to Snoop and we shook

hands in a Kegite style.

“i no understand this Chinese wey una dey

speak here oh” Man complained. “na because

u no be Kegite na, ur own department na rice

and beans department na” I said.

An hour later, I, Snoop, Brainbox, Tupac and

Bigie were off to Ilya du Neked wire

“nasarawaly” not knowing the amount of

“kariabilities” we would meet there.

To Be Continued…

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